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  1. Hi Steve, Sorry for the response time. It was apparently programs created/paid that were available on the MinelabOwners forum (now closed). Many British people used it if I understood correctly. It would be a "good" program with it more open discrimination than on the original programs. An Englishman will normally send it to me. A video link that talks a :
  2. Hi, Does anyone have the "Tadpole 4" and « Ghost 4" programs for the CTX3030? I searched the net without success. Thanks. David
  3. Hi CPT, Steve and Rob, Thank you for your answers. I will try to buy it and see this famous detector what it has in its belly.
  4. Hi, A distant acquaintance offers me a CTX 3030 for the price of a Nox 800. Having a Nox 800, I wanted to know if the CTX3030 might be of interest to me. I only practice in lands, woods, fields etc (never beach), I don't need its GPS function. In France, it is complicated to get feedback from this detector outside the beach. In short, is the CTX3030 better than the Nox800? Aside from its lower recovery speed. Should we wait for future releases of Minelab devices in 2022? Thanks.
  5. Hi, I saw a slight change (or simple error in the instructions?) Between the Deus 1 and the Deus 2. The aluminum and the little gold are no longer in the same place on the ID. Multi effect?
  6. Hi, Is there a modification to have on the TDI Beach Hunter the same "Target Conductivity" switch as on the TDI Pro / TDI SL ? Ie all sounds, or just "High Conductor" or just "Low Conductor"? I had a TDI SL and I might buy a used TDI Beach. Thanks.
  7. I like wired coils too !! It is really a pleasure to read the discussions, the opinions on the Deus I & II, the performances of the Equinox vs Deus on the forum because in France (I am French) as soon as you have doubts or opinions on the French forums on the Deus I & II it is limit to end on a "flaming pyre", we are a heretic ...
  8. I don’t think them to release a machine to compete with Vanquish, Apex etc I also don’t see them release a detector under 1000 € like the Equinox so they remain in the price range of the CTx3030 to compete (~1500€). If their SMF does not do as well as a CTx3030 + Equinox in terms of performance, it will be hard ... Even if they have the advantage of wireless and weight. I'm really looking forward to testing this detector.
  9. The Sovereign is not perfect, heavy, its recovery speed is long, poor reactivity. My Sovereign is mounted on the excellent Deus shaft. I like to use multiple detector that changes. Each detector has one or more strong points, the Deus is its reactivity, shaft, weight, wireless etc… But I find it below in discrimination/notch than Minelab detectors.
  10. With my Sovereign, I manage to « notch » the aluminium zip pers, aluminium balls, some pieces of alu without losing most of gold rings, gold coins. With the Deus is impossible.
  11. The truffle isn’t an exact science, many people have planted without having much. « Mother nature » still have the uppercut hand… It’s more of a pleasure for me than a search for money. I have a « real » job everything day next door.
  12. Hi Old Line Paul, Why in Maryland, is detection complicated there ?
  13. Salut palzynski, Middle of France.
  14. Hi, thanks "locator". I own the 1991 Sovereign mounted on an XP Deus rod with LiPo battery and the Nel Hunter 12.5x8.5 "disc, and an Elite also mounted on a Deus rod with LiPo battery and the Coiltek Orange 10x5" inch disc (the black version is slightly less efficient).
  15. Hi, Thanks "kac", "Joe D." and "Valens Legacy" for the welcoming. The job occupies me a lot at the moment but I will try to take pictures of the outings. "Joe D." : My parents have been retired since this summer so we are renting the land to other farmers, the property in total must be about 150 hectares, it is not very big for France, let alone seen from the United States. But it is very big in the department where we are because the smaller properties are numerous. My parents made the sheep (about 900 animals), and they sold the lambs for the meat market mainly. They also sold some grain. For my part, I planted truffle trees for the variety of Melanosporum "black truffle" truffles, which I harvest during the autonal / winter seasons and I maintain the trees outside. For the finds, they are from all eras, Roman / Gallic until recently. The most common coins in the department remain copper coins called "Double Tournois" produced from the 1200s to the 1700s, coins during the revolutionary period of the 1780-1790s (I love the one called "bell metal" , to summarize during the revolution, the precious metals necessary for the minting of coins are lacking, therefore the church bells are melted for the minting of these coins ...) and also the coins under Napoleon III. Detection in France is very complicated because the law is very ambiguous. There are a few lawsuits filed against YouTubers or other resellers. The Drac, the organism responsible for archelogical research, has been pursuing a hunt for 2/3 years. The law says that it is forbidden to detect with a metal detector if it is for archaeological purposes ... And even to dig ... You can search with a metal detector for your fallen watch, ring, agricultural parts ... And besides selling metal detectors is legal / permitted ...
  16. Hi, I am impatient. I hope they will release a multifrequency with better discrimination. Because the Deus is not up to par on this subject. Eliminating aluminum without losing gold is really complicated.
  17. Hi everyone, Avid reader from France of this forum, which I consider to be the "best" in the world. I am happy to be part of this community. Passionate since childhood by detection, I mainly detect in fields and woods family (I am the son of farmer) I had the chance to try and have a lot of detectors. My favorite is the Sovereign which I find unbeatable in discrimination between aluminum and gold. Sorry if my English is approximate . Thanks.
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