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  1. I was up in Nome a few years ago while the show Bering Sea Gold featured the 'father and son conflict' episodes.  We were early in the season and the dredgers weren't out yet for the new season so some of them were hanging around talking about the show(s).

    Just like Dale has said there are only a couple of 'characters' who are paid.  If you are not on the paid list then you are helping them for free and also stopping your own production to let them get the right scenes.  Most of the dredgers in Nome were not interested.  They didn't have time for it as they had a short season.  The 'reality' portrayed was not real.

    I still like seeing the gold on the gold shows and the fish on the tuna shows.  To me there isn't any better TV when I watch.

    The gripes I have with the Tuna shows bring all of the problems of production into play for me.  I know it is scripted bs and post produced to the max to make a fake contest.  Who cares who 'wins' that stuff?  (The 'tune in' audience does and that is the formula.)  What really irks me is when I see a 'fish on' scene and it is obvious that they have spliced together different days and sea conditions and fake it as one landing of a fish.  It takes several hours and one year they gave 'fight times' but they don't do that anymore.  Some of the clips are calm seas, some are rough, some fog, some sun ... I've been on fishing boats often enough to get pissed off when my eyes are snapped around by these clips.

    Those of you here who are real gold producers know how fake the gold shows are and I appreciate your insights.  I know those shows have contributed to the decimation of some of our patches.


  2. I put up 4 of the pictures to give some people that don't like to click on links a preview.  The smaller nuggets are enticing.  Look at the past sale prices and that will give you an idea but remember most gold has gone up since the last auction.  There is also a network of dealers who deal in the art gold.  Check them for latest prices also for comps.

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  3. 13 hours ago, GB_Amateur said:

    Nice finds!  Seems weird for a clasp to be high quality gold and the remainder be plated/etc.  I'm betting the crucifix is a precious metal.

    I think you are right.  I've looked at it closely and it has precious metal and a bit of craftsmanship written on it.

    What is the white (silver?) coin above and slightly to the right of the East Africa coin?

    That is one of the 5 dollar coins.

    I gotta say you beach & water hunters have it a lot more difficult than we dry land park/school detectorists, in so many ways.  But also seems like you get rewarded more significantly for your efforts.

    I hunt areas available to me and I live half a mile from the beach.  If I didn't go detecting I might not see the beach!  haha



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  4. 10 minutes ago, 2Valen said:

    Saw a cross just like that right before Christmas at Kays jewelers and it was 2 toned gold. The diamonds were a nice touch and I am betting that you have a 14 k cross all the way around.

    Great finds keep up the good work and what was the other ring.

    I did a reverse image search and didn't come up with a match with the wired area on the top end of the cross.  I didn't have to clean it.  Most religious pieces I find especially Catholic seem to be on the modest gold content.  This one is not solid but I think that makes it more wearable.

    The other ring is junk.  It is some type of corroded pot metal with flashy little glass 'stones' with reflectors behind the glass.

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  5. 5 hours ago, phrunt said:

    That's very king of you Mitchel, people should take you up on that offer.  A great opportunity to see an X-coil in action.

    Yes, I want to see more patches come back to life as they have for JW!  I've just had my initial day with it so far and there are many more to come.  I've got a couple of days lined up with friends so I thought I'd make the same offer to forum friends.

    All days out in the field are enjoyable and finding some yellow pieces makes it more so sometimes.


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  6. Ok, I have a working 15x10 X-Coil in Southern California.  I'm willing to meet up with someone within a 3 hour drive of Santa Monica (Bakersfield, Arizona border to Yuma) and you can try it on my Z (preferred) or your Z (at your own risk) and see how it performs.  We can meet at a place of your choosing (if you want to know how it performs in a specific spot) or we can go to one of many well known spots.  I belong to several clubs and I can take a guest.  We'll both be detecting and keeping what we find. (No pool and split because I don't know how to divide equally. haha)  You can use the X-Coil half the detecting time and I'll use it the other half.  

    If this sounds like a day of detecting for you let me know and we'll see if we can set up a day.


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  7. I heard about a guy who found a big nugget on the south side of Quartzsite.  This video made me think of that.  The guy who told me about it when I was in Quartzsite told me he had to drive to Phoenix to sell it.  I guess he was anxious to cash it in.

    Any guess where this one was videoed?  

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  8. 3 hours ago, phrunt said:

    It's also good you've found a guy in the US that can make adapters for people.  Did he say he was happy to continue making adapters for others? What did his charge end up being?

    The splicer did spend some extra time on making the adapter, looking at the online video and looking at the files from you and Dave.  He still didn't have the time to do the 19" coil end but I am to report to him this week and tell him everything is fine.  He was willing to fix any problems but there are none.  He checked for shorts and the wires are a bit fine so it probably exceeded my basic skills and now I am confident in his work and so can he.  (If there had been a serious problem there would have been nothing he could have done to fix the board!)

    When I tested the adapter it was first without a coil.  Because of the chip in the adapter the Zed did not say there was no coil attached.  It wanted to go through the settings.  I didn't want to do that but I'm not going to attach a coil while the Zed is on.  I shut it down and put the coil on and started it back up.  I have no falsing or anything other than normal touch sensitivity.  I can make it sound like a target if I strike something hard but I didn't do that often.  It balanced well with the ferrite. 

