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  1. Mens Women's Legionnaire Cap Sun Hat UV Neck Protection Summer Fishing Fish Hat | eBay I`ve this one on the way (coz it`s available in OZ) just in case the Torus band is not the go.
  2. Not sure the Zs dead yet, ML are clear they still place the Z as King, to me it no longer is but perhaps ML have something up their sleeve, well they`ve always got something up their sleeve. A software update for the Z, heh JP is that why your stiill swinging the Z?, you`ve updated software your trialing on yours haven`t you?. Please pass on to ML from their most dedicated "addict" DON`T exclude us X coil users from the update..... PLEEEZEEEEEEEE
  3. No hard work involved at all, all hard play, good fun for me Gerry, I mean no offence to any religion but the GoG is/has/will be my mistress. I ask who could ask for more in life? Not me. Now I`m bugging off to the GoG on an o`nite mission.
  4. Your question now the 6000 is here, is get a 6000 rather then additional coils for the Z. Will be much lighter to add larger mono coils for the 6000 when/if they become available rather then DoD or concentric coils for the Z. As you know I have the luxury of both ie. a good range of X coils for the Z and a 6000, my dilemma is I`m having so much fun with the 6000 when? will I use the Z again but having been around awhile I know the day will come when ML supersede the 6000 and on and on it goes.
  5. That's why we have a problem when we disagree, my first name is Always and JP you know my last name🤪
  6. Aye, I too experienced that speaker EMI trouble, but I confirm the h/phones remove that constant need to noise cancel as JP advised me in an earlier post.
  7. Me, and every one that gets gold.......... I`ve a ceremony coming up with the 6000..... but then you ask seriously, who can be serious at our age? Tis for the young uns..... not us who are on the right side of 60.....🤪
  8. Wow MN only 45million years ago, that author explains it in easy to understand terms. But is really all above me, something for the Geologists, I follow and read as much as I can of Ian Plimer`s (OZ Geo) geological writings of my backyards forming years hoping to find some clues to help in the gold quest but just wandering about randomly is all I can manage, it de-fragments my "ram"😉.
  9. Well as per JPs advice I gave the H/Phones a go, and JP is not wrong, whilst the speaker is great the H/phones add another level. I doubt I`ll use the speaker much and am hoping the Aventree Torus is the go, they certainly look and sound good and I doubt will be a problem around the neck once one gets conditioned to them but whether they are a replacement for the ML 100 only time will tell. I hope so as I don`t want to go back to H/phones but no doubt I will as tis no exaggeration they add another level to the 6000. Certainly not knocking the speaker. Your mentioning the Whipstick brings
  10. There you go once I would go along with informed geological only prospecting areas, but time has taught me without the 5+ years of geological learning by geologists I am lost, plus time has taught me even that is not enough, the geo I call on has told me way back, he can tell me why geologically I found gold where I have found after it was found but he cannot tell me specifically where to look tomorrow or not to look with certainty. Geologically my country was under the sea 300 million years ago then it got folded up when our land run into another land, it got folded up mostly on a weak
  11. Aye, tis the state I`m in at present, have found the second 6000 patch, this one being substantial over a 50m x 50m area so far in tall grass and only one piece that may have been found with the Z/X combo. Unbelievable before that such existed, my 6000 is only days from paying for itself with scraps in flogged areas, what is it going to do in virgin territory? ML you wish the Z to be King you better incorporate Geosense or whatever into new Z software pronto. Unreal ML competes only with ML, where are you Garret, Fisher etc long time lost in the wilderness I suspect.
  12. GC, I suspect once current demand is met we are going to see the 6000 tap the market you mention, in OZ from Covid effects we are seeing the RV/camping market boosted big time, travelling overseas is out of vogue, I see a lot of those RVs having a 6000 in them. If this RV "revolution" is occurring in the US with your 10 times our population ML will be right amongst it, supplying that demand if it eventuates, but it is going to take time. Exciting times for our hobby if it does expand, be a lot of negatives but as a larger voting group we may have some "muscle" to see land that has been lo
  13. I`m erratic as, all over the place, tried raking, chaining, roping, dragging a boot etc etc... just over that creek/hill/mountain keeps calling.
  14. Crikey mine are sitting at PO waiting for collection a few 100 ks away, I`ll be droppin my nuggets then............🙄
  15. Come on JP your now officially redundant, we`re all easy experts now. In a few more years you`ll find out your not only a dinosaur, but with age we become totally irrelevant, enjoy tis the best part of life. Now what was I on about......... 🤪
  16. Never run from a pig or a dog, they`ll have you for sure. Yep a wee bit of Kingswood Velcro will keep the band in place, we`ll probably start a world wide fashion statement and be leaders in the new trendy thingo...............🤪 Arnie will be wearing one in his new save the world movie. That`s it .... I`m off gotta have a gold hit to sane up.
  17. Heh you just keep flying over the gold Paul and leave it to us, I`ve 10:1 odds Trent will find the 6000s the go for his push and detect operation. Crikey he wont even realize he`s still got it in hand when he hops on the CAT.
  18. Come on JP you`ve had ML stop producing until you`ve cleaned out you back yard, I`m a wee older give me some more time toooooo.🤪
  19. Aye, the 6000 is the go if your on either side of 60, are upover or downunder etc etc no question about that. What I want to know is how the hell you got ML to make an ergonomic light gold machine? They have been hell bent on torturing us all til now.
  20. Paul, believe or not the 5000 was a top machine in its day but is way behind the ball now. The Z knocked it down the 6000 has buried it. You seen the Z come up with the goods, with I suspect the biggest piece in your OZ experience in one of the most flogged patches in FNQ OZ. Believe or not your option but I know.
  21. You are not hijacking my thread Kingswood, anything pertaining to the 6000 or gold is welcome. Like you I`ll go with speakers over h/phones, wild pigs are a bigger threat than wild dogs over here in FNQ, unlikely as it sounds, the wild pig packs are even a threat to the wild dogs. Torus bands post tracking shows I should have by end of week, be out using them next week and see the go.
  22. Whoops dam this high latency satellite internet we must`ve posted together JP. Wonder it didn`t put it all on one confusing post🤪
  23. I purposely but for a brief 1/2hour run the 6000 over a very variable patch with ironstone impregnated slate and a fine covering of chert fragments, in difficult but auto2 it picked up two scraps of gold on a horse trail. Linear detecting as could not swing side to side due to the grass cover. The 6000 chattered a wee bit and needed a bit of use of the quick trak button but handled that ground whilst recovering gold better then any detector I`ve used, impressed me big time. It is one area I`ll be back to later in the year when the cattle have taken the grass off. Edit... the ease with whi
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