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  1. Gerry,

    I hope you will have a good training session.  The very interesting part was that on the Friday when I got up the 2.37g nugget was my first target.  After my travels later on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (I needed to see what I was researching) I spent the night in the Eugenes.  I didn't find anything there from sun up until 9 AM so I took off for the burn barrel again.

    My first target when I got there (near where I found the other nugget but on the other side of the road) was that little nugget.

    I started Thursday with Lunk's settings with some adjustment to the sensitivity.  I didn't detect on the training hill but places near and also not on 20.  I kept those settings for most of Friday also.

    The Monday nugget was found with low smoothing.  I was beginning to experiment with Locate Patch on and normal/difficult because there were a couple of places with ground groan.  I was willing to let a little more noise get into my headphones as time went on.  Maybe I should have done that in Australia as well.


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  2. I hope you get the right information to catch them.  The need for immediate cash leaves a trail.

    Recently I had a locker broken into back in Florida.  It was one of many but the thieves were caught and they lived across the street from the facility.  They were after tools in that case too.

  3. This thread needs a bump and I was taking a couple of pictures so I could do that.  These pictures show a can at Rye Patch.  I approached the can and as soon as I could 'hear it' I stopped.  The distance from the top of the coil and the windings to the can is the same as the 14" coil.  When I hear targets with the 7000 like this I am like a moth drawn to a flame.




    I held the coil up and pointed the bottom towards the can and the distances were very similar to the side fringe even tho there was more coil pointing at the can.

    Are these similar to everyone's observations?


  4. 8 hours ago, phrunt said:

    I'm pleased you managed to make your patch lead and all credit to you for giving it another go, it must of been scary doing the snip again! Great to see you back in action... fingers crossed you find a big nugget to pay for the misadventure.

    Gotta love those Davsgold picks, looks like you'd need it for that ground.

    Yeah!  No more blanks ... you're all patched up.  You are more potent than ever.  Watch out old patches a Condor is on the prowl.

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  5. Thanks everyone for your likes.  You know who you are.  😊

    Ok, I got blown off of Rye Patch today about noon to one sort of thing.  This was after finding another little one of .26g before the wind started.  I had a chance to weigh the first one and it is 2.37g.  It's late because a semi truck went over the side of the road north of Hawthorne/Walker Lake and we had to sit and wait for 3 hours!

    More on that and other parts of the trip when I return.

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  6. 2 hours ago, vanursepaul said:

    Well I’m back in the States

    Down in Destin FL at Eglin Air Force Base

    Beautiful beaches and water 

    I’m not missing OZ yet, but as soon as Trent posts up some gold I’m sure I will relapse and my fever will be back again. 


    What a great experience every trip over has been. People are A one




    I'm in your neck of the woods tonight in Winnemucca!  Last night I was in Placeratas.  The night before that Rye Patch.

    You need to do some fishing while you are there.  If you don't get a chance to do that the seafood restaurants are some of the best in the world.  They are much better than LA on average.


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  7. Jim,

    We were going lean and mean.  You wanted to carry enough water and snacks to get up and back but we were told we could fill our bottles at a couple of places along the way.  At the time I was doing this it was just about running and trail running.  I hadn't hunted for any gold yet.  That didn't come until 2010.

    I still don't have a clue about most of the goldfields on the way up there.  I'm driving that route again tonight.  It will be good with the full moon to light the way.

    Rye Patch in the morning and maybe Downieville on Monday.

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  8. DetectorPro, the headphone company also makes detectors!  That is news to me.  I saw a guy in the dry sand with one of these waterproof detectors the other day.


    I kept looking and chatting with him and there was no control module on his belt or on the shaft!  I looked at the waterproof headphones and there are extra knobs.  Imagine that, a headphone company puts the detector module in the headphones.

    Ok, I probably missed when these came out and the other models.

    How do they do?  Who has given a review?



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