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  1. Old guy, hunt around Houston Texas; known in the area to help find recently lost items. Love to help out and locate for folks. Helps to promote this hobby. Never thought to search for forums before now.
  2. Yea, did that. But the discount it shows is only Coupon $-17.85 When you proceed thru the checkout, it goes even wonkier with the Discount $30.80. $119-30.80= $88.20. They add back in tax of $8.35 and somehow end up back at nearly the original price - $109 versus $119 list. Subtotal $119.00 Coupon $-30.80 Shipping $0.00 Taxes $8.35 Total $109.50 Must be new math. At least they got free shipping righ
  3. I can't seem to be able to find a code that reduces the HP to $49. Can anyone clue me in?
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