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  1. Keep it up Steve, you have a forum you created that has attracted many good people from all backgrounds, with varying degrees of detector knowledge. I appreciate the diverse group we have here that share knowledge with all of us on this forum. Been detecting a long time, had many machines and still continue to learn to be most effective when out in the field. I appreciate JP and all the members that contribute to the forum that help us all find that elusive gold. One thing to keep in mind is our members come from all regions of the world, who are also here to learn and contribute.
  2. Field results is all I am waiting for, otherwise why buy before the product is proven. Especially in the time of Covid and a bubble economy that is about to break.
  3. Just send me one and I will do a test on a dozen of my dead patches. If I pull gold out of them I will be happy to pay for it. I'll be happy to take some video and post them on the Tube... :)
  4. Keeping my 4500 for now, perhaps in time and more field comparisons I may change my mind.
  5. Get well Norman wishing you the best recovery.
  6. Ordered mine on the Goldseekerbooks.com site, it was easy and fast, looking forward to reading the book and sharping my skills.
  7. Congrats on the leap to the zed, I am still sitting on my chair waiting for a major price drop. Let us know if the patches give up anymore nuggets.
  8. Nice relics, I found the same lock with crown on key shield, pretty cool.
  9. 15.5 Gram gold nugget, nice and flat found at 22" with ML 4500 and Nuggetfinder 20 R Mono coil. Could have been mistaken for EMI or ground noise, but for some reason it stood out, after a boot scrap became louder but very faint.
  10. Very nice, in the world of nuggethunting, you did GOOD!!
  11. Dropped it to SPOT 60.94 per gram includes shipping. 304.70 for some nice California pickers.
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