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  1. Picking the right sand scoop for your treasure hunting needs will help you recover targets more quickly with less effort, providing for a better hunt overall. With over 50 years of industry experience, Kellyco has tons of experience in helping our customers pick the right metal detectors and gear, such as sand scoops. What Are the Best Sand Scoops to Purchase? While it is impossible to say which scoop is the best for each individual treasure hunter to buy, it is possible to point to some of our best sellers and discuss them more in-depth. Continue reading for a detailed view of some o
  2. That's one of the hardest concepts for novices to wrap their minds around. About half the newcomers want rigs that can detect the iron in the earth's core, and we have to explain to them they're actually going to need to be able to hold their detector for extended periods of time. It's like a first-time shooter wanting to buy a 50 BMG for squirrel hunting.
  3. Determining the proper metal detector coil for your metal detecting needs can help you find smaller targets deeper in the ground, with less ground interference, and will enhance your metal detector’s performance handsomely. With over 50 years of experience in this industry, Kellyco has tons of knowledge and experience that can help you pick out the perfect metal detector and other detector accessories, including search coils. What Is the Best Metal Detector Coil? Determining the best metal detector coil is not an easy task, since every metal detectorist has different needs that will w
  4. It does appear to be a trend. This person sold a very similar angel pin on Etsy.
  5. It appears you're not the only one with that opinion of the Edge Digger! I'm going to have to reassess whether it belongs in this breakdown.
  6. Figuring out which metal detecting shovel or trowel works best for you can greatly enhance your metal detecting outings, as it will allow you to speed up target recovery, lessen fatigue on your body, and just be overall more successful. With over 60 years of experience in the metal detecting industry, Kellyco has tons of knowledge and real experience that can be used to help you pick out the perfect digging tool for your needs. What Are the Best Metal Detecting Shovels and Trowels? While digging tools may seem like a simple technology, it can be hard to determine exactly what you nee
  7. I hate those rings because they always give me an uncontrollable urge to take a flat head screwdriver to them.
  8. Interesting. It looks like it's geared more toward travelers – not sure how well it would work if the coin is 120 years and caked in grime. It'd be interesting to see what it does with a Confederate half dollar.
  9. There is something about the thrill of finding lost or hidden treasure and uncovering that object that may have been left there centuries ago. Metal detecting has a real appeal to so many people but often there can be a fear that taking your child out on an unpredicted treasure hunt could result in them coming home empty-handed. Let’s face it, you never want to see your child being disappointed. However, there is a way to prevent them from experiencing the lows of not uncovering anything which is to organize a metal detecting seeded hunt. What is a Metal Detecting Seeded Hunt? A meta
  10. Thanks for the kind words Steven! I just hope someone uses this advice to find gold that I wouldn't have otherwise have eventually found myself.
  11. When metal detecting, whether you are gold prospecting, relic hunting, or water hunting; it is easy to get discouraged. However, it’s important to know that you can better your results in metal detecting if you explore some of these best practices. I prefer to call it Smart Hunting! Find a Metal Detecting Location with Google Earth Use Google Earth to search your local area for new potential spots. Start off by branching out from where you live. Sometimes there are fields hidden in woods that you can’t see from a major street or road. Keep your eye out for clear stretches of land. Yo
  12. Old bottles are the best. I wish they made glass detectors.
  13. There are many misconceptions and uncertainties when it comes to gold hunting. Gold expert and Executive Director of Development for GPAA, Kevin Hoagland, sat down with us briefly to give us a deep dive into the world of gold prospecting. The following tips are based on his knowledge and experience, and of course his success with finding gold. VLF Metal Detector vs. PI Metal Detector VLF (Very Low Frequency) Metal Detector A VLF metal detector is a single or multi-frequency machine that consists of a continuous sine wave. The sine wave(s) goes down and into the ground to find a
  14. Underwater treasure hunting is full of adventure and opportunities to find some really valuable and interesting finds. Whether you are using scuba equipment, snorkeling, or using our new BLU3 Nemo Dive System, you want to know where to hunt, what to expect to find, and what equipment you need. Continue reading for an in-depth look into the exciting world of underwater treasure hunting. The Different Ways to Treasure Hunt Underwater Underwater Metal Detecting One of the best, most consistent, and thorough ways to find lost treasure is by metal detecting underwater. Whether you wa
  15. Time might have turned the fasces into one gnarly log, but a Merc is till beautiful even when it's been through the wringer.
  16. Metal detectors can be used for all kinds of utilitarian purposes in addition to their hobby and sporting uses. From finding property line markers to finding house sewers, there are all kinds of uses that can save both time and money for all kinds of home improvement and maintenance projects. Metal Detectors and Property Lines Markers What are property line markers? At some point in time, virtually every property has four long rebar stakes driven into the property corners by either a property owner or a real estate developer. Property boundary markers are important to be able to
  17. Sorry to hear the rubies are bogus, but gold's always a nice consolation prize!
  18. I bet King Penda would be proud to know his hoard would be a tourist attraction over a thousand years later!
  19. The Anglo-Saxons were and are renowned for their metalwork. This is not the crude metallurgy of an uncultivated barbarian horde, but the beautiful design work in the noble metals of silver and gold that only a truly cultured people could produce. Nowhere is this exemplified more than with the Staffordshire Hoard, the largest hoard of Anglo-Saxon metalwork ever uncovered, even larger than the famous Sutton Hoo Hoard. First, let’s talk about the tale of the tape: The Staffordshire Hoard includes 11 pounds of gold (5.1 kg), three pounds of silver, and over 3,500 pieces of garnet cloisonné je
  20. First coin that wasn't legal tender for an unlimited amount. I'm sure people would be happy if you bought something with trimes nowadays, though.
  21. Discovered February, 2015 Most of the treasure hoards we have covered elsewhere on this site (namely the Hoxne, Staffordshire, and Cuerdale Hoards, among others) come from the West. But we will now turn our attention toward the Levant, where, in February 2015, a vast hoard was found in the Holy Land. Much like the other treasure troves we have discussed on this site, the Caesarea gold treasure was uncovered not by professional treasure hunters, but by hobbyists simply doing their thing who hit the proverbial lottery. In this case, the hobby in question was diving, adding an additiona
  22. Metal detectors aren’t just for hunting for gold. They’re also enormously useful tools for law enforcement. And yet, while most police departments have metal detectors on hand for crime scene investigation, far fewer have trained and qualified officers who know how to use them correctly. But when deployed properly, metal detectors can be a game-changer when it comes to effectively investigating a crime scene, uncovering evidence that might otherwise go detected while at the same time preserving a crime scene from disturbance. The evidence of metal detectors’ effectiveness is conclusive: A
  23. You've got pure intentions, and the heart of a sentimentalist. But I believe it is best to leave the gravesite well enough alone. You'll be better off without anyone suspecting you of meddling with it, and you can't know for certain whether the deceased's surviving family would appreciate the gesture.
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