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  1. Thank you all for replying so quickly. Yes GB I would like a pointer and the headphones. I think the Minelab detector comes with some of these but I will check. I like the idea of gold ability in case I use it on the beach at Hilton head Island (maybe won't be water resistant but I will read up on it). The brass casings are only in one area but it is a good area.It sounds like the Minelab 800 is the way to go. I hear there is a slight learning curve with it but thats ok. I will let you all know what I purchase and how it works. Thanks again for the info. Mike
  2. Hello all. I have done a small amount of detecting years ago with a Whites detector (don't remember the model) and really enjoyed it. I search mostly on Iowa farmland that I own where old homesteads were. Sold detector several years ago but want to get back into the hobby. I would like to find coins, jewelry (not really any gold laying around here except corn!!) and such. Looking to spend around $1000 for equipment. Been researching some companies and Minelab looks like it has good detectors but never used one. Would appreciate any advice on what equipment would be appropriate of this type of detecting. Its not so much about the finding for me, its getting outdoors and the solitude of detecting. Finding is definitely a plus. I sure do dig up a lot of old rifle casings!! Would be nice if detector could differentiate these brass casings from other metals. Thanks Mike
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