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  1. Mineral Explorers with Thomas Nagin is good, now watching for the second time Detectorists.
  2. That's great news, their warranty is second to none, I mean what company will refurbish and update a customers headphones after many, many years of service. I should have kept mine old pair, I will do it with this set for sure.
  3. Just a shoutout for SunRay Pro headphones service and warranty. I have used Sunray pro headphones for many years, the sound quality is exceptional and they are built well. After many years of service in very tough terrain they finally went south. I should have kept them as they have a great warranty and could have been repaired by the company. Regardless I bought a new pair from a forum member who had an extra pair. After receiving them I plugged the 1/4 inch headphone jack into my Whites MXT and noticed my right side of the earphones did not work. I moved the 3 position switch up, down and center, adjusted my volume knobs and made sure the jack was in all the way, nothing. I called SunRay and spoke with Doug for a half an hour. He listened to my issue with the headphones and said if I cannot get them going, send them in and they will look into fixing them for me !!Dough is also a detectorist and has been for a long time, he bought SunRay pro in 2018 and also sells detectors and accessories. I just wanted to share my experience because its hard to find companies like this today, what else can we ask for American made product and service. This is why I stick to Sunray Pro headphones, the quality and service is top notch.
  4. I am trying to use them on my Whites MXT and Minelab 4500, when I plug them in either detector only the left side of the headphones work. As I understand it, the original Sunrays with the yellow knobs worked fine on all my detectors but after many years they went bad. So I got another pair form a forum member, brand new ones Sun ray Pro gold series version with the red knobs on the dials. After research I found that they made the red knob ones for Minslab CTX 3030 but they said that they are compatible to all detectors. So I am going to call Sunrays pro and ask them what the deal is.
  5. I have a pair of SunRay Pros gold version and for some reason when I plug them into my Whites MXT I can only hear sound from the left side. I have owned SunRay pro headphones before for many years and I have never had issues with them when I used them on my vlf or my Minelab 4500. For some reason these do not work, do I have the right version or are they defective.
  6. Sounds like a nice outing with some friends, and gold in the hands its what its about. Congrats, thanks for sharing.
  7. Nenad thanks for posting your video's, all so informative and your honesty is appreciated. Keep up the good work, looking forward to more of your videos.
  8. Jim, thanks for getting back to me on the 6x10 dd coils for my MXT so fast , I will contact you in January sometime to get one.
  9. Anyone have any coils for the Whites MXT? If so send me a p.m. maybe we can make a deal. THANX !
  10. I went on his website, but I didn't see that he had the colored ones or any for the earlier gpx models. I will look again and make sure. One of these would be great on my 4500.
  11. Those headphones alone are worth 130.00 ! Great deal should go fast...
  12. Reese, That is a great set up, think you will do fine with that rig wherever your travels find you. A bity envious of the great adventure you set upon. I enjoyed reading your first book The Nuggetshooters Field Guide plenty of information and I pulled out some information I never knew. Stay safe and good hunting.
  13. Hi abenson, Interesting, I will do some research on that and try to make that repair. I guess I should also buy another charger and give that a try. Never knew they had repair kits, if you have time to find the info I would appriciate it, but no need to rush as I will have to buy another battery, at least i will have a back up battery if I can fix this one.
  14. Hi SchoolofHardNox, In both my instances with two seperate batteries I had from Minelab what you will notice is when you plug in your earphones and turn the unit on is your headphones will either make some annoying sckreeching sound like it did on my last battery . This time on my present battery I have only one side of the earphone works but hardly is audible you can hardly hear the threshold, . The other side of the earphone speaker no sound at all. So basically if the amp is out, your earphones will either make some annoying sckreeching noise or like with the battery I have now one side of the earphone works but its not useable because you can harldy hear a tone.
  15. I am going to do a little complaining and its only directed at Minelab batteries. As an owner and consumer of Minelab products I have to say their GPX Li-Ion stock battery with amp disapoints. Never had a problem with them charging and holding a good charge, of course over time the batteries time is reduced. My grip is with the amp, this is the 2nd battery that the amp failed , its a shame that a 440 dollar battery the amp goes out after 2 years. This should not happen on such an expensive battery, are these amps or amp connectors replaceable?
  16. Looking for a used but in working condition old style block 12 volt Minelab GPX battery.
  17. Very nice, great work some nice little dinkers...with character.
  18. I am in search for a pair of used headphones to use on my ML 4500. If anyone has a pair that they no longer use, let me know, my sunray pros finally went out on me.
  19. Not going to guess, its just not fun and most of the time its 99.9% inaccurate. But a lot of stuff coming down the pipeline...soon. Get that gold...
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