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  1. Hi Steve, guys. Nice work on adapting the mono pod Steve! I've been wanting to up grade the shaft to make my equinox more compact for hiking, car storage and travel. I only use mine for gold or treasure, no beach work for me so the colapsable telescope design is perfect. After looking around I ordered this Shaft: https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Lightweight-Telescopic-Carbon-Fibre-Shaft-for-Minelab-Equinox-600-800-MD/353092024374?hash=item5235ecb836:g:RCwAAOSwztde0qvA It looks ok to me, I'll report back on what its like. And I figure if it is flimsy or I break it I will use the parts and adapt the same mono pod as you Steve.
  2. I toss mine in a crucible and let the heat take care of them.
  3. Here is an awesome post by Steve on the equinox for gold.
  4. Hi Fingers Only you can decide which detector will suit your needs. But there is no way I would buy a ctx even back then just to hunt gold. My post was to assist any member who has a CTX to optimize it for gold. The equinox is a way better detector all round than the CTX, don't worry about the cheaper price tag. Its running their latest multi iq technology. It way outperforms the ctx on gold. If you are serious about finding gold I would find a good second hand GPX 5000 and run one of the modern spiral wound coils on it! If you ask me the equinox 800 is the most versatile detector available, and is a very capable gold detector when used appropriately to suit it's limitations.
  5. I would Get a equinox over the 3030 now. And read up on the equinox for gold posts on this forum. This post is from 2016 a lot has changed since then.
  6. Thanks guys Treasure hunting and prospecting are very similar. Location location location... did I mention location! Finding the gold/treasure location is the hardest bit. Reserch using historical and new age technology and of course boots on the ground leads to success.
  7. My current favorite metal detector for gold is the 7000, for obvious reasons. But my favorite past gold detector is the 5000 as I found my 5 largest bits with it and it has found me more gold than any other detector so far. Some finds with the 5k;) A good trip 10 days for over 1kg another good trip 14 days for 17oz the melt and a 2oz solid pice left over from a large quartz specimen that contained 4.5 kg of Au. A nice patch, 146 ozt of NSW gold found in a couple of days with a nugget finder 25in coil mostly deep. 38oz 32oz 20oz and 8oz on the top row. Still trying to find the photo's of my largest ever find, a 68kg quartz specimen that contained 14.1kg of gold. All found with the 5k! My first gold detector was the GP did well with it and never looked back. My favorite for treasure has been the CTX I found over 1000 hammered coins and 100's of ancient jewelry items ranging from byzantine era to 2600 years bc in gold silver and bronze, I really cleaned up with it in Europe. Below are some finds with the CTX Some hammered coins from byzantine era 700ad to 2600bc Jewelry same eras as above. My favorite jewelry finds.
  8. Full of confidence and ready for ATTACK I headed up into no man's land gpz and 19 in hand and found these. Total finds for the trip not including the 2 bits in the post above. This specimen contained 5oz of gold Cleaned to show gold. A 35ger and 23ger
  9. Hi guys here is the first target I dug with the 19in coil; I went specifically to this gully as I knew there had to be some deep gold left, and I had gone over it very carefully with a 11, 14, 20 and 25in coil on the GPX and the zed with its 14. On the day I had my friend with me who was using a gpx and a 18in coiltek elite coil, he slowly walked up the gully before me and checked every target before I dug it to see if he could pick it up with an equivalent coil on the GPX. The specimen contained 67g of gold and was solid inside. I detected it at a staggering 900mm +! I could not belive it. And the gpx didn't pick it up until about 300mm was taken off. My pick handle is 1150mm long as a reference. And the nugget was trapped in a bedrock crack. Payed for the coil within 10min of its first use... Can't complain about that. Then 30min later I found this 27g solid manganese oxide covered piece on a patch same as above. Gpx didn't pick it up until 100mm was removed. Depth on this one was about 450mm. My pick head is 400mm long for reference. So the ml 19 earned its place in my arsenal on the first day.
  10. Are you still selling them Steve? Because if you are its working on me 😂 I've just added one to my near future toys list. Thanks for the info on them. I will get Paul to find me a nice late model second hand one he can then disassemble and clean it and Chuck it in his suitcase when he comes over...
  11. Awesome post Doc. That is pretty much exactly what I do. But I still like the saying 'Gold is where you find it' as it has encouraged me to think outside of the box and I have found heaps because of it. What I am always trying to do is keep my detector in the most productive ground for as much time as possible. Research, knowledge and plain old hard work all add up to gold in the poke.
  12. About a month ago I purchased a Polaris 570 sportsman 4x4 and I've stripped off all the plastics and I'm turning it into a serious long range camping rig. Also that one is way too old especially for the money they are chasing.
  13. Oh may aswel use a 4x4 quad, didn't realize they were that heavy.
  14. Thanks Steve They are an interesting concept, I'm using a KTM freeride which is a cross between a Enduro and a Trials bike its got the racing version of the 350 4 stroke but only weighs 90kg... death on wheels it has such a high power to weight ratio. Those Rocons look like a real pack mule.
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