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  1. This is a little off topic, but is about gold on the beach. Back in the 80's, I was in charge of MK's construction of Nome's Community Center. While there, I remember several college students setting up a pump and sluice rig on the beach next to their tents and sluicing gold from the beach sand. They made enough money from the gold flakes, to go back to college the next year. I still have a couple of their little vials of gold sold there to tourists. My concrete supplier got his sand and gravel from the beach east of Nome and ran all of it over a large sluice to catch the gold. His profit was in the gold, not in the concrete.
  2. I see you're back. I'm sure any glitches will be resolved as they arise. My thanks to whoever got the site back online. I assume it was Steve.
  3. Thanks guys for the response. I was just watching a video of a guy in Victoria and although he was getting tiny nuggets, he got this great signal from about 10 inches down and it turned out to be.................a shotgun pellet. Got to get me one of those, so I can add to my pellet collection.
  4. Specimens excluded, the photo represents a month's worth of Gold Bug 2 finds here in Eastern Oregon. My brother and I haven't done that well this spring with nuggets-lots of them, but my weight is only 5.7 grams, "So Far!" But as you can see we do clean up the environment, as I am sure the rest of you do as well. Maybe if I am able to afford a 6000, this will help the next hunt scheme. Each placer has different types of trash and can provide those of us who operate Museums lots of areas of study. (I have a friend who is doing just that.) Those darn shotgun pellets are relatively recent and do disappoint at times. Good luck out there guys and watch carefully-The Rattlesnakes and ticks are out.
  5. Phase Tech--Really enjoyed your video-thanks. I do have a question of you or anyone for that matter. Is the 6000 effected by power lines as bad as the early Minelabs were. I couldn't get within 200 yards of power lines with my 3000 or my 4500.
  6. I was able to find an Audiosears 2463 headphone speaker and after installing it and resoldering all the connections, the Sunray Pro Gold headphones work great. Total cost, not counting my time, was about $24 versus the $130 or so online.
  7. I don't want to "beat a dead horse" here, but did want to share a tip for those who repair and use their headphones beyond there useful years. When the oval earpads get really worn out, they can be revived by spraying a few coats of Plasti Dip rubberized compound on them. (Spray cans of Plasti Dip is used to rubber coat tools, cars, etc. for a durable coating.) Was able to find an Audiosears 2463 speaker and when it gets here with get those SunRay Pro gold headphones up and working.
  8. Yeh. I can take the one on the other side and use that. Sadly my brother and I went detecting yesterday in the melting snow and the other headphones gave out on me. I was 10 miles (or so it seemed) from the car, so I used the speaker on the Gold Bug 2. Brother got a couple, but me none. Today my new set arrived though. And so it goes.
  9. Valens, they didn't have one. I contacted Audiosears and part 2463 is available, but I have to order $100 worth of them. So I ordered a new pair of SunRay Pro Headphones and will bid my time and put this old set in the pile of other repair stuff. Thanks guys.
  10. Thanks Gary and Flak. I thought about them, but the phones would probably cost more to repair than a new pair and I'm a bit of a tinkerer, so was just searching. Was going to use this pair as backup.
  11. I'm repairing a pair of SunRay Pro gold headphones & discovered a bad speaker. Does anyone know of a source of parts or where I can get a derelict or throw-away set of phones for the parts?
  12. I managed the construction of buildings for Morrison Knudsen all over the U. S., Alaska and a couple of foreign countries and we never had a problem finding water. Not enough water, like Jasong said, just drill deeper. A couple of dowsers asked to find water for me, but I politely declined. Our wells were positioned for convenience, not underground water pools, as water was basically everywhere. And I mean no disrespect, just my experience.
  13. I'm with Steve and others on this topic. Don't go there. We've got some great detectors available and they are absolutely proven to get gold.
  14. Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion in the Family size squirt bottle. Worked wonders for my feet and knees.
  15. Nothing in 2021 yet, Gerry. Mike has been up, but has gotten snowed out each time and the roads are horrible. We're careful so the ranchers don't get mad at us for creating more ruts for them and yes the ground is frozen a few inches down. Jim & I haven't been up for a couple of months, so we're getting stuff ready for when we can. Hope all is well with you and hope we can detect together this year sometime.
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