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  1. You might be able to obtain more info by contacting an AZ BLM office listed on the BLM web site: https://www.blm.gov/office/arizona-state-office
  2. Thanks! I've been reading posts on this forum for several weeks--and am impressed with the knowledge, comments and courtesy of forum members.
  3. Hi Joining from Southern Connecticut, with a just purchased XP ORX. I live near several beaches, but hoping to use the ORX primarilly on camping and hiking trips in in CT and California. I grew up in California, and have camped throughout the United States, including Alaska. This is my second metal detector. In high school I bought a very inexpensive Fisher but left it for my younger brother when I went to college. He made one unusual find: When searching in a field in the California foothills he found a portable Sony Color TV sitting in the grass. Believing it was stolen, he turned
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