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  1. I think the rarity is in the location and size and not the type. Here is something that addresses that from the article below: The researchers argue that the Maryborough meteorite is much rarer than gold. It's one of only 17 meteorites ever recorded in the Australian state of Victoria, and it's the second largest chondritic mass, after a huge 55-kilogram specimen identified in 2003. Here is your link to the H5: https://www.sciencealert.com/man-holds-onto-rock-for-years-thinking-it-was-gold-turns-out-it-s-a-super-rare-meteorite Here is the scientific paper abstract: http://www.publish.csiro.au/RS/RS19002
  2. I think the rabbits were introduced for food and they ran away with the country. It is like the hogs in this country. They are a menace and destroy a lot of pasture land each year.
  3. Thanks for the update and good hunting for more. Mitchel
  4. I looked at the link and it said it would not post to the United States so I stuck the description: Replacement Battery For MINELAB 0303-0036 into Amazon and got this: https://www.amazon.com/1100mAh-Replacement-Battery-MINELAB-0303-0036/dp/B07NG3QGZH/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Replacement+Battery+For+MINELAB+0303-0036&qid=1564482154&s=gateway&sr=8-1
  5. Will these batteries last forever? I don't think so. What does Minelab states have to say about a battery? or is it just a new 12? Mitchel
  6. JW, Looks like fun. ... it sure would be nice if you would keep that nice, white Xcoil clean for the pictures! haha (Maybe Simon could go with you and clean it off before the photo each time?) ? Mitchel
  7. Bottom line: We have been patient/impatient and quiet about coils for a long time to be added to the 7000. It is now time to be impatient and vocal and see if that gets better results!
  8. Could it be as simple as a development shop that is throttled by an economic financial model that doesn't allow for coil R&D money?
  9. Jeff, Checking the 'stock' setting for Gold 1 the Accept/Reject is -9 to 0 for reject. To me that means when you turn it on in discriminate you are not going to hear anything below 0. When I and several other users leave the settings here the sound of 0,1,2 is muffled. If you modify the 'stock' settings and accept -1. -2, -3, -4, -5 and -6 then you are left with -7, -8 and -9 rejected. Is this what was done? Mitchel
  10. I run the sensitivity at 20-23 most of the time and leave the speed at 6 or maybe 5 and hear my deep objects but once again ... slow. The speed doesn't let the black sand/iron stay in the way of a target signal like a coin. I can hear iron and the coins by slowing way down. Your steel ring is a problem piece. It is like a British coin or Canadian which are magnetic. The detector sees the shape and wants to respond to that but it also sees the metals and wants to go lower with the tone. Sometimes when it is deep it is very unclear and a combination of ground noise/black sand and target. I've turned up the negative volume/1st section to help with hearing deep targets.
  11. I got my 800 from Bill. I just asked him if he was in All Metal for the video and he said no. I think Stock to him is turn on and go.
  12. I prospected near Ballarat for one day before going back north. Perhaps I should have stayed? haha I think you have to get permission to be in the pastures with a metal detector but obviously a good find. I wonder what he found it with if he bought a new one. What was mined in Ballarat Victoria in the 1850s? In the 1850s gold discoveries in Victoria, in Beechworth, Castlemaine, Daylesford,Ballarat and Bendigo sparked gold rushes similar to the California Gold Rush. At its peak some two tonnes of gold per week flowed into the Treasury Building in Melbourne.
  13. What is a partial or incomplete theory? As Doc will say 'Every piece of gold has a story!' I'll add that the theory now is that gold was formed in the big bang (or at least very early) and it has taken billions of years to get into a crack or crevice, a wash or river or lodged within quartz to be chipped out. Some is still left to be found with a metal detector but as Simon noted, JW has gotten most of it. ?
  14. Did your partner have the same issues? I mean, did they use your machine and you use theirs in the same 'problem area' and they confirmed your observations? Mitchel
  15. This target was larger so I could see it more easily but I was already 'mowing the beach' so when I came across it it then seemed huge rater than stop me from a brisk walk. https://www.davidyurman.com/products/mens/pendants/forged-carbon-tag-d15592mss.pdp.html
  16. The silver pendant is a DY (David Yurman) .925 Cf. I can't find one online just like it. There are some 'dog tags' similar and I don't know if the one I have has real black diamonds! The other material is a black, textured stone that looks pretty nice also. I'll have to see a jeweler for that piece.
  17. I was just thinking of the phrase 'ultrasound for the ears' for our 3D look at the ground. Most ultrasounds that I am aware of require a visual screen to see the object and it is named for the type of wave used and not the receiver!
  18. Chase, you caught part of what I was driving at but the other part is when you swing to fast then you don't even hear some of the deep targets. Not all patches were created equal. The Equinox is fast at 6,7 and 8 but you can even swing the coil too 'fast' for it to find all your targets. I could have said that the Equinox is not a 'speedy' detector or something else but you picked up on my 'play on words' pretty good. Yes, you can take the mineralization out of some of the black sand beaches with the high speed and hear in 3D (multiple targets on top of each other) and not be limited by flatness.
  19. I returned to the patch (to mow more of the beach) this morning and mostly re gridded what I had done before but added on to the ends to see if it continued. It can be tedious as I just want to go wander and walk long distances but that is not the type of energy supplied to the beaches in the last few days. I need to lock in to what I've found. Just as an aside story, one night last week I was near this same area in the middle of the night and a guy kept coming towards me and I could see he was swinging. He was hitting some areas I wanted to go back on but he just kept on his way through my area. I didn't want to talk but he stopped and asked me how it was going and I said just coins and he said he had just found this chain with a cross! I saw it with my light and I immediately thought it came from his last dig hole near me but I don't know. His pattern had been to walk quickly with his Gold Bug for miles. Lots of detecting patterns work. His 'style' beat me that night. I must note that a couple of the quarters and the star ring were not from that area. It was in an area I walked through to get to the patch. One of the first targets I got was the gold ring with the little diamond. It shows up as a 10 but a little hard to read but I think it is 14k. Much later on I found the pendant which is 22g with a .925 sliver back to it. I don't know what the stone surface is on the front but it is kind of a nice pendant. The bobby pins are a must to dig if you find them. They stay about -4 but some deep targets start negative also when listening for the subtle beach sounds. On more than one occasion I've heard more than one target before I start digging. We'll see when I get the urge to go again.
  20. I will note that I was getting a signal and looking at the depth. I automatically took off 6 inches before checking again. Most of the time the signal was still there. Then it got interesting. Using my 6" scoop that I pull towards me I'd try to get it cleanly but sometimes it was not possible. Maybe 10% of the signals went silent in the hole and I would have to dig 'knowing' there was a target waiting for me. Some of them I could hear with a change in orientation and others just get the object out of the hole and in the pile before getting it in the scoop for recovery. I'll also have to note that every beach I go to does not have targets this deep. Sometimes there could be surface coins and nothing below. It always changes.
  21. Jeff, Remember there is left to right but there is also forward motion. The closer I am to 'stopped' and not moving the more I hear. I think I saw calabash's video than demonstrated invisible targets if the coil is moving too fast and he was not walking. The 11" coil seems to handle it pretty well. The 6" is kinda a zip-zip on shallow targets. The 15" is sometimes not as clear as I would like. Beach hunting can be shallow and long distances or slower and deeper. Today there was a 'pay layer' at 12-16 inches as measured by me sticking the coil in the hole to pinpoint some of the targets! Mitchel
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