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  1. Hey everybody- look what we found. This is a fragment of a giant tree saw. We found it at our site in the mountains. Really cool. Here’s the latest video of the exploration
  2. Hi everybody. I’ve gotten quite a few emails lately about getting kids involved with metal detecting. My answer has been YES! Many of you have followed River and my adventures lately and he has come up with some incredible stuff. He is 14, and was painfully addicted to video games! Now he is out of his mind about metal detecting, and would actually rather do that. And I get to be “cool” a little while longer. Here we are doing our thing at a great site we’ve been exploring for the last Month.
  3. We found so many amazing artifacts at a site we’ve identified in the mountains of WA. We just got this alarm clock, lantern burner and even found hand tools of the pioneer loggers of the region
  4. Hi everybody! River and I just finished part 2 of our video documenting our finds at this site in the mountains. So..here it is! Hope you like it and can help ID some of these pieces.
  5. Hi everybody! The artifacts we are now detecting have been truly incredible so we are putting together a 3 part series on this site to share them with anyone who is interested! We could use some help ID’ing a couple things and we hope you love seeing these things as much as we loved finding them! Heres Part 1
  6. Hi everybody. I found this gold pocket watch and these great 19th century spectacles at a pioneer site today in the mountains. Check out our videos for more great finds!
  7. Hi everybody- another beautiful weekend in the PNW and some great relics and history uncovered. Check out our expedition!
  8. Hey thanks! Having a blast. We’ll be out tomorrow detecting a pioneer site from the 1800’s
  9. Hi everybody, my son and I are history enthusiasts and we detect pioneer sites in WA State looking for relics of our past. We made a video and we wanted to share it. Maybe you can help us identify some of the finds we’ve made! If you like the video please subscribe and we’ll keep you up to date on what we find and show you lots more of our beautiful state.
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