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  1. A consideration.... from watching Minelabs Detector Development over many years, We as consumers who want the best performance out of detectors should be very clear that the problems that we as users are having with a ML detector are in fact a problem and not user orientated, since the use of coil chips and subsequent discussions on this forum, I believe ML are in some ways dumbing their detectors/coils down as an attempt to make them more user friendly. If you mainly want performance above all else I suggest if you are having trouble with a ML detector and it is possible for you to firstly discuss such with dealer/someone you know is not having problems, please ensure your problem is not in your use. Steve H on this the Premier World Detecting Forum has clearly from his first review shown the GPX6000 is a "magic" detector, there is no endorsement better then that in this world, also DP has had many other experienced operators endorse the GPX 6000. Sure there is plenty of negative opinions out there on social media, always has been, always will be.
  2. As I said in my earlier post the returns I`ve had with Minelab detectors were 2 coils on the SD series, otherwise I`ve never returned a detector for repairs since year one with Minelab, although my Zs due to have its screen replaced, over those 30 plus years from the original GS15000. Their current coil chip use sucks, their coils while rugged have never been great performers but their quality and performance of their detectors I have little complaints. I have ordered each new ML detector since the SD2100 just on my experience with them, long before reviews, I`m no doubt a ML early bird user simply because they have always come up with the weight. I love the 6K and because I`m a wee slow it did take a few ounces to really get it singing but that is so with all new gold detectors. Perhaps my next ML will be the lemon portrayed in this thread.
  3. Well Gerry I think the only thing you've missed and the main reason we hunt gold is simply we are a wee sun touched. Too much time out under the sun, right now that suns first morning rays are breaking and it's time to get up fire up the generator and get that morning expresso in hand and quietly watch that sun rise. Well that's my excuse.
  4. I did not realise how true this statement is for Australia too, until I posted in an Oz 4M thread about why to buy the newest detector tech, I simply answered because it pays to.
  5. Crikey, GS5000 you are having a bad run, I have little to complain about my 6K it has done almost a full season and only complaint is the shaft locks are just a wee weak out there in the dusty dry field. Your problem reminds me of way back I went through a few SD 18" "rubbish bin lid coils" right out of the box they refused to work on both channels. Just bad luck for me then for you now I suspect.
  6. Aye, I suspect that is true of all our backyards, I just shake my head in resignation/disbelief each time another close in patch is found, when to move on??????😉
  7. Aye, tis the driver for me too, weights become of much less consideration (or need) as I age, simply that next virgin patch is calling, and you know what a my lifetimes knowledge has very little bearing on finding it, other then the patience it has taught, is mainly perseverance. Of course the latest tech helps just a wee bit more then a wee bit..... we are spoilt with that tech whether vehicles, detectors, coils, camping gear etc etc... pre-dawn here with a "bush" Expresso in hand.
  8. Gold of whatever size for me, I have not used the Z since getting a 6K. Its ergonomics lightness and capability make it THE Gold detector for this old codger but the Zs not for sale as yet.
  9. Nah, OZ has rugged mountainous gold country, has flat gold country, desert gold country and varying gold country in between these extremes, OZ is a big Island that in area is not much smaller then the US in area and we have have similar varying gold country I suspect. Tis just that the flat gold country is where the gold shows are at. My backyard gold country up in FNQ is not too far off the equator thus we zip around fast but tis rugged billy goat country where you need one leg longer than the other ie. has not eroded greatly since its last upheaval. Like the old Irish saying "gold tis where tis"..
  10. Righto awhile back I pulled the plastic nuts off the ferrules and cut 1/8inch off nuts this allows you to tighten extra without the thread binding as it does, so far works aok time will tell if this is a fix. Don`t put your 6K down out of sight as if this fix doesn`t last you may find your 6Ks lost its nuts........😉
  11. My phone is only bludging whilst i am detecting simply only tracking my movements with the screen off, this is my belief and why my argument is for the phone as being ideal to do the the MDs processing. Time will tell if this concept has merit.
  12. To me it is not what this initial machine can achieve it is what in time the development of the app can achieve, eg. I have enjoyed Oziexplorer`s development a moving map software for PCs, android devices etc. this 20 plus year experience has given me faith to believe that android devices are now very capable of controlling sophisticated MD operations, with the added advantage android is not a proprietary operating system thus apps can and are designed and implemented by enthusiasts giving much more flexibility to features. Thus it is possible the Air MD coil can be operated by third party apps should the original developers not be up to it. Tis this possibility that excites me.
  13. Yes there is a lot of negatives we can throw at this, that it is approaching 2 years since us backers we're to have received our machines is the biggest negative, but the concept of a metal detector kick starter might just bring us another manufacturer with fresh and approachable ideas to advance our hobby. I look forward to receiving mine, I know as is it is not going to compete with my Equinox 800 it may progress and do so in time thus backing such was/is a no brainer for me.
  14. Love it, can`t find MLs yuppie training headquarters on this recent OZ map. Collection of hilarious maps sum up life in Australia | escape.com.au
  15. I think KL gave the correct answer, ya cant put the egg before the chook.
  16. Aye lightweight around 10x6 elliptical mono would be bees knees for me.
  17. Aye GC we sure are in a better place with the 6K in regards to coils, I love the 17 tis lightweight for its size and being eliptical is suitable to push through that grass. Looking forward to the annual property owner burns to put it over some deep country the Z w/. 19 and X17CC coils scored on, see if it can sniff out a few deepies.
  18. Small coil sizes, increased sensitivity, more reaction to ground etc etc, takes me back to the swing from low frequency VLFs to higher frequency of the GM2 and GB2 with their small ellipticals and their productive popular performance, to just yesterday the success of the smaller X coils on the Z, tis elementary Coiltek and ML a small elliptical mono for the 6K will sell like hot cakes not just in the US but OZ too. You ever detect in FNQ OZ grass up around your ears you`ll know where I`m coming from.😉
  19. I don't know what more Greg can say then he has, seed of doubt has been planted, anything he says will just fertilise it. I have taken the stand that JW and Greg are two different people. If this stand is not correct tis no bother as I'm simply a member, whereas for you Steve it is a bother and I respect your view and apologise for starting the thread.
  20. Tis a small problem the rod twisting, I think the simple solution is drill holes and insert the spring loaded holders as per JPs thoughts at length used, but it is not a big enough an issue for me as yet.
  21. True as we age a lot of us become stuck in muds, tis true also not just in detecting but all pursuits, I know I started out with blinkers on and could not see the trees for the forest, now I try not to use preconceived ideas about where gold is, what detector to use etc etc. I`ll put the 6K on a pedestal up against all others as the machine that will introduce more to become successful gold detector operators than any before. Its simplicity, its ergonomics, but most of all its sensitivity because regardless of alternative beliefs, the small sub grammers are the prospectors staple diet wherever. (and while I haven`t prospected wherever I eat beef) It is the Gold Monster/SDC ie. VLF/PI cross that gives both beyond VLF depth and beyond PI sensitivity. Its not just different its MLs evolution, but no doubt they have something else up their sleeve.
  22. Coz it does, nylon tie and Bobs your Uncle.😉
  23. GPD... You`ve gone from the GB2 that proved itself a legend to the 6Ks that`s well on its way to doing the same, WTG
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