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  1. Tried the apex guys briefly in the goldfields but just too noisy in our mineralised ground. And the sensitivity to small targets not great. I may have things to learn but certainly not a good machine for western australia.
  2. Hi folks. Anyone know if this great book is available online? If so where? Im in australia and its all out of stock. And would love to read. Thanks!
  3. Hi all. I was just wondering how might you best configure the apex if working in trashy areas with nuggets? Is there any point to discriminating or will it miss gold? I am mainly a gold prospector, have not used discrimination much before, but could see it as handy if it can work. .. Cheers waz
  4. Thanks guys. Will keep you posted. Discussion went a little sidetracked. Only wanted to know smallest size range of gold nuggets with apex, and depth. Plus its ground balancing capability in mineralised soils. From my perspective i am hopeful it will satisfy what i need. It will be 80% treasure hunter and 20% goldfields purely as a small nugget detector. It will be my second prospecting detector not my main one. Waz
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Over here in oz the sdc 2300 is considered the bees knees on small gold. I guess i am just saying that the apex seems reasonable/capable at detecting small gold in the 0.1g to 0.3g range to a couple of inches or more. It may not be the optimum for this but at $900 versus an sdc 2300 $4000, its not too bad as a small nugget option??? Particularly if we get some smaller coils for the apex. It may lack depth on small nuggets...but it will be wait and see
  6. Pinging a 0.09g bit at 1 inch, even as an air test is quite impressive and promising. Agreed mineralisation will reduce sensitivity but in 3 tests i have seen on small gold nuggets it seems more than handy the apex. The video test by john Edmondson was on a tiny tiny piece of gold..Basically a flake and it got it well. .about.an inch from memory. I.imagine the apex will excel on salt.lake gold nuggets...
  7. The AT max has found some pretty small gold after ground balancing in hot ground (so im told)...so hopefully there wont be any issues with sensitivity to gold once I ground balance in the mineralised soils. Unless something with the Apex settings suggests it may?
  8. Cheers Steve. I was really asking does the apex have the same ground balancing capacity/settings as the AT max? Some guys here in perth said they can ground balance well with at max in our wa goldfields. So was hoping the apex was similar with regards to ground balancing. .... Waz
  9. Hi guys I am told the Garrett AT max ground balances verywell in our highly mineralised WA goldfields in Australia (175 points of ground balance). It also picks up a lot of small gold here. Knowing this would the garrett ace apex behave similarly, i.e. does it have similar ground balance features etc? Waz
  10. Thanks steve. Have to wait and see. If anyone has gold prospecting vids with the apex please post links. Cheers waz
  11. Good to know. Looking to use it for these size nuggets....Probably near surface or within 3 or 4 inches deep. If the ground noise is troublesome.... what would be some options I have to quiet the apex down??
  12. Hey thanks guys. Im scheduled to get the apex end of September then I am headed to scraped areas with tiny bits of shallow gold (0.1g, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4g sizes). Will be able to provide an update then
  13. Hey thanks steve thats great advice. It wont be my main prospecting machine but was hoping it might do ok as a small nugget detector on patches or mullocks. But it sounds like you think it may not be any good in this sense?? I believe the AT Max does well on small gold - how does that machine differ from what the apex has or lacks? I also believe there is a range of multiflex coils.coming for the apex which may assist nugget hunting? Cheers Waz
  14. Hi guys. Waz from australia here, Perth. Curious to see if the apex has a niche in our goldfields. I have purchased one and are waiting. I could see it of use on mullock heaps and scrapings for fine gold. Do you agree? What settings would you recommend for this type of detecting given mineralised ground, hot rocks etc. Hoping it will be an ok prospecting detector in this sense, along with treasure hunting and prospecting on salt lakes..cheers waz
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