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  1. Yeah same here MN didn`t know of the alleged gold angle until I read on your thread. Journalists looking for a sensationalist story or the way it is, whatever it is not good?
  2. Aye, very rarely used a GPX in ground tracking (other than the 6K) same with the GPZ 7000. Manuals been the go, auto tracking probably is part of the evolution of our detectors to AI, Geosense probably another part, hope I`m around to see AI compete with what we have between the ears.
  3. Bishop .. Yeah, that chipping is another con of PC but Ive found the long life and light weight easily kill the cons in my backyard. But we all have different backyards thus not for everyone.
  4. Recently downunders ABC had this bit of news. Google fires software engineer who says AI chatbot LaMDA has feelings - ABC News Suspect Ben201000 your on the money, the future lies in that direction no doubt why not our detectors, if AI can handle the noise (ground, EMI etc etc) we`ll have more depth/sensitivity.
  5. Yeah AU I have been told be a month + too, but the ML 11s still getting an odd scrap amongst the grass. I have not seen grass like this for 20 plus years up here in FNQ, tis challenging. Might have to sneak across the ditch and flog Phrunts while he`s skiing.
  6. I hope the coils the problem but if its not will you move on?
  7. Come on Phrunt get over it, move on, your like a violin stuck on an ever ending screech for what over a year now, long before you bought a 6K. Be positive sell the 6K, get one you like no one likes to be around negative people especially in our hobby, negative people get bugger all, just blame their tools, their backyard, the weather etc etc etc.
  8. Elementary.... in FNQ to push amongst the grass to get the scraps after ya`ve got the biguns with the big coil swung 2 foot off the ground.😁
  9. Aye, I think doesn`t matter where we prospect a golden Irish rule is "tis where tis". With time in our golden journey we can look back and realize the more we experience the more we realize we don`t have the answers, just a lot more questions.
  10. On my modded SDC I had to take the WiFi transmitter out of the new case and mount it externally for reliable reception on the WiFi shoulder speaker. Much better to have the detector manufacturer fitted WiFi to avoid these drop outs and avoid additional battery charging each day before you can enjoy a coldie.
  11. Expresso... run out... no way.... I have a second Garmibn Rino and for short range stuff they are the Bees Knees once linked..
  12. Yeah I use an Inmarsat Sat Phone, no doubt that`s the one I`ve learnt I can rely on to some extent, but PLBs, EPIRBs, InReach etc have their place and it just could pay to have one, just ask about especially amongst those adventurist lone sailors who wouldn`t be here if they hadn`t carried an EPIRB. Of course if you`ve been bitten by a Taipan or other venomous snake/creature tis what you do immediately that decides whether you have a chance of surviving. That`s in your hands, panic and your gone, keep cool, slow down and apply that compression bandage you carry immediately and your in with a chance. For groups and short range communication (5k) I use a Garmin UHF/GPS Rino 750, this is handy as with its GPS mapping and at a glance you can tell on the map where those linked to you are who also have a Rino. Communication Technology has made it safer out there but nothing beats old fashioned common sense. A good girl guide/boy scout is always prepared...😉
  13. Vids on gold detecting in OZ have increased the ill feeling property owners have towards detector operators due to the sudden portrayal of their land and the immediate trespass that occurs to the extent the main property I prospect on has helicopter surveillance, with only a very few of us being allowed on with strict rules. Although i am a detector user I am also a property owner I shiver every time I see vids portraying FNQ where i prospect because I know it will bring the undesirables and more property lockdowns. Tis a shame for those who do the right thing but it is a hard fact of life.
  14. Bummer, Gerry you`ve wooed Jennifer away from me I was just about to explain the features of my super modded SDC.
  15. Ah my apologies, it took the crink out of my neck which will allow me to have my early morn detect in my backyard.
  16. Going purely by hype from internet sources my detectometer has the Axiom slipping from could be a 6K killer to be maybe a SDC killer.
  17. Ya not wrong, there`s a fire lit under the OZ user network as big as the one raging here. Good stuff, we`ve asked for competition now we might be getting it.
  18. Aye Jennifer hearings not believing we`ll not know until we have one in our own hot hands.
  19. Those sly NQ foxes have been playing with the Axiom since May at least, the old user network has been spun out by Garretts OZ testing, could be a 6K killer Garrett have here.
  20. On you folks, tis tops to see that excitement, lets drink to there being competition in our beloved detector market.
  21. For me cuz that is true, coz I`ve been there before was way back a Garrett early bird, but I`ll have one if the user network proves tis a winner just twice bitten thrice shy.
  22. Heh cuz maybe take a wee breather, an Axiom in hand will see the go.🤪
  23. Your not the Lone Ranger Phrunt, every X coil enthusiast and many others will welcome chipless coils. Not only users suspect X coil, Coiltek, NF and all coil manufacturers will be hoping for the end of chipped coils
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