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  1. Hi, Is the link given a protection that cuts to 18v? Not at 16V? Thanks.
  2. I came across photos on another forum showing the wiring of connectors and switches on the Pulse Scan. (The photos are like this on the site, not of very good quality) I don't understand why zener diodes everywhere. Is the wiring of the conductivity switch just unlikely? I have the impression that on the white connector the two wires in the middle are connected via a zener diode (?) One on the wire on the right and one on the wire on the left... I don't understand anything.
  3. « Turntables », my english is poor… Board Very interesting, thanks Carl. Will lowering the two capacitors to 0.1 lead to something else (loss of depth)? Do you think this is useful as it was done by Reg on the TDI SL?
  4. Hi Jim, thanks, What are the mod, because despite my research I can't find an explanation? David
  5. Hi Carl, thanks again. I still had a few questions: - Do the Pulse Scan TDI/TDI Pro and TDI SL turntables have big differences (performance), if so which ones? - Are the Reg changes applicable on the Pulse Scan and should they be made to improve? If so, what are the matches of the C20-C21 capacitors to be set to 0.22uF, the C56 capacitor to be removed, D20-D21 diodes, jump over the C42? Regards. David
  6. Pulse Scan TDI Is the target conductivity switch an ON-OFF-ON?
  7. Thanks again Carl, I understand. I had one last question, what is the difference in wiring on the "Pulse Scan" where there is the "Ground Balance" potentiometer and the "GEB On Off" switch and the TDI Pro with the two potentiometers "GEB Fine Off" and "Coarse GEB" ? The "GEB Fine" of the TDI is a potentiometer that has a switch and comes in the same location as the "GEB On Off" switch of the Pulse Scan Pro? What is the value of this switch potentiometer? And also Coarse GEB = Ground balance ? Thanks. David
  8. Hi, Many thanks Carl, Ok for the plugs. But the potentiometers, none is "stereo" only mono. Also, how do you know which pin of the potentiometer/switch goes where on the plug? Thanks. David
  9. Hi, Having recovered a Whites TDI motherboard (not SL) and having a coil. I would like to reconnect it with potentiometers and switches. Does anyone have photos showing the wiring/colors of the switches and potentiometers on the plate and the values/types of the potentiometers (B100k etc.) and switches? Thanks. David
  10. Thanks for replies « Maxxkatt » and « « Cipher ». After testing both over several weeks, yes the Nox may be more reactive but with the CTX there is no comparison. We know what's under the 98% coil with the Ctx3030 and the right programs. And the performance is deeper.
  11. Hi Steve, Sorry for the response time. It was apparently programs created/paid that were available on the MinelabOwners forum (now closed). Many British people used it if I understood correctly. It would be a "good" program with it more open discrimination than on the original programs. An Englishman will normally send it to me. A video link that talks a :
  12. Hi, Does anyone have the "Tadpole 4" and « Ghost 4" programs for the CTX3030? I searched the net without success. Thanks. David
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