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  1. We are in Colorado. Some of the detectors are in zip 80227 and others in zip 81004.
  2. Hi all, It won't let me update the original post anymore so I cannot update that list. I can post a new list as things change or I can just respond to requests via email. Reggie
  3. Steve, I have been updating the list in the original post as we have been selling them so it is up-to-date. Reggie
  4. The list is slowly shrinking. We have sold quite a few and many of the other nicer ones have gone to family members. I have more detectors than I will ever use myself at this point. We didn't find any more detectors so the list won't be increasing. What we do not sell to the forum folks we will likely just keep or post on Ebay.
  5. I has my sister look for the phantom but she was unable to find the Phantom. She will look again when she gets a chance.
  6. Hi all, As we work through the machines, here are some pictures of some of the more unique ones. My sister is taking most of them for me so I apologize if the photo quality isn't the best. Let me know if there are any from the collection you would like to see photos posted. C&G Technology Lynx and Tomcat Discovery Electronics Millennium Baron and Treasure Baron Teknetics Turbo Minelab XT 18000 Two unique White's detectors
  7. Hi All, Thank you all for the condolences and kind words. The metal detecting world was the one continuous constant in his life and the thing he enjoyed most. He was still buying detectors and planning on buying more right up until the end. He was modifying them up until the point to where his dexterity and later his vision started to fail him. I remember at one point he even had a younger friend doing the modifications for him, per his instructions. Based on his collection and other items, the TDI units were certainly his units of choice, though there were many used over the yea
  8. Hello, My name is Reggie Sniff. My father was a metal detector enthusiast. He had been an avid coin, jewelry and ultimately a gold hunter and collector since the 1970's. He was also an electronics guy and spent considerable amount of time evaluating, modifying and reviewing detectors for the various manufacturers. Throughout the years he accumulated quite a collection of detectors, coils, digging tools and all sorts of other items. We are now trying to find good homes for some of the detectors and such (those that have not gone to family members) with other collectors or just folks
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