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  1. Haha, sorry but that's freaking funny. I can't tell you how many times I got signals under cow patties, but you gotta dig it, not one produced a nugget, some produced aluminum trash like foil they may have swallowed. Look at it this way Reese, you won't forget this crap. 😉. Nice gold by the way..
  2. Dang small gold and very good sound response!! Looking forward to more field results. We may just have a serious U.S. made pulse induction detector.
  3. We need more young folks in this hobby, what a great way to experience the outdoors. So many today hanging in their bedrooms playing video games. It would be fine if they balanced it out with some outdoor activity. I grew up reading treasure books, old pirate tails, and watched anything with those themes. It fed my adventurous spirit in me, glad I grew up in those days, today I'd be distracted by video games like so many. 😃 I always share my hobby with those that find it interesting, show them some gold you just never know who you will inspire to buy their first detector.
  4. Always nice to pull gold out of the dirt, small or large. I suppose my aim at the post was to show beginners that the new and expensive machines of today are not nessesery, of course buy them if you have the resources. The older models still do a good job, and great prices are found, for example Jennifer has her 4500 for sale for 1600! What a bargain! When your pulling out small specks that barely register your not missing much.
  5. Well said Gerry ! It's the brain game, never give up when it's telling you to give up and you will succeed. And successes are the biggest motivators present and future as long as you don't give up.
  6. Times are tough out on the range, those lunkers elusive as can be, but gold fever still going after 30 years and I can't shake it off nor do I want to. These days finding 1 piece regardless of the weight is a big WIN for me. For me just being out in the foothills of the Sierras brings me peace and relaxation, at times I find a piece of that rare yellow metal we call gold. Yesterday was that day, I was armed with my 4500 and 11 inch mono commander coil hiked up to the small creek and started to work the side bench with the intentions of using my hearing skills and digging the slightest rise and fall of the threshold. It was about an hour or so until I finally sensed a change in the threshold and did the usual boot drag, put the coil over the bare ground and the threshold just a bit more noticeable. Digging down an inch at a time until I got down to about 3 inches I saw this golden ray of light like the rays of the sun blinding ones eyes when driving directly 😳 into the sun's direction, blinding me. I reached down with my hand and grabbed it with a smile 😃 so wide and a feeling of ✌ VICTORY. My years of experience and ears tuned to the slightest change in threshold led me to another piece of gold! Regardless of the detector coil combo you use in the right hands these old coils have the ability to still sniff out gold. This is my little 🏆 of the day..a small piece but a little victory these days. Hope today I find the big brother.
  7. It's all politics and national relations, they sold us out, right wrong it don't matter.
  8. 3.6 grams (6) pieces of Califormia Motherlode gold. 245.00 includes shipping.
  9. Thanks Jason, I have now spent 3 hours looking over my areas of interest because of your great link. What a great resource, thanks.
  10. I have mine recessed in the bottom of my handle, its been secure and effective for over 7 years.
  11. Glad I kept my 1987 Honda civic... 🙂 unless you can really afford those big trucks and pay for the fuel I would imagine many will be put up for sale this summer and a discount.
  12. Keeping mine also, its light and turn on and go detector.
  13. Thanks for the heads up, looking forward to watching.
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