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  1. I've been seeing the term iron wrap around used quite a bit lately. How do I identify this?
  2. Try recovery speed down to 3 (on the 800) it unlocks a whole new layer of targets under the ground.
  3. Fe2 0 always. It took me a while to make the switch but I'm happy I did.
  4. The jack started corroding. It is chrome plated not gold plated. The audio started switching between the speaker and the headphones and eventually ended up not having any volume at all when I plugged them in. You'll love the volume on them. I'd replace the pads that go around your ear with some gel ones as they are made of foam which holds water. They just stick on and can be pulled off. Check my post history and there is a pic of what happened to the plug. Best of luck
  5. 5My pelsos and a friend of mines both broke within 6 months. 20 hours a week detecting. Would not recommend. Edit: also uncomfortable after 2-3 hours of hunting they'd hurt my ears. They are very loud though.
  6. Thanks. I played with the wires and the only way to get sound to the headphones is red to red, white to white and yellow to red. However the sound is so faint I can barely hear it... It's starting to look like I've bitten off more than I can chew 🤭
  7. Can anyone help me source a good connector? Thanks.
  8. I'll try that, I was under the assumption that it was just copper shielding.
  9. I think I saw that video too I'll make sure to do that
  10. By bare you mean the exposed copper wire right? Last night I connected red/red/yellow and white/white. It gave me sound but it was very faint....I'll take a crack at it again tonight. Also I'll look into grabbing a new connector as well. Once I get the connections good I am transplanting everything into the 3m peltors like joe beechnut did to his excal headphones. The LS pelsos are quite uncomfortable after a couple of hours hunting. Thanks!
  11. I am trying to put a new connection onto my ls pelso headphones, the original connector was only chrome plated, it rusted and somehow got bent. The connector I want to use is a 90deg gold plated one that I have from another crappy pair of earbuds I got on ebay. I thought they'd have the same wires but after cutting them open they are different. The Lspelsos have a red wire and a white wire. Thr Earbud connector has a red white and yellow wire. After connecting the reds to the whites and plugging it in to the equinox there was no sound Can anyone offer any advi
  12. Red blooded creatures have Hemoglobin, which contains iron. Blue blooded creatures like Arthropods contain Hemocyanin, which contains copper.
  13. This might answer your question... I think Tone breaks and tone pitches are also different between different modes. Steve also gives a great explanation here: GLHH
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