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  1. Metal Detecting NYC really praises Phillipthenox as one of the best with the equinox and while he does pull some good stuff i dont think he fully understands the equinoxs menu. I'm assuming he wants to use fe2 since 0 in fe2 has less bias than 0 on fe. He has fe and fe2 in 0 and then exits the menu with fe selected. From the manual: The iron bias fe and iron bias fe2 settings profiles are independent. When iron bias fe is selected, the iron bias fe2 settings has no effect, and vice versa. Basically whichever setting is on the screen when you exit the menu, is the one it uses. I don't think many people know this and I'm just trying to spread the knowledge. Hunting with discrimination and threshold is one way to filter through all the noise in a trashy area. Instead of hearing all those low to mid tones that he discriminated out, he only hears a break In the threshold. Notifying him that there is something there but not giving him an ID on it. This allows you to move over the trash quicker. Hunting with no discrimination or threshold, the "break" in the threshold would have probably been displayed as a -4 to -6 . You'd still be able to tell that there was a deep silver coin there based on the one way iron, one way silver ID. I prefer to hunt in all metal and filter the tones out with my brain instead of discrimination and threshold.
  2. I saw that he left the equinox in fe not fe2. I may be wrong but I think whichever fe setting you leave it on is the one that is used.
  3. The threshold on the equinox in park mode is called a reference threshold. It only breaks if the coil swings over something that you've discriminated out. The equinox IDs targets just out of range as iron. That's why the deep coin that was silver was breaking the threshold. If he swung the coil over that target after taking it out of the ground the threshold wouldn't have broken. Hope this helps
  4. Other detectorist look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them that with the equinox aluminum sounds weak and sometimes scratchy. Hope this helps.
  5. Returning finds is one of my favorite parts of detecting. I recently found an iPhone that was in a wallet case and was able to return it. The lady said she lost it while taking pictures off the edge of a pier over two years ago. I found it over a mile away 😳
  6. Thanks I'll get back you to once I get it done.
  7. Can't seem to find DeoxIT D5 at any nearby stores with a quick search but what I'm looking for is an electrical parts cleaner right?
  8. Found out quickly that my tub is cast iron 😄 so I took it out for a real world test, it leaked from that end cap 😑. Maybe half a tea spoon of water. I immediately got out of the water and came home to clean it out. When I got home I took the board out and inspected it. There didn't seem to be any damage to the board so I resoldered it inside and this is how it came out. I ran out of the curly wire protector but I was able to get the wire through the endcap and seal it with resin from the inside. However it is very unstable now, almost like the electricity isn't passing through the wires smoothly. Constantly changing the tones, maybe holding one tone for 5 seconds and then changing to another. I'm not mad at it, I like the learning curve but you're right it definitely is getting easier the more I tinker with it.
  9. This was covered on treasure talk 3 months ago. https://youtu.be/QKAe_TGBeeI
  10. Thank you "Joe obn kenobi" you were my only hope 😄 New coil and headphone cables! I didn't feel comfortable with my skill level to open up and solder inside the housing so I soldered the wires outside and shrink tubed them. Super happy with how the headphones turned out. Not so happy with how the coil attaches to the machine ( I forgot to put the hard plastic wire saver springy thing on 😒). I may have to cut the wire again, drill out the end cap and solder it inside. Perhaps I'll look into a new coil, maybe a little smaller like an 8". I was surprised that it turned on!!! It seems to run stable but there is too much emi inside the house to tell... This was a fun project and I'm sure it will lead to more tinkering. What do you think? Should I submerge it in the bathtub before going in the ocean? Thanks again!
  11. She says it's because the shaft is a couple mm too small around... The last time mine flooded I noticed bubbles coming up from the control pod. Is the bottom supposed to fill with water?
  12. It's the Treasure talk podcast with Debbie simkoski from minelab. She mentions that they have had problems with people using the detect ed shafts. Primarily overtightening of the screws.
  13. Thanks for responding Chase. Please check out this podcast @ 7:40 https://youtu.be/QKAe_TGBeeI
  14. How many of you use a detected ed shaft? 2 of my control pods have drowned since using this shaft.
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