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  1. Aureous, your rewards parallel my own experience with the 6000, except I haven't had any problems with the detector. Really like the Bluetooth headphones, the ergonomics, and the super sensitivity. I am still learning how to pinpoint with the coil and identify targets by the sound tones. For instance, gold is a soft tone and iron screams and my backward signals have always been iron. Although, it is a "turn on and go" detector there is a lengthy learning curve. Liking it so far.
  2. Phrunt, Your junk photo looks almost identical to most of mine. Nice nuggets too.
  3. Although gold is the nobliest of the nine noble metals, it does form compounds and in fact, my friend Mike found a quite large piece of calaverite near where we were detecting the other day. Gold forms compounds with the halogens and cyanide, of course, which is used in some extraction processes. But if, (and it's a big if) there is an "halo effect," its more likely to be associated with the other metals in the alloys such as, copper, tin, silver, lead and even iron leaching out. The halo effect is very real and noticeable when we find heavily corroded nails, pennies, lead bullets & pieces of copper and tin. I don't understand the PI detection process as well as the rest of you, but I'm sure Aureus is correct when he said each pulse creates an eddy currents around the nugget and it is influenced by the shape, size, density of the metal and the makeup of the surrounding soil as well. I don't how this will help us find more nuggets, but it sure is an interesting topic. Phrunt is correct in saying I probably moved the nuggets somewhere in the pile and it got even deeper. But, I've left at least a dozen good original and repeatable signals because I'm impatience and just couldn't find the darn things. So, I'm going to make a GB 2 pin-pointer with my extra detector, like Steve's old example and pack it around for awhile. It not fair to my younger brother to have to follow his older brother around and rescue him.
  4. Yesterday while detecting in mostly dirt, I got at least 5 good repeatable signals and just couldn't find the nuggets. My brother was with me with his GB 2, so I had him go over one of the signals and sure enough it was a small pellet sized nugget. I'm pretty sure now, that I was experiencing the well-known "Halo Effect" and after disturbing the soil, the nugget was just too small for me to pinpoint it. My Garrett Pro-Pointer wouldn't pick it up either. This is good to know and another way to keep getting those nuggets. The 6000 is amazing and despite its "turn on and go" reputation, I'm learning a lot with each outing. Will be interested in seeing any new coils that are coming down the pike.
  5. After months of procrastination and dwindling finds with the GB 2, I finally bought a 6000 from my friend Gerry. The machine performs as advertised and will find big gold, little gold and as Steve says, will find hundreds of pieces of the tiniest slivers of iron. I recognize and keep reminding myself that for most of us, this is just a hobby. Still, $6,000 is a lot of money to spend on a hobby, but then I'm reminded that my fishing friends nearly all have boats that cost between $6,000 and $20,000 and man they spent a lot on rods and reels too. But I think the 6000 ought to pay for itself and my recent finds have given me some hope. There is a learning curve and I've read all the posts to shorten that and I'm hoping others will chime in with more thoughts. So my first reactions and questions are: Pros - Really like the Bluetooth Headphones; great ergonomics, super sensitive on tiny nuggets; and simple to operate. Cons - Pinpointing a find in a deep hole or at ground level is not easy; "O" discrimination and despite Steve's and Jeff McClendon's experiments, I still have to dig all signals (probably my fading hearing), My Garrett Pro Pin-pointer drives the 6000 crazy, Is it effective and does several times Noise Canceling help? (One guy in Australia turns on and leans the machine against a tree for five minutes to get the machine to ground balance.) Some of my finds are attached.
  6. I really enjoy trips to the hills and only thinking about a rise in the sound in my earphones-all day long. Occasionally meeting some wildlife adds to the pleasure.
  7. GB_Amateur the "iron" is a tin tobacco tag that was pressed in plug tobacco by that company. Although I found that one here while detecting, the most prominent tin tag around here was the "star brand." And the next was the round "target" brand. They are plentiful around here and can be quite collectable, with hundreds of brands.
  8. Gerry, seeing your Christmas Tree reminds me that if I can sell my 4500 and the Equinox "and" if I can bring the wife around to my "need," I plan to get a 6000 this spring. There's got to be lots of little nuggets just below the reach of the Gold Bug 2.
  9. Gerry, I really get a lot of interest in the coffee pots when I take them to the Museum. I reconstructed the eight ounce beer mug you gave me in that bag of treasures and plan to drink a beer out of it one of these days. Merry Christmas to all of you guys too.
  10. After an okay 2021 here in Eastern Oregon, we are catching up on all those chores we let slide. The Stonehouse Museum is shut down for the winter, so there's time catch up on research, filing, etc. In addition to the nuggets, I'm especially interested in the artifacts, (trash mostly) that we all find on every outing. Remember those pesky square nails; well, can anyone top my seven inch monster (photo attached)? Also attached is a shoe sole, that shows where all those hundreds of tiny tacks we find probably come from. That sole and the complete shoe came out of a tailing's pile here in Eastern Oregon. I believe the complete shoe is Chinese, based upon the other relics found around it. Hope everyone has a productive 2022. Oh, and here is one of two complete coffee pots found here, circa 1870.
  11. This is a little off topic, but is about gold on the beach. Back in the 80's, I was in charge of MK's construction of Nome's Community Center. While there, I remember several college students setting up a pump and sluice rig on the beach next to their tents and sluicing gold from the beach sand. They made enough money from the gold flakes, to go back to college the next year. I still have a couple of their little vials of gold sold there to tourists. My concrete supplier got his sand and gravel from the beach east of Nome and ran all of it over a large sluice to catch the gold. His profit was in the gold, not in the concrete.
  12. I see you're back. I'm sure any glitches will be resolved as they arise. My thanks to whoever got the site back online. I assume it was Steve.
  13. Thanks guys for the response. I was just watching a video of a guy in Victoria and although he was getting tiny nuggets, he got this great signal from about 10 inches down and it turned out to be.................a shotgun pellet. Got to get me one of those, so I can add to my pellet collection.
  14. Specimens excluded, the photo represents a month's worth of Gold Bug 2 finds here in Eastern Oregon. My brother and I haven't done that well this spring with nuggets-lots of them, but my weight is only 5.7 grams, "So Far!" But as you can see we do clean up the environment, as I am sure the rest of you do as well. Maybe if I am able to afford a 6000, this will help the next hunt scheme. Each placer has different types of trash and can provide those of us who operate Museums lots of areas of study. (I have a friend who is doing just that.) Those darn shotgun pellets are relatively recent and do disappoint at times. Good luck out there guys and watch carefully-The Rattlesnakes and ticks are out.
  15. Phase Tech--Really enjoyed your video-thanks. I do have a question of you or anyone for that matter. Is the 6000 effected by power lines as bad as the early Minelabs were. I couldn't get within 200 yards of power lines with my 3000 or my 4500.
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