    I asked him if he might want to do more of these and he hesitated a bit.  I think that was because he was doing it as a 'one off' for me.  When I go back to him to get the 19 I'll ask him what a profitable price would be for him to do more.  He can't feel like he's doing favors all the time.

    Then there is the logistics side of things.  I went to his shop and dropped it off and it took 2 weeks.  What would he want to charge if someone sent him a coil and he had to ship it back out in under a week.  Would he want to do it?

    I'll let everyone know and give his name if he is interested.

    I had considered learning how to do it and what would I charge?  haha

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  9. 3 hours ago, kiwijw said:

    Bad luck Mitchel, But the amount of rubbish you got tells you something. I don't see any BB's.  Any one of those could well have been gold. 

    Better "luck" next time.

    JW 🤠

    There are 2 BBs there in the center and the little tiny wires really sounded off good.

    I chose this location over any of the others because I have found more total nuggets around this area than any place I've hunted.  I can't take the nuggets I've found and those of others and find them again.  It was a good area for about 2 years.  The occasional nugget that might be left now would not let me think it is still a 'gold producing' area so I would have to go to completely new spots next time.

    It is like what you said when you and Simon went to a spot way up in your mountains ... it may not be worth a trip back up there anytime soon.  I don't need any more proof that we've gotten 90% of the nuggets that had been there.  I can still go to spots where there are still 20% or greater or even find that 50% patch!

    I'm sure there are some Rye Patch nuggets in that coil's future.

  10. I know I'll be able to put that coil into places where the 14 will not go.  Of course I'm still learning it.  I did a combination of cruising (going fast) between patches and gridding (going slow near my targets).  I changed some settings and I did some testing.

    There is only one area in these several square miles where gold had been lodged in rocks (a combination of granite and quartz) where I hoped to find unseen gold.  I tried that area for about 30 minutes hoping the X would see something that was oriented differently than the other coils and detectors did not see.  I call it Tortoise Hill because when I found my first nugget there years ago one of our ground turtle shells was near.  You don't want to get caught disturbing them but roads all over this area are being shut down to preserve the habitat.  Most of that same shell is still there.

    I included one of our hotrocks in the picture.  It is the type that sticks to a magnet as hard as steel.  I think the X saw fewer of them than the 14 but I'll know when I go back to Gold Basin and I look for meteorites.  I want to see a space rock and I forgot to take a meteorite with me to test.  I know it is difficult to distinguish a meteorite with the Equinox.

    The weight of the X is really not an issue.  I used my hipstick as always but I now have replaced my old bungee.  This one is now a snap at the hipstick which I never open to release it (that was a pain) and I just have a loop that I put over the handle kinda like an open laso and when I bend over to dig a target I just slip it off the handle.  It works for me.

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  11. As you can see I'm back after an 8 hour day of detecting from 7 AM until 3 PM.  I hit several spots where I have found nuggets before, I even have them marked on my Z screen but today didn't get any gold with the new X-Coil.  I knew we had hammered the place and I was the only one around today but there were grid marks (kinda like chaining) that showed someone had been around.  I think this is the first time I've been there since September or maybe before that.

    I don't normally find this many bullets.  Today was a combination of going exactly over my swings from the past and stretching the area and finding the tiny wires, a couple of shot and the bigger bullets.  The larger 50 cal are said to have been used for WWII practice.  None of it was particularly deep.  This is the same sort of trash we found a few years back when we first opened up these patches to the Zed.  I told us that the GPX guys before us hadn't actually swung over much of the area.  I haven't totaled up my finds from the past but it would be over 200 nuggets with the largest at 3 g.

    Now to the X-Coil.  One of the reasons I have more trash and the marked coins is that I can stick the coil into places where I couldn't stick the ML 14.  I could also wave the coil over some dry, dead plants and see the targets through it like the coins.  Someone had planted them in the middle of dead bushes.  No wonder they were still there.

    I was able to use the default settings all the way up the Chet's setting without much problem.  I would say at 20 it was not a smooth threshold but if I ran over a target I could hear it anyway.   I brought it down to 15 much of the time.  The coil ignored many of the hot rocks but we have some that it can't ignore.  That is ok.  We dig them and sometimes gold can be near.  I was certainly hoping to get gold first trip out with the X-Coil but it didn't happen.  I don't have much reason to go back to Barstow now.

    Next trip (whenever that might be) will be to the Gold Catcher area in the El Pasos.





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  12. 3 hours ago, Gold Catcher said:

    Yeah I know all that and usually always do. Don't know why I just did not do it that day. Perhaps because I got up at 3 am, drove 5 hours to the site and then hiked for 3 hours to get there......

    I got up at 3 this morning and I went to a spot where I found 2 nuggets with the Equinox.  I think they were the first two nuggets found in the United States by a customer.  When I got home I didn't have the nuggets.  😛  I wasn't going back the next day so Swifty went by where I was parked and sure enough the wind had blown my purple plastic bottle away from my pouch before I could get them home.  Simon had said at the time 'no picture, no nuggets!'  I got the vial a couple of days later and posted the picture.

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