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  1. Gerry, the A2B from memory was an upgraded Groundhog thus a different model, although both were 15KHz detectors the A2B was more sensitive to smaller stuff and between it and the Deepseeker they got this electronic gold rush going proper downunder here, sadly after that early success Garret fell away. What happened to Garret? Nah I keep no detectors from the past, thus no wall hangers. Now Minelab have been so consistent with their new gold detectors having the edge on the previous model, I just put my name down with the local dealer to get me one soon as.
  2. Current favourite because simply it gets the gold the GPZ7000, hands down. Favourite Sentimental detector Garret A2B because in its day it did as the Z does now, but more importantly the A2B gave me a life start to this most enjoyablepassion that continues to lead my life.
  3. WTG and using manual GB? for a relatively new gold detectorsorist you are xing it big time.. On ya Phrunt.
  4. Interestingly over the years the Lithium upgrade that was available privately for the SDC was somewhat bagged by some ML dealers, now MLs adopted them imagine with MLS endorsement they`ll be the go. GB these lithium upgrade kits have been available in OZ for years, tis a simple matter of just installing them with their adaptor straight in as a replacement for the NiMh C cells.
  5. I had no drama with the 19" as I`ve reported on this 4M, produced the goods. But I`ll lay a bet if they put those transmit and receive coils closer together made the electronic adjustments to suit it would be a far more productive coil then it is. But if we look back at the PIs it wasn`t ML who made much coil advances, ML to their credit made the most solid but not productive coils. I suspect ML have the tech expertise for gold detectors and coils but as they have shown when it comes to the practical bit of putting them into a ergonomic boxes and top productive lightweight coils...…. buh history answers that. Rob, you can use a brand new ML coil to make the patch coil, that coil becomes fully operational with a connector on its cable. But like Rick, local smoke signals say the NF or Coiltek will have the chip.
  6. My first indication of the power of fixed especially in deep benign ground was with the 2200, following a narrow but deep creek upstream in Auto GB I got a very faint signal that after a few swipes was gone, thought just ground moved up a further 10m or so and got a solid of from memory about 8 grams, that turned me around and back to the original signal which I`d moved some sand out with the boot, still Auto GB took it out, but in fixed that lovely broad negative very slight signal, I knew before digging what it was and sure enough was a memorable 47 gram solid that mother nature had laid there many moons back. An eyeopener that showed the power of fixed in that situation. Now with the Z I`ve gained many ounces using fixed, and sometimes extra deep, as I have using Auto GB and other settings Experience has taught me there is no magic settings for any machine, tis up to the operator to judge the ground and with time and experience that becomes somewhat natural, but never to be taken for granted, is why most gold machines have plenty of setting options
  7. There you go Reg, I`m one of those users that "adamantly" believes auto ground balance takes out some faint good signals, although I`ve found the GPZs auto is much less likely to do so then the VLFs and PIs that had auto ground balance. Mostly if I`m seeking deep gold thus in deep ground more then likely the ground will allow the use of manual GB easily which with the Z to GB is simply a few up and downs with the QT button pressed wheras the PIs required more up & downs. Hunted that way mostly throughout the Auto GB VLFs, PIs and after a year or so of using the Z in Auto. I say mostly simply because in some ground conditions or if I am feeling a wee lazy, then Auto GBs the go. Could be the ground I detect in but I doubt it as from my experience all over OZ, FNQ ground can go from benign to highly variable. Wedderburn had some of the most challenging ground I come across in Victoria for the 6 months I spent down there with a 2200 and 2100, I preferred the 2100. But you can have your weather, first stop in Vic was in the Whipsticks, lovely cool clear morn, found a lovely little patch then the sky fell down, shredded the camp. But the following days clean up of the patch eased the pain somewhat. Like you probably I consider the results speak for themselves, which is why most our detectors have many settings options that come down to settings that are personalised. Each to their own
  8. Wow bundle wound, the shoot off will be interesting. Maybe the glue will become unstuck on JWs 10, I can certainly understand that as my son has mine glued tightly on his Z and he doesn`t leave it with me anymore. Only had it to do his patch cable, should`ve done a dodgy job and left a bit of intermittency.😉 Green & Gold OZ coil look good alongside the Black & White Kiwi coil, talk about custom made it don`t get any better.
  9. Phrunt a quick question, the 12x8 is Spiral wound or conventional? Love to see it up against the 10X in JWs hands, although all X coils are killers the 10X I have found is in particular an exceptional coil in the right hands.
