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  1. An awesome 100% natural placer gold nugget from California Motherlode Region made famous by the 1849 Gold Rush.This beauty was recently found with a metal detector in Mariposa County in the Whitlock mining district. It weighs 4.4 grams and has great color and character! It has a shape of a horn or tooth..Buy with confidence this is the nugget you will receive. 288.00 Includes Shipping
  2. 2 Gram California gold nugget from the Sierras.... 135.00 dollars includes shipping.
  3. Another 1.4 Gram gold nugget from California , same weight as the other listed, would make nice earrings. 95 bucks includes shipping.
  4. A nice 1.4 Gram gold nugget form the Sierra foothills of California , famous Motherlode Region. 95.00 Dollars includes shipping
  5. Very nice nugget.....great pictures of the surroundings....thanks for sharing.
  6. Fake of course but sure gets plenty of views....cha ching !!! Good as gold.
  7. Nice chunk of gold....nice to see some finds posted lately...
  8. Get well and take it slowwww.....
  9. Man you just burned that hunt in your memory, those days do not come often but when they do Eureka !! Congrats...
  10. I was entering 6th grade 1980 , I still have my Detectron 7T Metal Locator built in Santa Ana, California. I am 51 today !
  11. Have you tried a different battery? I had the same issues with my ML 4500 , but it was a faulty battery/amp. It would go wonkers loud sirens on and all.
  12. Anything that catches the eye while detecting is up for grabs. A great beach near Cambria has plenty of beautiful rocks to collect....lots of colorful agate also on occasion some sea glass too. Here is a large glass my daughter covered with sea glass we collected from Monterey to Cambria. Also some San Simeon beach surf worn agate...
  13. Wow that is so cool, if I lived in Arizona I'd be hunting both gold and meteorites. But all we have is gold in California....and those are getting hard to come by. Thanks for sharing your cool weekend.
  14. This forum is the "Vault" of knowledge on anything having to do with metal detecting. Thank you Steve for putting all this together. Its a class act #1.
  15. Divine rods for gold , not to sure about that but I do know form experience that some counties do use divine rods to locate old clay pipes underground. I was working on a kitchen remodel back in the 90's when I observed a contractor with the city of Thousand Oaks use these rods to locate old clay water / sewage pipes under the asphalt in the streets. I stopped what I was doing, got off my ladder and walked out of the house to investigate. I headed straight to the fella with the hard hat and orange vest holding divine rods and asked him what he was doing. He basically said an old timer former e
  16. Good photos, it is kind of you to share your adventure of searching for gold in this part of the world.
  17. Gerry , no not from Nevada but real close by, today their home is somewhere in Australia.
  18. What a great find, kudos to the finder of this beautiful and large specimen of ribbon gold. Here are two pieces I found with my Minelab years ago.
  19. Keep it up Steve, you have a forum you created that has attracted many good people from all backgrounds, with varying degrees of detector knowledge. I appreciate the diverse group we have here that share knowledge with all of us on this forum. Been detecting a long time, had many machines and still continue to learn to be most effective when out in the field. I appreciate JP and all the members that contribute to the forum that help us all find that elusive gold. One thing to keep in mind is our members come from all regions of the world, who are also here to learn and contribute.
  20. Field results is all I am waiting for, otherwise why buy before the product is proven. Especially in the time of Covid and a bubble economy that is about to break.
  21. Just send me one and I will do a test on a dozen of my dead patches. If I pull gold out of them I will be happy to pay for it. I'll be happy to take some video and post them on the Tube... :)
  22. Keeping my 4500 for now, perhaps in time and more field comparisons I may change my mind.
  23. Get well Norman wishing you the best recovery.
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