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  1. Hello fourumers & hope you are well.Update on the sdc issue.Sent back to minelab with a quick turnaround, they replaced the circuit boards & were very professional & took the time to explain the issues which were identified & acknowledged.The problems i had with this machine were driving me insane & thats putting it mildly. I have learnt that this detector is very sensitive & possesses capabilities that others dont even come close to.In appreciating this fact i acknowledge that any little issue can put the whole thing out of whack. Minelab fixed the issue &
  2. Hello fellow fourumers & thank u for your advice.Update...I contacted minelab today & they were really helpful & said not to worry or stress, they will get it sorted.Also contacted the dealer , Justin from lost treasures , in brisbane, he was really helpful also & is a gr8 bloke to deal with.So keen 2 get back on the horse & rustle up some goodies.Gr8 fourum overall, good topics & enjoy reading.Thanks👍.
  3. Hi Steve, thanks for the feedback.I bought the detector, brand new 2 months ago so not sure if its the new model or not.I'll keep you all posted on the outcome, i have vented my frustration & appreciate the support & feedback from your fourum members.Its been a cool adventure so far, checking out all the old mines & workings, it has opened my mind 2 a history i have only read about, now with 1st hand experience I can appreciate the history of gold prospecting in the olden days. Apart from the issues i have had with my sdc it has been a rewarding journey.Good luck,& full pockets
  4. Thanks for the positive feedback North west.Im glad 2 hear so many good reports about the sdc because i really had my heart set on that detector.Ive been out 2day again & i do not have any better news to report on its performance.I have been very patient & persistent in finding a solution however i am certain now that this particular unit is faulty.I will contact the dealer 2morrow & minelab direct & see what they can do to remedy the problem.I took several videos today of the sdc in full nosedive , crash & burn mode for future reference shld i need to upload to YouTube for
  5. Thanks for the reply one guy, have been on the phone all afternoon to fellow detectorists, sdc owners, gpx operators & Z men alike.Getting mixed replys.Mate was out on last trip & he has 4500 gpx , he saw my sdc flipping out day after day & he agreed that my machine was almost totally unusable, punctuated by suitable colorful language.Another mate has sdc2300 & gpz 7000, he has told me about the same random performance although nowhere near as profound as my experience.He went to tibboburra detecting in a group & there were 3 sdc's in the group , one of which totally spacke
  6. Hi there fellow yella hunters, ive been prospecting for gold & gems for about 5yrs now in nth nsw.Have mostly been alluvial working with sluice & pan.Found some ok gold, enough to keep me interested.Thought i wld step up to a detector to enter a new & exciting chapter in my prospecting journey.Ended up buying a brand new sdc 2300, i was so excited & proud of my new acquisition.As soon as i unboxed it i had an uneasy feeling with all the screaching & wailing as soon as i switched it on.I persisted with all the best advice & did get it to settle.I am on my second detectin
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