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  1. Hi again! At the moment I will probably explore mine and my friends yards, as well as some of the local playgrounds in search of dropped coins and possibly jewelry. Once I get the hang of it perhaps look into getting permissions as well as possibly some beach hunting despite my hatred for sand. When the pandemic is over and it is safe to travel again I would love to be comfortable enough with the hobby to possibly hunt in Japan. I have bagged up a number of coin and jewelry samples to spread about and Bury in an attempt to learn to recognize different signals. Despite th
  2. Hi thank you to everyone for responding. Like everything else in life it is going to be practice and patience. As a new user I have found the controls to be quite easy to understand and it has a nice interface. I have a feeling my backyard is a cacophony of bad soil and car parts buried ages ago so it may not be the best location to practice on. I did create some sample bags of clad/silver and gold to spread out and bury to learn how the machine reacts to them. I will post my progress and again truly appreciate everyone’s responses! If anyone is in the northern NJ area please do l
  3. I am an extremely new user and just received the apex as my first detector.....did I make a poor decision?
  4. Hi Just joined and just got my first real metal detector today. I just got a Garrett Ace Apex and am excited to see what I can uncover with it. Looking for tips and tricks and any other helpful info. David
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