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  1. This might answer your question... I think Tone breaks and tone pitches are also different between different modes. Steve also gives a great explanation here: GLHH
  2. Swfl has been good to me. Over $3000 in jewelry since September (started detecting in June with the simplex and August with the equinox). Weekend Warrior. Location, location, location. I find that rich people aren't so stupid with their jewelry as I thought. So I started looking for public accesses close to the top hotels. These depositors want to wear their jewelry to show off in the rich areas. They seem to be more careless. I hunt 2-3 hours before low tide, follow it down and then stay out as far as I can for as long as I can. Start with big up and downs, tightening
  3. Nowhere near as spectacular as your find. Congrats. I found the ring about 2 months ago and within 20ft of where I found it, last weekend, I found the bracelet. Unfortunately mine are cartier steel ripoffs but I just thought the stories were eerily similar πŸ˜… HH
  4. Anyone ever get a grunt of -1 on a nickle? Hunting in beach2 on wet sand swfl.
  5. Thanks. You give that GOOD luck! Here's another platinum ring with diamonds i got on my next outing!!
  6. I absolutely love the extra ground coverage it gives me. Still playing with the settings, today it was running smooth at 18 sensitivity/4 recovery speed underwater and 23 sensitivity/4 recovery speed in the wet sand. After scoring 3 .925 peices doing up and downs on the shore line (found a rusty screw line not a coin line lol), I decided to continue them into the water. Low tide was half an hour away and dawn was slowly approaching. About 10 feet in, on my first line into the water, BAM! Solid 9, 2-4 inches down. The excitement start flowing through my veins. First sco
  7. The company responded and the connector is chrome plated. Thanks for the replies yall, ill get to thr store and let you know how it goes.
  8. Thanks Simon, I appreciate the tips. I subscribe to you on YouTube. I think I'll contact the manufacturer. I'm not too familiar with this stuff and weary of using something that will deteriorate the o-ring inside of the machine.😟
  9. How can I prevent my headphone jack from further corrosion? A little back story. I'm submerging my equinox 800 about 2-3 times per week in saltwater (Florida gulf coast). Purchased the LS PELSO headphones October 11th (1 week shipping) and as you can see they have already started to corrode. I don't take the headphones out and wash the jack EVERYTIME. (Trying to avoid this) Please leave a comment, let me know what you do, and what you think will work for me! Thanks
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