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  1. Pretty cool bone mate! I've prospected the same types of areas for years mate if you want some pointers to assist you pm me. There are some techniques I employ to increase my success working Jurassic sandstone, and ways to figure out what direction the channels are heading and certain sweet spots to detect.
  2. You mean the Frisky Fraulein and the trench footed yank... have you seen those feet Trent?
  3. That is total BS Sheppo, all of our videos were filmed and posted on YouTube after Bruce's murder it had nothing to do with it, and we have never had any other "incidents" as you say. Despite what people say we had written permission and lawful access rights for everywhere we prospected and filmed. We stopped posting videos because of the same problems that Jaysong has/had. The lengths people will go to to follow you are extraordinary! If they spent that much time looking for gold they might find something! I have a 3 terrabite hard drive full of video that no one will ever see due to the negative impact it inflicted on me.
  4. I really like Bill Southern. I like his attitude, he has good knowledge and approach to prospecting. He's a good detector operator too. I'd host him as a guest prospecting with me.
  5. Here is some little known but maybe lifesaving info. In Australia the average recovery time for an emergency location beacon or EPRB is around 12 hours.... yes I said it correctly 12 hours! The average recovery time for emergency on a sat phone is an hour and a half. Now let's think about that for a minute, what if your bitten by a brown snake? You have about an hour until you start bleeding from your eyes and go blind un-bandaged and about 3 to 4 bandaged on a lower leg bite (the most common). Way less time on a closer to vital organs bite. For instance I know of a fellow who got bitten by a tipan and went into cardiac arrest in the ambulance on the way to hospital 15 min after a tipan bite. So consider this when choosing what safety back up your GOING TO CARRY when prospecting. The other thing to consider is you can call a friend or service provider to come and assist you from a satphone, the only ones who respond to an EPERB are emergency services. I've seen many people set off their eperb for a flat tyre or breakdown out bush, for f@×# sake don’t be one of those tossers who waist the time and take the resources of emergency services away from actual emergencies. Its these people who make the average recovery time what it is!
  6. I've prospected exactly where he is filming and stayed there many times oftern for months at a time since 2002. I can tell you it may well be the least mineralised productive goldfield in Australia, if its not it would be a close second... On the 5k my normal settings for the area were sens extra everything else max due to the fast time constant advantage of sens extra and the predominantly small gold in the area. It is very rare to get gold over 7g or a 1/4 oz on the Yankee scale. The NQ Explorer bloke is from far north Queensland which is about 2200km give or take or a good 2 days drive on nothing but empty freeways from FNQ which has many many good Goldfields within minutes or a few hours drive. This may along with past garrett false marketing hype on both the infinium and ATX that burnt many Australians may give you an idea on why many Australians may be sceptical. I myself maintain a positive outlook on it and am willing to give anything a chance, and then we have the fact that Gerry and Steve both had development input into it which gives me hope and confidence.
  7. Thanks for the detailed reply Steve, much appreciated. I'll heed your advice. Thank you for staying involved in detector development, I appreciate the effort and the benefits that we all receive from your involvement. Looks like a great detector I'm going to give it a try when the dealer I know gets one, that way I won't have to risk my money and possibly end up dissatisfied like I was with the ATX. It may not suit my needs but it certainly ticks a lot of boxes and is a major step in the right direction for garrett! And I believe that this will positivly flow on to other manufacturers aswell. Thanks mate!
  8. Just so you know Tibooburra has extremely low mineralisation compared to all other commonly prospected gold fields in Australia, its in high silica granite the soil is red which is deceiving. This is not a bash at garret though, I think that the nq Explorer bloke went there because of its reputation for prolific small gold. Last time I went there I averaged 7g per day over 2 months, its a pretty easy goldfield the gold is spread out all over the flats and there are heaps of dry blowing areas. The gold is generally small sub gram the biggest piece I've ever got there is only 53g. I've watched a lot of videos from the NQ Explorer he is a passionate detectorist but I wouldn't rate him highly in regards to prospecting ability, he is definitly no JP in that regard, I'd wait to see a better prospector use it. That being said I still think its a very interesting looking detector and can't wait to try one. I like how they gave you simple but I believe essential manual control, ml went to far into automaton and eliminated user control over basic essential settings, glad to see that garret obviously listened to Steve and Gerry in development which gives me confidence in risking my money to try it out, especially after my ATX dissapointment.
  9. Awesome! Thanks Steve. Looks like they finally listened and if your willing to put yourself out there and do the videos I'm guessing that it performs too. About time ML got some competition. Can't wait to try one for myself. Is the price point known yet?
  10. Are you planning on using it for gold or relics/treasure? Just one thing to consider if your using it for treasure, most treasure is small coin or up size, so sensitive coils can be a detriment as can be higher gain settings. I found the best combo was gb off or sharp if it was on in some places where the soil required it. And I would lower my gain so that I did not constantly pick up small surface junk targets. The opposite is required if you are going to use it for gold, high gain and I'd definitely run the spiral over the traditional bundle wound. Here in Australia I ran it over extremely mineralised ground for gold but the monoloop coils and timings still out performed except in extreme conditions.
  11. I used their standard bundle wound back around 2010 on the 4500 for treasure hunting in Europe, did well with it. I had to turn the ground Balance off as the soil was near zero mineralisation, it punched really deep and the discrimination worked as good as it dose on it.
  12. Hi Jasong Thanks for the patent info, I think there will be a very interesting release in the next year or so. I agree with your views on signal processing, I have always thought and even suggested to one of the minelab engineers that they need to employ digital noise cancelling filters that read the EMI and play back the inverse of the received emi signal and cancel it out much like they do to silence the sound on military helicopters aircraft ect. My uncle worked for Lockheed Martin as a mathematician/physicist electronic engineer and designed the flight control, weapon control and silencing algorithms that they still use today across a broad range of military vehicles, I've had a few conversations with him about the possibility of this and he says that it is easily achievable with modern processing and further stated that you can even use ai processing to make the machine learn as it goes to adapt to different adverse conditions and filter them out. We also started work on a detector that works on elemental resonant frequency to detect only desirable targets. We got promising results but much work is required to make it usable in the field. And it is not like a handheld metal detector its similar to IP/Resistivity servey equipment that we already employ in geophysical serveys over our tenements.
  13. I like his videos too, and I don't really watch many prospecting videos. He seems like a nice fellow I'd take him out on a trip if he ever came down under.
  14. I did away with magnets since the 4500 as the larger coils pick them up generally at the end of the cross swing. So keep this in mind if your using larger coils
  15. That was my point I've used the 6k enough to know what it would be like with a larger coil. Minelab are obviously just protecting the sale's of their top priced model. The detector handles the 17 elliptical just fine, but elliptical coils geometry limits their depth capacity even though they have a very similar surface area and susceptibility to EMI. So I call B.S. in regards to the arguments of electronics not being suitable and noise limiting their performance. Its simple physics, round coils are quieter than elliptical and larger diameter coils go deeper. Elliptical coils are limited by the width of the narrowest part of the coil and also suffer from the uneven signal rx of their shape which also negatively affects edge of detection target depth considerably. The 17in minelab coil is clearly designed for smaller gold and not depth as all elliptical coils should be due to the above. I've never been a fan of elliptical coils due to years of seeing the comparative results. If I was able to get a 14in and 18in or 20in round coils for the 6k it would render my 7k obsolete, and I'm just talking monos here a well designed concentric would be a complete game changer in my opinion. Hence my frustration at the current situation, and I can't swallow the invalid excuses put forward as to why... Any way that's my final take on the situation. I suppose it leads me back to using Xcoils again.
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