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  1. Wondering if someone can help ID the two bullets I dug today? They were about 3 feet from each other and fairly deep...7-8". They measure .510" in diameter. One weighs 433 grains, the other 435 grains. Would they possibly be .50-70 Government? Thanks in advance for any guidance...Jeff
  2. Her frustration this time was digging larger junk, kac. On the way home I told her about how the Pro mode audio worked. We'll get her started with that on the next outing. The dug nickels in my area vary alot in how corroded they are. I suspect that's the case in a lot of areas. This one is one of the better, older ones that I've found. Was a fun find to make!
  3. GB, I tried looking for the repunched date last night. You're correct...I believe it's a little too pitted to be able to determine. This one is my first shield nickel. Was fairly sure I was digging a nickel, but was not expecting one that old. You never know what's going to come out of the ground! 👍
  4. Girlfriend and I headed back to this same place for a couple hours this afternoon. She had a frustrating outing this time...didn't manage to raise any coins from the ground. I managed a handful of clad and my oldest coin to date...an 1866 shield nickel from about 8" down. Really starting to get comfortable with the Equinox the past couple outings! Hope y'all got out today...Jeff
  5. Yikes!! Cool that they spent time together enjoying another great hobby! 🙂
  6. Took a couple days off work to do some detecting...finally got back to this spot yesterday for a little longer hunt. The water is down about 4' from it's "normal" level, so there is strip of exposed lake bottom about 50-60' wide X 300' long. This trip I concentrated on getting the high conductors out of the way. There are a TON of low-mid conductors here...can't wait to start picking thru those. Ended up with the items in the picture and an ice cream pail of junk. Ended up with three silver dimes, silver ring, couple 30's wheat cents, St Lawrence Seaway pendant and chain, and a cool
  7. My girlfriend got us permission to detect an empty lot owned by her employer. They recently bought the lot and took the early 1900's house down. She's been wanting to learn how to detect, so today was her first lesson. We headed there with the Equinox and my old AT Pro. Set her up with the AT Pro in STD/Coins mode, and went over ground balancing and how the ID scale works. Explained and showed her the difference between solid, repeatable signals and the less repeatable signals with bouncing target ID numbers. All I can say is I wish I would've had someone to show me these few details when I fi
  8. Thanks for the comments, HJ...much appreciated! It would be interesting to see what may get posted up in a powder flask thread. I think it's a great idea!
  9. The river ford and bridge areas always amaze me at the age range of the things you find. I can only imagine (and dream of) being able to find the age range that you're able to in the UK! Thanks for your comments, Rick...much appreciated!
  10. Thanks for the comments, Tom and Cal...appreciate you taking a look!
  11. https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/oz-silver-medal-mormon-joseph-hyrum-108883126
  12. GB, if you look at the complete flask as it would've hung (nipple up), the rabbit and pheasants are hanging from a lanyard. Hunters used to hang small game they had harvested over their shoulder to carry them home. It all did end up coming out of the same hole. Really makes you wonder how it ended up there, doesn't it? It was right at the base of a large, old oak tree. Fun find!
  13. The first two images are the flask items I dug today. The other two are just pictures for example of the complete flask as it would’ve been when in use. Apologize if that was confusing!!
  14. I believe this one is a better match...supposedly mid-1800s.
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