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  1. Not going to guess, its just not fun and most of the time its 99.9% inaccurate. But a lot of stuff coming down the pipeline...soon. Get that gold...
  2. I have a dozen or so patches that have played out, but its played out with my ML 4500 with various size coils I hit them with dozens of times. Do I feel like they are played out? HECK NO !! I am sure that with new tech..like a 2300 sdc or zed for that matter with the newer 6000 I would squeeze out a few more. I m fortunate to live in the middle of Gold country here in the Sierra foothills, Iam fortunate to have access to large acreage ranches and live minutes of these diggins. Do I go back and hunt these patches still, YES...at times I find another piece here and there. Would I go to these spots if I lived hoours away, probably not unless I had the new machines to detect these patches. No patch is hunted out...they are just more deeper and out of reach with the machine I have at the moment. Most of the comments above mine are true and new patches are hard to find but they are there if you take the time to find them. The gold is NOT played out, I would encourage newbies to keep on hunting. In fact a new large nugget find up in Norhern Cali recently, a solid 15.25 ouncer!!! Keep swinging and diggin...the next target could very well be a nice nugget.
  3. I'll ( trade + cash) you my 5 bank ( Keene 151S Boxes) drywash plant for that trommel? No need for water.... 😉. Property looks great and gold on it...to boot.
  4. IMHO 2000 bucks these days will buy you a good used Minelab 4500, many coil options ( aftermarket ) with the 12x8 Evolution coil your getting a sdc 2300, and larger to mid size coils you have great depth. If you go with a vlf or sdc 2300 soon you will wish you had the Minelab 4500 Power.
  5. For sale used but very good condition, you can see the pictures...120.00 bucks includes shipping.
  6. Wow you guys are in a different zone then I am with my Minelab 4500 and old coils, almost feel like gpx users are being left behind to these new tech machines...and coils like the X-Coil. 🤔. May have to get the Evo coil and so I can get closer to that curve. 😄
  7. Well done on the gold and video, used to do a lot of this in the Merced River.
  8. Hey guys and gals, I am in search of the 14x9 Evo coil, am also open to the 12 Evolution, and 15 inch Evo if no 14x9 are available ..if anyone has one that's used but in very good condition let me know.
  9. Gold is gold....looks great.
  10. Nice, I can only imagine the undiscovered gold and minerals buried in Russia.
  11. Very nice nugget.....great pictures of the surroundings....thanks for sharing.
  12. Fake of course but sure gets plenty of views....cha ching !!! Good as gold.
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