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  1. 19 hours ago, F350Platinum said:

    That's what I thought at first as well, but the top of the carriage has blocks with a rounded scoop out

    After looking at the second picture a little closer I can see more detail and believe that you are correct.

    So my apologizes and it is very cool no matter which way it goes.

    I also like the wagon wheel against the old barn, what craftsmanship back then so that what they made would last a long time.

    Good luck on your next hunt.

  2. Great hunting with your detector, must be a new patch for you to clean up in the spring.

    Could you let me know just where it is so maybe I can join you in the spring with my 800. I really do promise not to go there before spring if it snows soon.

    Good luck and happy hunting, hope you know I was just kidding about going there.

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  3. I had asked my grandfather this same question many years ago and he simply told me that it is yellow because it was scared so much that it hides from us. That is why it is hard to find and that is why it is yellow.

    Sounded good to me, so I will guess that it is scared to be seen and that is why we have to hunt it.


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  4. Welcome to the forum Matt, we are glad to have another who has been detecting for a while.

    Your new detector is pretty good and I am sure that you will learn it quite easily. If you have any questions about it there are many on here that can help you with the answers.

    As always good luck and happy hunting.

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  5. 2 hours ago, phrunt said:

    I'd hate it!

    Never said you had to go on TV. However if they insisted that you do make sure that they only film you from behind detecting a field or park.

    What do you have to lose, and what would the woman have to gain?

    Good luck on your decision.

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  6. Welcome to the forum and glad to hear that you are swinging again, I  am sure that someone will have the overlay link for you.

    I am a newbie at metal detecting, but have panned and sluiced for several years, and one of these days also want to get out there.

    Good luck and happy hunting.

    You may also want to check the Database for what you are looking for as it is filled with many things like that.

  7. Those are some nice pouches that I have seen here, but I really don't have one that I use.

    My pinpointer fits my back pocket, detector in right hand, and my digging knife goes in the left hand.

    I guess I really do need some kind of bag because of all the trash I find, it would keep me from walking to the trash can so much.

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