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  1. Those came from Piru creek! SoCal. With my 24k. Gettin more and more small bullet fragments now. Tiny. Often times they look like nuggets to me but scratch tests tell otherwise. Getting better here. Closer I just know it
  2. Thanks a lot! Lead bullet fragments are coming more often. Crazy how tiny they can be and still trigger my detector. Pain in the arse to get in the cup too!
  3. Yes I’m so green that this 1977 nickel is special to me since it’s my first non-trash find! Nuggets here I come! Only a matter of time. and no, I’m not willing to sell the Batman keychain I dug. I’ve got to post it in the paper so I don’t get popped for theft.
  4. New rule time!! Misplace your equipment is an automatic gps coordinates reveal of nugget you have found!!?? Ok...I ‘ll shut up. Sorry about that I tend to get carried away sometimes
  5. Thanks all. I’m going to buy one of Jim M. 6” concentrics and hope it’s the coil! I don’t have an extra coil yet to test so I’m SOL til then. Brutal this gold fever detecting is just killing me. I’d do it 24/7 if I could and I haven’t even found a nugget yet! Confirmed a secured and connected cable. Still chatty. Thanks for the replies.
  6. False signals every time the coil touches anything. Twigs above the coil touch the wire that plugs into my coil and it gives a false signal. If my coil touches the ground while I sweep I get pounded with false signals. I’ve cleaned the coil, lowered sensitivity, raised and lowered Vsat, locked ground balance and manually grabbed ground, discriminated. I’ve tried new frequencies, factory default, but it won’t stop. Any bump gives a signal. Any suggestions? My first nugget is so close I can smell it! Here are my last finds after 3 or 4 hours but had to stop due to the chatter from my detector.
  7. You are a Nugget God! Wow!! Congrats and thank you.
  8. Thanks a lot for the info! Randsburg is on my list along with upper Piru at the junction with Lockwood Creek. I’ve contacted a couple of claim owners asking for permission in Rand district along with Dale district and Lytle Creek and was given the go ahead in all three spots because people cool. Here are my finds from Soledad Canyon area. 3 hours detected.
  9. I can dig it! I’m subscribing and looking forward to your finds. I need all the help I can get.
  10. Wow congrats! Looks like you been detecting in a jewelry store for crying out loud. I’m guessing you detect the Colorado ski slopes after snow is gone. You are killing it.
  11. Hi all! I’ve been out nugget hunting and as you can see from the picture if casings and bullet fragments were the objective I’d still be piss poor. After 15 hours of searching around the East Fork San Gabriel and around Acton that’s all I’ve found! I just got Jim’s Advanced Nugget hunting though so now I’m ready! Think I’m going to try upper Piru. Y’all be cool. Look for my 17 Gram gold chunk as soon as I find it and update here!
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