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  1. Thanks! Still waiting on the detector to arrive, curious to what else is buried in my yard. So far I've found a V8 2 barrel intake manifold, a water meter cover, a cheap pot, & .223 shells while digging. I doubt I'll find anything worth much so close to home but it'll be nice to get the place cleaned up properly.
  2. Will do Steve, won't mention any bargains again on this site. Honestly the first time any site has reprimanded me like this before, I'm just not accustomed to it.
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Hope I don't come off like a salesman, just a guy that likes passing on good deals when I see them. I tend to do that on other sites I'm registered on. I'll keep that book in mind kak & GB, going to hold off for a bit though till I can convince the wife the "hobby" needs more funds to play with. I sold her on the metal detector to help find the property stake's, lol. But if I can find a few grams of gold I'm sure the investment will be worth the read, & I'm all for cutting out the middle man and buying from him directly. Amazon has
  4. Hi, just purchased my first metal detector yesterday and looking forward to exploring with it. It's a Minelab Gold Monster 1000, since I live in the gold belt of N. Georgia it seemed like a good choice from all the positive reviews of it. I found it on sale for $659 which I thought was a good deal, but enough of that....I tried posting the link for others on this site to get it but was unfortunately flagged and banned for posting the link. Thankfully the ban was lifted and I'm back. Looking forward to get the detector in my hands and learn the ropes! - Dirt Wagon
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