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  1. The 105 series landcruiser is the last real 4x4 that toyota built. It has a heavy chassis that flexes and the live axle coil spring front and rear suspension setup handles heavy 4x4 in rough terrain way better than any of the IFS models. And the leaf sprung live axle utes have way too limited suspension flex in the rear as they are trapped by the springs. And it has the bulletproof 1hz disel motor in it. No electronic fuel injector pump to stuff up in the middle of nowhere. But I still needed a ute to carry the bike or quad bike as there is no way I'd get a trailer into anywhere I work. So I decided that if I wanted my dream prospecting rig I'd have to build it as I couldn't buy one and I didn't want to compromise on the way it handled 4x4 but I still wanted a ute and I still wanted to be comfortable.
  2. The box is a 900mm wide, its only temporary until I custom make one. The side steps are made out of 4mm chromemolly box section and 6mm wall molly tube connected to the chasis with custolm made u bolts made out of spring steel...extra bloody strong! Strong enough to drag or drop onto a pointy rock or jack off any point along them. Way stronger than any you can buy. I have 2x 120ah agm deep cycles under the tray for camping and fridge use and an e xtra duel purpose agm under the hood that runs the winch and accessories but can also start the car if need be.
  3. I'm tig welding various ferrous and non ferrous. I don't have a mig at the moment so argon is more convenient.
  4. Thanks Flackmagnet. Should see the looks I get when I'm driving around town😕😮🤔😀 Sort of looks like a vehicle out of the movie mad max. And its always DIRTY... unlike most set up 4x4's. I'm starting the fabrication on the quad on Friday once I pick up some argon gas for the welder.
  5. I'm getting the bush basher serviced and ready for action. Last year in the off season I bought a 100 series landcruiser and cut it into an extra cab ute and built heavy scrub bars and side steps and a heavy roof rack out of 3mm wall chromemolly tube that acts as a exo roll cage. Then added a 4in lift, adjustable shocks, 33in tires, lockers front and rear, 270L diesel capacity, 180L of water, ect ect. Side steps fabricated. Bash plates Cut off back Fabricated new back and doors Fabricated tray support and chassis strengthening Build tray and roofrack Cab finished with tray skeleton installed Install battery carrier, water tank, recovery gear drawer. Now I'm about to start building a prospecting specific 4x4 quad bike. I recently purchased a Polaris 570 sportsman that I'm currently stripping off all of the plastics and non essentials like indicators, brake lights, ect. And replacing them with custom front and rear trays, scrub bars, bash/skid plates, storage, roll protection, larger battery system, solar charging system, extra fuel, water and winch front and rear. All designed for extended prospecting trips in remote locations and safety in rough terrain on my own. Should keep me busy until the wet is over
  6. Just waiting for the last of the rains to finish then I'm in attack mode shortly after. Pretty much waiting for the tracks to dry then I'm off. Dave (Davesgold on the forum) sent me a 20in spiral wound X coil to try out. I'm really itching to put it over a few deep areas and give it a thorough testing.
  7. Also helps maintain socal distancing at the moment😂
  8. Come on Paul... Didn't you learn anything when you were with me... Best way to deal with trashy piles is jump on your bike/quad and go to the middle of nowhere where there is no trash!
  9. Forget about Geiger counter its a waist of time for a seroius exploration project for all of the reasons stated above by the learned memers of this forum. What you need is one of these: https://www.thermofisher.com/order/catalog/product/XL3TGOLDDPLUS#/XL3TGOLDDPLUS Get yourself a 'Niton, xl3 gold plus' every serious gold explorer needs one! An xrf will definitely help you find gold if you apply it right. If your smart about it, it'll pay for its self very quickly.
  10. I carry a small 200mm x 300mm dry bag and when I have to do a crossing I put my satphone and navigation device in it as they are not water resistant! It rolls up to nothing when not in use. I've noticed that you New Zealanders wear those horrible gumboots (wellies in nz tounge) everywhere.You need to try these... https://www.bogsfootwear.com.au/shop/style/60542-B80.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=shopping&utm_campaign=CPCGoogleShopping&keyword=&gclid=Cj0KCQiAqNPyBRCjARIsAKA-WFxGdauFuOIh5IBhCAzPFZ5H-AW1kYcEULpwDMeHTy7Iu-iV4gdxyL8aArmOEALw_wcB They are way better than those horrible rubber boots, they are pretty close to wearing a hiking shoe in comfort. Just make sure you get them one size bigger than you normally wear.
  11. I've slipped over when crossing the river three times with the zed 2 on foot and one on the motor bike all 3 times it got complete immersion. And all 3 times I just shook it off and used it no problems. And I've used it in tropical afternoon storms heaps of times like more than 20 times easy. And if you've experienced them they wet you to the bone in minutes. They usually only last 15min but the odd one rains heavily for an hour or more. I've never bothered to cover the detector in plastic either. So I've come to the conclusion that its as water resistant as Minelab say.
  12. Nice country side and gold guys...I've always wanted to prospect in Mexico and the Mongolian step. Must be a real prick (😂) detecting in cacti though! A couple of your pieces look like worn crystal gold and your biggest pice looks like rope gold which is a type of crystal also.
  13. We are definitely on the same page jasong! Interesting about Vice... that is one of the few current affairs shows I can watch. I never got the fake propaganda vibe off them. I haven't watched/had tv since 2003, when I made the decision to not watch their mind numbing corporate agenda machine anymore. I mean who cares what Brad and Angelina or the Kardashians are doing anyway😂, that and sports are what they push as news these days. Or all this fake smoke screen politics while the polly's and their corporate master's run around in the background pillaging and plundering. Way better to actually live your life and way more peaceful in the bush finding gold.
  14. 😂😂😂 just the sort of scripted b.s. I was talking about. And the mess... I bet they wouldn't of filmed you coming up and telling them to clean up their mess before they go? The aussie gold diggers is just as bad they approached us every year to be on their show, but the pay is shizenhouzen and they would own your soul if you were stupid enough to sign up! Last offer was a pitiful $2000 a week... jezze I find 2oz a week easy why would I sell myself for less than I make anyway¿ And the production company makes millions. They seem to pray on peoples desire to be famous, but what people don't realize is how fame changes your life.
  15. Its just ridiculous scripted b.s. They were chasing me to be on their show but I scared them off by telling them what they would have to do to follow me safely in the 40+heat and how much they would have to spend. I still wouldn't have been interested in sharing the screen with Parker unless they would PAY me properly. None of the people on these 'reality shows' get payed properly they just get tidbits and 15min of fame.
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