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  1. I was out in a area that I was in last week and came across this today. There was a vein running between the Quartz’s. Here are some pictures of what I found. Anybody have any thoughts on this.
  2. I found this what looks like natural formed metal about 2 1/2 inches long by 3/4 of inch wide and 3/4 inch high. If anybody could possible identify the metal on it. I found this in Nevada and very curious as to the type of metal it is. There is no other mining claims in the area. and the wash I found it in is about 100-200 feet wide. and runs about 5 miles. I am really interested to see what type it is. thanks for all the help here are some pictures.
  3. It is funny you should say that. I found this little speciman that actually showed gold on the metal detector. This one was found with in a 1/2 mile from the others. The rock shows black on the outside. I have checked it twice on my gold monster 1000 at two different days and they both showed gold. I assume inside there is probable going to be gold to it. It is nice because it weights 24 grams total. have a look at the picture.
  4. Hello, I was out this weekend by Dollan Springs with my Gold Monster 1000 and came across this one speciman. I actually found 3-4 different ones, this one being the biggest. It is very attracted to magnet. I found the second one i have a picture of here but this one showed all gold. Two different times in two days. It is black tho on the outside. Both of them have weight to them and the small one actually weighed 24 grams. I have not weighed the big one yet but it did not show gold on the big one. Maybe anybody can have some answers. If they are Meteorite's. Then I found a nic
  5. Hello, I was out this past weekend with my Gold Monster 1000. Here is a picture of a rock that I came across that had crystals and what I believe is black sand. I have come across black sand by it self and has done the same issue with my machine. Reading and sounding hot and then a blank sound as well. 1) I assume that you can find black sand like this still in a rock with Quartz. 2) Is is not true that usally when you find black sand you may end off finding gold as well because black sand and gold go together. here are four pictures of the rock.
  6. Hello I live in Las Vegas anybody have suggestions where I can go. I have a equinox 800 and I believe I have problems with it. Have not found any gold and getting frustrated with very little help from Minelab. Need ground I can test it out on tkk on se if there is a problem with it. any help would be appreciated
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