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  1. Joe D and Steve i got 2 from him to help him get some gone one for grandson and the other for a guy I use to hunt with along time ago. thanks for having them JimmyHuff
  2. To all members I wish to thank all of you at this site Detector prospector.com and also some of my old friends at The old Compass Forum, sven7, Joe D, And Paul (CA) plus all of the new friends I’ve met on this forum are some of the greatest guys I’ve met in along time. In 2014 I started this road of doctors and hospital stays. I always thought when I retired I would enjoy my life and take trips and detect some and spend time with my wife. But it’s not in the Lords will for me to have that, I can except his way and I trust him with my life. But I’m on this soap box to tell you believe in
  3. Sorry for your lost. I would like to get the Tesoro bandito and. Silver saber let me know if you have them and how much thanks jimmy Huff wickedwolf
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