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  1. Love that game. "Zarf: What the Czar does when he drinks too much vodka."
  2. Fans of the television series Deadwood will be somewhat familiar with the Black Hills Gold Rush. It is this gold rush that forms the background of the television series. Indeed, it is one of the more transformative events in American history, despite being somewhat lesser-known. There were rumors of gold in the Black Hills region in the early years of the 19th Century. Sioux Indians were rumored to have been mining gold in the region as early as 1860. However, there was one small thing preventing Americans from mining gold in the region: the Treaty of Fort Laramie, which recognized the l
  3. If it's still like that, then I honestly don't know why I'm doing anything else. It's not like the weather is that much better where I live.
  4. The California Gold Rush certainly was in a far-off land for the Americans of the time, who had to trek long distances to get to their final destination. But the 49’ers had nothing on those brave adventurers who went to Nome, Alaska to seek their fortunes in 1899. Which brings us to the Nome Gold Rush. While Nome, Alaska was owned by the United States at the time of the Nome Gold Rush, it might as well have been Mars, both in terms of getting there and in terms of surviving in the harsh and unforgiving climate. Despite the apocryphal quip often attributed to Mark Twain, that the worst win
  5. I need whatever used to be in that "Radical Cure" bottle. Great finds!
  6. Just what I needed to see after months of nails and scrap!
  7. Hi everyone! I’d like to thank you all again for your great feedback. Your input helped us a lot as we updated our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide.
  8. The Carolina Gold Rush kicked off the American lust for finding gold, but the Georgia Gold Rush, also known as the Dahlonega Gold Rush, followed quickly thereafter and was where many of the men from the Carolinas went after the low-hanging fruit had all been panned out of rivers or mined. In terms of national consciousness, the Georgia Gold Rush quickly came to outshine the Carolina Gold Rush, despite the fact that the Carolina region was the powerhouse of American gold until the discovery of gold in California in the mid-19th Century. It all began in 1829 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, situ
  9. I think that would make a good addition to our site even outside of Christmas. It's going to take some research, but I'm looking into it. Thanks for a great suggestion!
  10. That's an interesting thought indeed! The Chinese are big on giving out silver coins for New Year – I have several that must have been pawned by nephews and nieces of silver bugs over the years. But who could turn their nose up at a little gold coin with Santa on it? I'm looking into this.
  11. Hello metalheads! I’m helping to put together the upcoming 2020 Kellyco Metal Detectors Holiday Gift Guide. Now, I’m not here to plug my site or ask you to look at anything on it (but you can look at last year’s list here if you like). I’d just like to know which gear you think belongs on this year’s list. Are there any new detectors, pinpointers, or other paraphernalia you’ve used recently that you think would make good gift for a novice or seasoned enthusiast? Even if we don’t carry it already – heck, especially if we don’t carry it already – I’m eager to know your thoughts!
  12. Is this the part you're looking for? phasetechnical.com.au/product/double-d-8mm-heavy-duty-bungy/#:~:text=This 8mm%2C 150cm long extra,with the GPZ 19” coil If so it's 150 cm long.
  13. You probably don’t think of North Carolina as a hotbed of gold mining, despite the mascot of the University of North Carolina being a gold prospector. In fact, those unfamiliar with the history of the region might be confused as to why UNC chose this, of all things, as their mascot. However, once upon a time, it was the second biggest industry in the Tarheel State after agriculture which led to what is known as The Carolina Gold Rush. And it all began with a 12-year-old boy happening upon a gold nugget in Cabarrus County, 50 years before anyone dreamed of finding any gold in the “Golden State
  14. On the next episode we unearth Amelia Earhart's plane – coincidentally right next to D. B. Cooper's toothbrush. And both buried right in our backyard!
  15. Hey @King-Of-Bling, @Swegin, @mn90403! We talked with Steve about interacting here in the forum, and sharing some of what we consider to be our best content on-site. We got the green light. If you aren't interested in what we're posting, that's okay. We can also post the whole piece if desired (like @Swegin mentioned). But we didn't want to "flood" things here b/c we weren't sure how long to make these posts. It's a work-in-progress as we figure things out. And don't worry, this isn't a monologue with us just posting and not responding. You can see that we do respond (look later in this
  16. That sounds like a fascinating read. I may confiscate my girlfriend's device so I can read it. Link's here for anyone else who is interested.
  17. I absolutely agree with you. It is unimaginable that we would have failed to develop so great a part of the country. And, like you point out, I'm sure many people who live in Oakland are unaware of what gorgeous countryside their city has been plopped down on.
  18. The California Gold Rush is, forgive the pun, the gold standard of gold rushes in the United States. Indeed, California is known as the “Golden State” both because of its beautiful natural scenery, but also because of this gold rush that absolutely changed the face of American history in a short period of time. A great way to explain the changes is to compare California before the gold rush — a sparsely populated area inhabited mostly by Indians and Mexicans — to a state important enough that the first Republican Presidential candidate, John C. Fremont, hailed from the state. It all began
  19. Hello from Kellyco Detectors! We are happy to be here and look forward to having many good conversations about metal detectors and treasure hunting 😃
  20. Congrats on the find! What a unique ring. Thanks for sharing.
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