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  1. Chris Great finds! I found same Mexican half real earlier this year, mine is 1834
  2. Apothecary scale weights, used on gold scales
  3. Looks to me like you're up to speed on the deus! Very nice finds! Ship button is especially nice, never seen one before. Can you read the backmark?
  4. That fancy rivet style 1850s suspender is a real beauty. Display looks incredible too!
  5. Dang! That's nice, with targets like that still in the ground, anything is possible. Love seein' what comes out of that spot. Congrats again
  6. The beautiful "Wolf" button is what is commonly known as a Sportsman or Sporting button, most of which are made in England generally 1840s-60s. I have also seen them sometimes referred to as livery buttons. They are assumed to have come from a large over coat or hunting jacket . In some cases each button depicted a different animal on the same garment. They were apparently a very popular coat during the California gold rush and often turn up in gold camps.
  7. Great stuff, love the early gilt button and the real isn't too shabby either. Just need to find that tongue for the wreath.
  8. Unbelievably its gets better every time! The 1850s panel plate buckle is simply off the chart, rarest item so far. I only know of 1 other found in the foothills. Some will try and tell you it is militia related, it is not, they were available for purchase and worn by everyone from merchants to miners during gold rush. The is another panel plate with an eagle that is much more common, see the Bell book. The Bowie is also beyond spectacular.
  9. pretty sure the worn coin is a capped bust dime, the 1 dw is a gold scale weight, 1 dry weight (1pennyweight)
  10. Fantastic!! The wreath in the upper right goes to your Wetzlar & Taussig from the previous hunt, complete buckle.
  11. Here is a good example of a gold rush miner wearing a buckle of the thin stamped brass variety like your Wetzlar & Taussig. The W&T buckle is from 1856. The heavier "cast eagle" 1850-60.
  12. While the quarter is very nice, my favorite is the 1850s bar style suspender!
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