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  1. I would like a 17in round and a 22in round. I just don't want them to be like swinging a pallet of bricks...
  2. Look at the Generals setup.... Mmm I don't know about the diaper though. You might be able to go try a bunch of military backpacks I use the Eberlestock one's, they are a quality American made product and they all have attachment points on the shoulders for your bungee cord. But pretty much any military hydration type or day pack will do the job nicely.
  3. We can only hope that minelab comes to their senses. I've been interested these coils for some time, especially the 17 and 22 round. But because of the cord cutting and cost for a product I have to cut the cord of another coil to make it work, I just can't bring myself to take the plunge. The ML 18 is like swinging a pallet of bricks after an hour😐.
  4. I think having the connector that close to the coil that the detector will pick it up, especially on the larger coils. Particularly when you bump the front or back of the coil which changes the coil angle. I also pack the lower shaft of the detector with foam to stop the lead moving around which causes interference, even though I'm just running minelab coils. I just haven't been able to bring myself to cut the cord😂
  5. Hi Guys I've started this post to inform members and non member detectorists that the NQMA (North Queensland Miners Association) is lobbying the Queensland Mines department to change access laws to EPM's (exploration tenements) The proposed change would ban detecting and prospecting on exploration tenements without the consent of the tenement holder. This would effectively ban metal detecting in any gold field as they are mostly covered by exploration tenements. Whats worse is that more than half of the members of the NQMA are detectorists or hobby prospectors. And they are using the money from their yearly fee's to lobby for this change. This change is the brain child of James Said the current president of the organization. I urge members and non members to contact the NQMA and voice your concern about the changes they are lobbying for. To contact the NQMA please email info@nqma.com.au, please reference the best contact below in your email. President – James Said Vice President – Graham Byrne Secretary – Lyn Byrne Treasurer – Michele Mobbs Native Title Officer – Paul Crossland Publicity Officer – James Said Feel free to spread the word Regards Dale
  6. I think this could be classed as recent and big lol They are still out there lurking in the depths waiting to be recovered by a patient methodical prospector.
  7. Im replacing it with the ktm but still currently have it. As the ktm runs the full size wheel and weighs 5kg less even though it is a 350 vs a 150 and it handles like a trials bike because it has trials ergonomics and the gearing is set low in the first 3 gears to aid in rough technical riding but the other gears are set for speed. I also installed a rekluse auto clutch which makes it handle even better. Its the model called ktm 350 freeride but mine is the rare racing model with a worked motor and changeable map settings
  8. Yeah I wouldn't be doing that too often¡¡¡¡ The ml pinponter is next to usless on nuggets under 5g.
  9. Hi JW If you saw the crazy stuff I do every day ya wouldn't be worried about my shoulder. ................ you'd be wondering whether I'll make it to that age¿¿¿¿¿ A couple of months ago I got a 350 ktm so this may shorten my life expectancy considerably LoL
  10. I don't have time to edit videos or have enough internet to upload them. And you try carrying around unnecessary gear all day when in 40degc+ heat and you have to carry 6l of water and another 3kg of other essentials. And for me I don't get excited over gold anymore its just money to me. For me its just a means to maintain my adventurous lifestyle. My excitement is dangerous bush bashing deep into wild country where no man has gone before, near death experiences on the motorbike and anything that gets the adrenaline pumping. Gold is just a yellow shiny rock that pays for the adventure!
  11. My pinpointer is a minelab one it dose not interfere with the detector when off.
  12. When out I performed an air test and it was much less could only get it at half way on the pick handle so about 575mm I got a 24g au content speci the same day in similar ground at about 500mm and when I swung over it I could only get the same response that pulled me up at 370mm I'll put up a photo for ya later.
  13. The 14 was on my Zed. My mate runs a 5k 14in elite combo.
  14. I've found most people are inherently negative about things, I don't think they realize how much a negative attitude effects what ever they are doing, this is even worse when they don't understand something its always easy to blame the tools and not look to the cause. I've noticed all of the most successful prospector's I have met have a positive can do attitude.
  15. Hi guy's Thanks for the reply's! I don't bother filming any more as I don't have the time to edit and no internet where I live doesn't help either. I only have internet on my phone when I'm in transit or visiting a friend. And I'm that busy making a living and managing our company's exploration projects I no longer have time to edit film. I could not believe how deep I got such a small speci ether and how sensitive a coil of this size is to small gold, its now proven its self to me to be run as my standard coil! In a few month's those that were sensible enough to give the coil a proper run will not regret it. It will be just like when I said how good the 7k is, and got bagged on au forums, a bit of history repeating. It is funny how only positive accounts get bagged or scrutinized but negative ones get much less scrutiny. And most of the time the negative ones are full of operator errors.
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