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  1. Glad I kept my 1987 Honda civic... 🙂 unless you can really afford those big trucks and pay for the fuel I would imagine many will be put up for sale this summer and a discount.
  2. Keeping mine also, its light and turn on and go detector.
  3. Thanks for the heads up, looking forward to watching.
  4. I prefer this old classic "GOLD" 1974 with Roger Moore A South African gold mine manager discovers a plot hatched by the mine owners and London bankers to flood the mine in order to curb gold production and consequently manipulate its price on the stock markets.
  5. Great feeling that is, and ones you dont forget, until your about 82. 🤔
  6. Fantastic nuggets and thank you for sharing this great news with us all, greetings from California.
  7. Great video and nice to see her find some big gold, the jack hammer real did the job!
  8. Bummer, that's an expensive lesson learned...Condor, pretty awesome of you going that far to help these fellars. 👍
  9. Its what the talking heads in the mainstream media said also, must be TRUE. 🤣
  10. Much is happening in the financial markets and currencies, while the U.S.. undermines its fast depreciating dollar , China is well poised to seize a golden opportunity 👍. Also more leading nations are de dollarizing from the Petrol Dollar and trading in their own national currencies. Saud's just made a deal with China to except the yuan for oil, India with Russia, Iran Venezuela and many others are going away from the Petrol dollar. China has been hoarding tons of gold produced in China and is one of the largest buyers of gold. Could this be Chinas plan for an upcoming gold-renminibi exchange standard that could provide traders, markets and banks a compelling new currency, and international gold underwritten yuan? China thinks long in the future, and IMHO has a better idea of the global trends and has been preparing for the grand economic reset in the global financial markets as well as projecting their economic power across the world. So the answer where is gold going...UP !
  11. You are way ahead of me...very nice piece.
  12. Soon it will go from mom and dad having to work to keep one household going, to mom, dad and child or two the way things are going in California. I just wonder if this is a true correction for our economy as everyone has been living of debt, its time to pay the piper, collectively.
  13. Lets all get back top the Gold business, 🙂 and live by the Golden Rule treat others as you would like to be treated, Kindness. Personally I want to see more gold and stories of the ones who find it.
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