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  1. Im very similar to you Steve As a child I was diagnosed with ADHD. I dont like this diagnossis as it is just them trying to put me in a box so they can feel comfortable, they will never understand me or most of my thoughts or processes as they can only understand what they know. And most of them cannot understand pure logic. I have an IQ of 182, although somtimes it is a gift, mostly its a curse that I battle with constantly. I operate in a space of logic, I don't have much time or patience for emotional or illogical thoughts or actions from others. They wear on me very quickly and I
  2. Very interesting, thank you for the info. I have my own theory that gold and other elements are formed by transmutation by way of a combination of heat, pressure, catalist minerals and sound frequency. They have demonstrated transmutation in nuclear reactors and post nuclear explosion. But I belive that this can occur in with way less of an energy relese and at lower temp with the aid of naturally occuring feromagnetic catalist fluxes and sound freequency.
  3. I have 15 and a 20in spiral wound DOD coils. I ran them last year and im happy with their performance. I did not have any problem with following the instructions to make the addaptor. Edit add detail> I have not ran the stock coils since. Below is an example of Aussie lingo and how it can be missunderstood by foreighners
  4. I like the way you think Trent! Minelab hasn't let me down yet either. Actually... the profind pinponter was the only time, what a pice of crap it was!šŸ¤£
  5. We are mainly zapping the quartz reef around areas that I have traced by years of metal detecting or panning. We mill the samples down to 20 micron and peletize them which makes a more homogenous sample and lessens the nugget effect like you were talking about. But then I leach the samples with two different types of solutions that I developed. I then dry the leached material and re-mill it, pelletize it and scan it again. This takes about 15min per sample in the field. And you can easily perform the leaching part of the sampling concurrent, its the drying, re-milling and cleaning of the
  6. Hi Jasong Our company owns an olimpus vanta. I have also used the Nitton gold3+ too. It costs $50 000 aud + extras so it a bit out of reach of the hobby prospector. For gold exploration you need the Rhodium xray tube as the accuracy with the other tubes (tungsten or silver) is very low on Au and PGM's. And a lot of the gold areas we are chasing have mostly free gold and little of the pathfinder elements accociated with them. Although the pathfinders are always elevated near the deposit in relation to the backgound norm for the areas, they may only have a small halo and this may only
  7. Gold can be a real bugger to find sometimesšŸ¤£
  8. šŸ˜ I really hope Gerry smashes it... I get all tingly inside with the first blow of the hammer every timešŸ„° I also love the pour...
  9. I have a trick that I have not seen anyone else do. I use triangulation to guage depth. This dosent work on very faint targets but it is a valuable weapon in the arsenal. After I locate the target and pinpont it with multiple sweeps I then lift the coil and tilt it at about 15deg and sweep it on the 15deg plane and visualise where I get the srongest target. Then repeat multiple times from different angles. I then draw the lines in my head and where the lines intersect will give me an accurate target depth and location. Then I can dig like a mad man and not damage the nugge
  10. Melted it today. I just melt them all now, I just couln't be bothered trying to sell as is. The only gold I dont melt now is crystal gold.
  11. Thanks for the reply mate. It goes just over 10oz and scans 99%Au on the XRF scanner. It came from a remanant alluvial deposit left on top of a low hill far from the current stream. The ancient probably tertary age river had cut a iron rich auriferrous chert filled fault and the deposit sits on a calcium and chlorite rich green colored schist type bed rock. The calcuim is fairly mobile so it sweats into the lower layer in the alluvium and the lighter sands and clays have weathered away leaving the heavier Iron from the cherts, causing patchy vairiable noisy ground. The only indicator (wit
  12. Hey Trent... I woke up one morning and Paul hadnt put his socks on yet so I saw them first thingšŸ¤¢ ruined my whole day! Some things just scar you for lifešŸ¤£
  13. I also use range of motion to filter out ground signals, by slowing or speeding my range of motion over suspicous targets I can test the target to see if its worth digging. Which saves me quite a lot of waisted time in digging false targets and allows me to run normal in some pretty trying ground.
  14. I totaly agree with what you say about range of motion. This is the point I was trying to make earlier in the discussion. Over the years I have noticed that all good operators have mastered this skill. I solely focused on teaching my Wife Amber this skill in 2019 as she had never detected before. With careful guidence she was able to do very well, she found enough gold to make a decent living. By the end of season she ended up averaging 5g per day! this is very good for someone who had never touched a metal detector before. Credit to her though, she is very easy to teach and by the e
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