  10. On ya, Phrunt, could be ideal size for NZ, JW and you have sure shown the power of small but with time and gold being gold I`ve given up on "perfect" size coil, tis just magic to know we have coli options and soon another aftermarket brand one for the Z, we`ve gone from drought to flood.
  11. Just had to try as KL may have had a weak moment and posted Coords, I believe I`ve his tongues worked out……………………..😉
  12. Yeah I`m going to have to DIY brackets also, as I have 460 watts of solar on roof and rear lift up canopy top door, charging dedicated AGM battery in Canopy of Hilux mounted in side panels of slide out drawer system. This allows me to run refrigeration as well as charge detector batteries etc. for as many weeks as food supplies last.
  13. Bugger the photos, MN stop beating about the bush is the COORDs of find we want from KL...………...……… I`ll flog Nurse Pauls return ticket once he`s over here shortly, be first one at COORDs...……......
  14. Crikey, SAPete not just for Fems this old codger on watching the vid ordered one pronto for the "wait awhile" option of $249, will go well with the Hiluxes Kings wrap around Awning already fitted, surprising that Kichass got in before Kings, but suspect will not be long and they`ll have a Shower Awning similar on offer. Meanwhile will have to fit shower awning on drivers side front, like that unzip and reach for clothes through vehicle window feature. Great for those cold drizzly winter nights even us up here in sunny FNQ have on occasions. Also great for lockdowned frustrated prospectors, have to add a roof to it, bit suprised that KickAss didn`t include one even as an option, but looks like there`ll be enough room under that protective zipped up cover for roof simply fixed to AL support.
  15. On ya, Steve them there ML marketing xters are out on a limb a few more and it`ll break, and even humpties men wont get em up again...…… But lets hope those engineers keep on pushing out their world top tech.
  16. Wow, JS many thanks for your post, if you follow the links, you get to a few different versions even a PI. Just the project for a locked downed frustrated detectorsarus.
  17. The 10s a lively coil, certainly not dumbed down, in the right hands it is dynamite, I bought it and mistakenly put it on the sons Z for a month that was great but then he visited and I haven`t seen the 10 since, he just took to it like a duck takes to water. Choosing one over another in the X coil range is simply a matter of size needed for the terrain you work, they are all up to the job. My country up here in FNQ is for most of the season heavily grassed so that rules out the larger coils, but when the grass cover is gone and the ground has depth on goes the larger coils.
  18. Aye, for me the X coils are the best gold producers since the mighty Z came on the scene, I have a 10, 12, 14 and a 15x10 which because of Covid hasn`t been let loose yet. The others had a top 19 season. Mc did you make your own patch cable?
  19. On ya Mc, which X coil were you using?
  20. I understand MLs manufacturing detectors and coils for most gold conditions, as a manufacture myself, albeit a lot wee smaller than ML, I did the same with my RV/solar fridge/freezers, rather then build them with a fan forced condenser I dumb them down to a naturally cooled condenser, not as efficient but less likely to create problems down the track ie. more user friendly. Especially to prospectors who as I`m one are a wee rough on gear.
  21. Crikey JR if you get that desperate, I`ll go for it too and see if the cattle will allow me to check out my bit of OZ, which I probably should do as it has wolfram, moly and bismuth on it. Yeah why not indeed.
  22. Hey JP and anyone else who considers this is what I was saying, I did not suggest the chip dumbs down the coil, I suggested to have ML allow the chip on the coil the coil had to be dumbed down to MLs specs, and that I understand is how manufacturing goes, the need for the coil to handle all ground types encountered by World wide users. No drama there as that will allow a coil with the chip to appeal to the wider market which is obvious from the wider markets reluctance to the patch cable. I trust this clarifies my thoughts and clears up any need for this subject to "get out of hand".
  23. Hey MN if you become a buyer, give me a cooee, those xx, xxx prices are exciting me big time.
  24. MN would be good if the NF is so, but even better for most I have a suspicion it is going to have the ML chip, which if so will be because it has been probably dumbed down to ML specs, thus will better suit the wider market. Come on NF send me one to put up against the X coils be an unbiased non-commercial view, I`ll buy it full price if it stacks up. Folks keep your eye on Coiltek, remember NF was trialling SDC coils way back then suddenly Coiltek had them to buy.
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