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  1. Today i managed to fix the loose battery box on my MX Sport!The fix was straight forward. After taking the battery box off and looking at the screws holding it onto the mount that attaches to the frame, it became quiet evident that it was to blame. The fix was easy, just a bigger screw! he This is the end of the frame that the battery box fits onto. There are factory drilled holes on both sides. Only one hole is used by White's holding this in. I used the second hole as well, now with a spare screw i took off the donor detector and drilled into the other side of this and fitted it. Its now as tight as new i suspect, and i hope the extra crew will give it the support it need i suspect. Detector feels like new again!
  2. this one i bought used about a 2 years back, it was nearly a year old then .... warranty would be a thing of the past. Also with Whites in a bit of limbo i dont think i would want to take a chance sending it in for repairs. I have the tools and i know my way around a worksho, so i think it is worth trying to sort out myself. i did strip the box soon after i bought it, but did not go as far as taking the battery terminals off. That silver nut i suspect holds the main bracket of the battery box onto the frame. I am thinking i would have to completely remove it to remove the box. Which will mean disconnecting the battery terminals from their wires and possibly solder them back on, depending on how they are connected. One thing that is puzzling is the round orange O-ring /seal Whites uses?? its round and it fits onto and into a square? strange that....
  3. thank you so much for the info! I will be doing this on the weekend. I will strip my spare one as practice first.......
  4. I bought a Mx Sport about 2 years back. I have noticed that the battery box has become "loose" where it attaches to the frame. Has anyone else had a similar problem? and have you managed to fix it? I have bought a second MX that has stopped working with the aim of using its battery box as it seems nice and tight still. But been a bit worried about stripping my machine as i am I am not sure how much damage i mite cause by taking it apart, and i have not found anything on the net yet on the topic. Any help would be much appreciated, thank.
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