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  1. This is in Idaho. I still do a bit of gold detecting but not like I used to. Sold all my gold and bought guns.
  2. Photo from both ends What do you do with this stuff from years of detecting. All the gold and silver & diamond jewelry was sent to a refinery and provided me a few thousand dollars spending money, Have a lot more jewelry that is not displayed as there isn't any more room. Hundreds and hundreds of keys and tokens. this is just some of my finds over the years. March box cars, civil war relics from VA. Guess I just leave it and let the kids sort it out.
  3. Thanks for the read. Good story. I'll have to dig thru my pictures as I have another about a silver hoard that I found for a couple years ago.
  4. Spent a lot of time in East Idaho back in this shaft right in the middle of good gold country. shaft goes back some 200 feet with a short drift here and there. Huge seams of quarts all thru this place. Don't know if the old timers found anything in here as I sure didn't. Did get one hit in the wall using GB2with 6" coil (no quartz)and tried to chisel it out with a small 2lb hammer and east wing rock chisel but no go. Nothing outside in the tailing pile other than blasting caps. They had to be chasing something. Is a real nice area with good gold 70 ft away in creek bed.
  5. When we had the outing for Jim Smaller a guy showed up with a MXT and didn't know how to use it so I showed him and later that day he found a base ball sized meteorite with it on the south side. We usually camped on the S. side about 3/4 mile off the highway.
  6. Hey Dave back in the day there was a guy from Kingman that passed away and I held a Memorial Hunt for him at Franconia and there was some funds raised to put up a memorial bench in Kingman. He had a lot to do with meteorite hunting. Do you remember his name. Since we sold our property at the end of 23rd st haven't been back. Found a lot of gold and meteorite's in Gold Basin. Threw alot of nice ones away as hot rocks before they were identified as meteorite's. Might have to make a trip back that way someday.
  7. I made this video a few years ago as I always had people wanting to know about prospecting and what to use. So here it is.
  8. Anybody still hunting Franconia with results? been a lot of years since I was there. Lots of 30 & 50 cal bullets.
  9. Dredge tailing piles are full of crap, can, barbed wire, nails, hot rocks etc. Was hunting in Idaho, After digging countless targets you think another iron chunk, but I dig everything regardless of sound. This one come in rather loud and was setting a flat rock about 5" deep. Biggest nugget I have found. Weighed 5.56 ounce. Found a few years back and traded for a S&S 91/2' pickup camper, Now that nugget is worth a whole lot more and the camper has ;lost 3/4 of it's value. Oh well life goes on.
  10. Congrats on your move, I remember hunting Rye Patch many years ago after the big burn, a lot of nice chevron nuggets come from that area'
  11. I have been out of the loop for a number of years and just joined back up. Here is my latest adventure. Aug 2020 Kind of a long read, Names and place shall remain anonymous. Got a call last week from a guy that wanted to know how to run a detector that he got from his dad. He was going to use it to help a friend find something that had been buried. I explained the machine to him and asked about size and depth of object and he didn't know for sure but said he would call back if he had more questions. About 4 hours later i get a call from same guy and he says his friends wife wants to
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