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  1. I own the F5 and think it is a very nice detector. In my opinion it has one of the nicest displays going. Very adjustable with all controls on the front panel and no menu diving. Mike Hillis was known as the F5 guru and wrote the F5 bible. Do a search on Mike Hillis and read up on his tips. He found lots of rings with his unit. The F5 is very good at coin shooting and has a very distinctive high pitch tone. When it sounds off you will know you have found something good. The F5 was my first "real" detector when I bought it many years ago. I sold it after a couple of years but there was
  2. I also will take a wait and see attitude about the buyout. My concern is the buyout is more about keeping any of Whites IP out of the hands of competitors rather than continuing the Whites legacy. And really what does "continuing the Whites legacy" really mean when Garrett says that. I don't think Garrett has much interest in restarting production of Whites products. Most have direct competition with existing Garrett products. Also will Garrett provide long term support for existing Whites customers and equipment? Will they manufacture and provide replacement parts? Or will they jus
  3. I hope your spidey sense is accurate and I will hope it is good news.
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