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  1. I managed the construction of buildings for Morrison Knudsen all over the U. S., Alaska and a couple of foreign countries and we never had a problem finding water. Not enough water, like Jasong said, just drill deeper. A couple of dowsers asked to find water for me, but I politely declined. Our wells were positioned for convenience, not underground water pools, as water was basically everywhere. And I mean no disrespect, just my experience.
  2. I'm with Steve and others on this topic. Don't go there. We've got some great detectors available and they are absolutely proven to get gold.
  3. Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion in the Family size squirt bottle. Worked wonders for my feet and knees.
  4. Nothing in 2021 yet, Gerry. Mike has been up, but has gotten snowed out each time and the roads are horrible. We're careful so the ranchers don't get mad at us for creating more ruts for them and yes the ground is frozen a few inches down. Jim & I haven't been up for a couple of months, so we're getting stuff ready for when we can. Hope all is well with you and hope we can detect together this year sometime.
  5. Although we own Minelabs-Equinox, GP's & other detectors, more and more often my brother Jim and I are using the Gold Bug 2. We've discovered that when we find a patch and after the small nuggets are found, tiny pieces still remain. At the end stage, we can get even more pieces by raking the area. Jim made me this collapsible rake, from a tiny collapsible four tine rake and a welded-on eight tine piece. I can carry it in my backpack and it looks like just the tool for those tiny pieces.
  6. MSC - Make a pack with yourself to get out into the hills as soon as weather allows. Those nuggets are there and many have your name on them.
  7. Thanks guys. Gerry, I also have a Fanny Edel tag-you and I probably found them in the same area here in Malheur County. They were named for the Myers Bros's partner Jacob Edel's daughter Fanny. On the detecting front, Mike, my brother Jim and I got out last week before the snow and got a few tiny pieces. On an older matter, I'm trying to restore the 1870's or so, beer mug you gave when you visited. I'm going to create a permanent display in the Stone House Museum. So some of this "junk" we find can go to good use. Thanks
  8. Somehow the "And Oh How I sighes! got covered up by the photos.
  9. I'm betting that most of you detectorists have found a large number tobacco tags, just as I have. Up here the most prevalent tags are "stars", but from time to time others pop up as well. As a Museum manager I get almost as excited with a tag as a nugget. So, I started a collection of this chewing tobacco advertisement. Most 19th century miners smoked either a pipe, a cigar or chewed. I liked to hear from you guysabout your tag finds, if you care to. I've attached some examples and an ad from the 1890's. Oh, and a little poem from the era: When weary I are, I smokes my cigar.
  10. In 1987, I was Morrison Knudsen's Project Manager for the construction of the new $17 million dollar Nome Elementary School. All of our construction materials and equipment was hauled to Nome on huge barges. During that summer, several enterprising young college students set up camp on Nome's beaches and mined the sand for gold. They made enough money to get through their next year in college. You could literally pan the beach sand and get a small vial of gold in each pan. I panned 10's of pan's full and detected the mines back behind the townsite.
  11. Although I have an Equinox, 4500 and a 3000, right now I'm using a Gold bug 2, mostly because all the bigger nuggets are gone in our area. I would love to have a 7000, but due to my age I just can't handle the weight.
  12. There are some neat protective caps from Keystone Electronics to put on your reserve 9 volt batteries available. The full box of batteries we buy at Home Depot are unprotected and as soon as a few are taken out they get all jumbled up and can be short circuited against each other. I use these, although they don't stay on real well. So I tape them also before I put them in my detecting satchel.
  13. Cans can be as interesting. My most treasured cabin/town site find was a coffee pot from the 1800's at Eldorado and a really neat crevicing tool from nearby gold fields. Right up there with gold nuggets. Gary
  14. I had Lyme's disease, so am bit more careful with ticks. Permethrin is the synthetic version of Pyrethrum made from chrysanthemum flowers and kills ticks on clothing and doesn't seem to cause problems when we get it on our skin. I haven't tried Picaridin, but understand it is also good with ticks. We just don't seem to have much luck with Deet, the ticks crawl right over it.
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