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  1. If this offer was available in Australia, that is the GPZ7000 + the 19” Super D coil for the same price $9499AUD, I would upgrade. Probably today.
  2. Good Morning All, how would you describe the rock in these pictures. ? Pete
  3. Hi everyone, I spent an hour with a audiologist a few years ago. We did the test, I was about normal but a little deficient in one zone. I played JP’s video where he finds a 4 gram nugget, there is only a slight change in the threshold until he finally centres on the target. The audiologist explained that a hearing aid would not help me because we are listening for a change in the threashold not a particular sound spectrum. He said the hearing aids might make it worse because the birds and wind in the tree leaves might be enhanced. I would still like a try of these headphones. All the best, Pete
  4. Well done, congratulations. I bet you will wake up during the night a few times and give your container a rattle, just to make sure it's real. Maybe tomorrow night as well.
  5. Thanks for the post. How are you using the semi auto ground balance. By just pumping the coil or do you use the quick-trak and sweep?
  6. Thanks for sharing your story. Don't let up on your mates, follow up with a photo of a nice 20 gram button. My experience with the 19" is the same as yours, so hopefully in a few weeks I will scrub a hot rock out of the way the same. Were you in High Yield or Difficult.
  7. I agree JW its like a great pizza, I would rather have two pizza's,thin with less topping than one, thick with heaps of topping and soggy. I would rather spend the day with just enough information for my brain to process efficiently that being bombarded with too much. thanks everyone for this great discussion. Pete
  8. JP said; "Found this nice 26 gram slug with my GPZ 7000 and GPZ 19 coil yesterday (Christmas Eve). I grabbed my phone and filmed some of it so will get to work over coming days and piece the footage together if it's not too shaky, so keep an eye out for a link on this thread depending on where I end up getting it hosted. There were some key points about this dig which ties in with all the advice I've given since the coils release, hopefully that will come through on video because it was a real eye opener." Good Day JP, Have you had a crack at making the video. I am keen to see the key points about this dig. Pete
  9. Thanks everyone for posting your experiences and settings. I now realize that I have been running in general/difficult and thinking I was cranking it by having audio smoothing off. I cant wait to get back into the gold bearing areas and explore my Z some more. YOU ARE MY MENTORS. THANKS. I might add a tip from my hearing specialist. I had a hearing test and discovered I was below average on 4,6 and 8hz. I played JP's video finding the 4 gramer where initially he was just off the target. He could not pick the slight variation in the threashold either. I have cranked the 4,6 & 8hz on the equalizer on my computer, played the intial part of video hundreds of times and have trained myself to hear the slight variation. The advice from the hearing specialist was that a hearing aid would not help because it is the variation in the threashold I am looking for and I should be able to detect it, now that I have zoned in on the force. Bird calls and other sounds would be a distraction if I had hearing aids cranked to the higher hz's. HIS SUGGESTION was to change the threashold pitch up or down a little every hour or two. This gives the ears a break because they do get tired. I thought this would be beneficial to anyone running insane. All the best, Pete
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