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  1. I think you are already right. You just have to be like JW and others I know and hear the right thing (or the faint thing)!
  2. I think the elephant still in the Xcoil and other Zcoil closets is that none of them would be considered 'light.' We can talk about 'lighter' but not weightless. haha Phrunt, do you have a weight chart comparing GPS/Z/Xcoil weights?
  3. Norvic, I'll always appreciate your comments. You must know by now ... it is harder to be a prospector than some of us are capable of doing on a regular basis. I'm back to a once or twice a month nugget hunter for the next 2-3 years. I guess my best status now would be a tag along detectorist or wait for my metal detecting club to get an easy claim! haha Mitchel (Right now I'm going out for a 2 hour beach hunt to finish my birthday. It will take me about 5 minutes to get to the beach!)
  4. Yes, I know how Google keeps track of me and pushes stuff at me that not everyone else will see. I hesitated to put the link in the forum because you would lose some click revenue. I've seen advertisers like this before and just like this ad link they introduce me to detector companies I've never heard of before but if they say they are the best ... I guess I have to believe them, right? haha
  5. I just 'clicked' on one of Steve's ads. This just solves all my problems. I should select a detector from this list! 😁 https://bestreviews.com/best-metal-detectors
  6. As a detectorist with my nugget hat on I look at the 'price' and wonder how many nuggets this will help me find and that should 'pay for it' or what number of ounces I need to find to pay for it. I bought the latest and greatest nugget detector AND the 'Dog Coil' based upon this premise. I couldn't 'afford' to be without the best. Several years later and neither one of these purchases is putting ounces of gold in my poke. My next purchase will have to be a purchase of pleasure. It is really frustrating to go out and get a skunk. I can do that with my present detectors. The appeal to me of the Xcoil at this point is that it seems to be finding previously unseen gold. I know some who would say they could see that gold with the standard coil but I'll say that it still the Xcoil appeal. Minelab will have to appeal to that same sense within me as a nugget detectorist no matter what the price or I'll just keep what I have. Why would they come out with a new detector that would quickly fail or become another 'dog?' I doubt they will but we've failed to understand a lack of a smaller coil to extend the life of the 7000 as well so ... How much tiny and lager gold is left to be found in beaten up patches? Much less than was there 20 years ago with lesser technology. I miss the working GPS.
  7. Steve, You got it. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking a similar thought. Discrimination with a PI. I still might dig everything but I could see the ground and know there was something 'out of the ordinary' waiting for me to dig it. I use the Nox this way and I'd do the same with a PI. Mitchel
  8. I didn't buy a Monster and it will do 80% of what you are looking for. I don't know where to use a Monster where I'd have 'fun' because I would always wonder if there is MORE. It is that depth and size thing we also want.
  9. Well, it is the new year and based upon someone I know and trust they think a new detector will be out this year ... if the tests are complete. They are excited and I'll get excited with them. I don't know any details. My interest in the new detector will be based upon price more than weight. I haven't been able to pay for my last gold detector with my finds. I would invest in an Xcoil or another smaller coil for the Z before I'd pay more than $3000 for the latest and greatest gold detector! There, I've pinned myself down to a budget for the year. Work with that Minelab or not. I doubt their new top of the line nugget detector will be less than that so I'll leave it for the professionals and not a part time nugget detectorist like myself. The results I see from other Z owners means my results are more based upon my errors rather than the detector. When they come out with a detector that stops, detects and digs and gets equal results with any other detectorist then I'll pay the premium again.
  10. A detector company needs to have new products. They don't survive without them.
  11. Ok, where is the 'value equation' or 'sweet spot' of detector/coil price and finds? How much is a 'fair price' to pay for a detector and still enjoy it?
  12. My rumor source would discount the super high price detector in development in favor of a high sales volume unit which will help to keep the dealer network thriving. It would be extremely hard to sell a detector weighing half the weight of a 7000 for twice as much money! I'll buy a better coil for my 7000 in that case. This is where having a coil aftermarket could impact a new detector release.
  13. Most of us have had several detectors in our hunting careers. Some have been good to us and we've paid for the detector many times over. Other detectors have been so so. I'm going to make a list of detectors that I own or owned and say which ones paid for themselves. Some of this depends on just getting better or lucky at detecting and some depends on the detector itself. I'm trying to give maximum credit to the detector. GOLD DETECTORS Minelab 5000 Yes Minelab 2300 No Minelab 7000 No Gold Bug Pro No BEACH AND RELIC DETECTORS White's 6000 Di Pro No Minelab SE Pro Yes CTX 3030 Yes Minelab Equinox Yes
  14. I wish everyone a Happy New Year with good finds. Most of all find time to look, swing and enjoy. Mitchel
  15. JW, Have you used this new coil going back behind one of the other Xcoils? Did you find unseen gold? (Gold that you swung over with another coil/detector but did not dig.) Mitchel
  16. In case you are going to UK. https://www.metaldetectives.co.uk/
  17. Where do the Roos go when it is that hot? Are they in your pool?
  18. I thought as much. When in doubt ... blame Simon! Let's all get out and find some gold in the New Year and the few days left of this year.
  19. Simon threw in a 'ringer!' haha
  20. Yes, we have communities all over the United States where people spend a lot of time putting up decorations (mostly LEDs now) and they 'waste' $50 or so on electricity for the month to brighten up the eyes of little kids and adults. This particular street was a cul-du-sac where all the owners got permission from the city and they call it Candy Cane Lane and they put it on the Google Maps. You can find several of them that are bigger and of course there are commercial ones that attract people. All the malls decorate and celebrate. We have a large light show now called the Chinese Lantern Festival at one of the fair grounds and then there is the Zoo with its lights and botanical gardens are lit up. The ultimate light show is Las Vegas. Many go there for Christmas too and of course New Year. Happy New Year.
  21. I'll post a few pictures of Christmas Lights. If some people get their way these lights will be declared inappropriate and they will be legislated out of existence.
  22. Fred is right. I remember taking one of those ends off. The 7000 came with a one handed clip. It was great but now the end has broken off. I've also gone to a local place that has several type of bungy. Some are stiffer than others. I've got plenty of alternative now because one is about to wear out as the strands are weakening.
  23. It is still Christmas here. Merry Christmas! Thanks to everyone for a good year of posts.
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