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  1. Thanks I'll get back you to once I get it done.
  2. Can't seem to find DeoxIT D5 at any nearby stores with a quick search but what I'm looking for is an electrical parts cleaner right?
  3. Found out quickly that my tub is cast iron 😄 so I took it out for a real world test, it leaked from that end cap 😑. Maybe half a tea spoon of water. I immediately got out of the water and came home to clean it out. When I got home I took the board out and inspected it. There didn't seem to be any damage to the board so I resoldered it inside and this is how it came out. I ran out of the curly wire protector but I was able to get the wire through the endcap and seal it with resin from the inside. However it is very unstable now, almost like the electricity isn't passing through the wires smoothly. Constantly changing the tones, maybe holding one tone for 5 seconds and then changing to another. I'm not mad at it, I like the learning curve but you're right it definitely is getting easier the more I tinker with it.
  4. This was covered on treasure talk 3 months ago. https://youtu.be/QKAe_TGBeeI
  5. Thank you "Joe obn kenobi" you were my only hope 😄 New coil and headphone cables! I didn't feel comfortable with my skill level to open up and solder inside the housing so I soldered the wires outside and shrink tubed them. Super happy with how the headphones turned out. Not so happy with how the coil attaches to the machine ( I forgot to put the hard plastic wire saver springy thing on 😒). I may have to cut the wire again, drill out the end cap and solder it inside. Perhaps I'll look into a new coil, maybe a little smaller like an 8". I was surprised that it turned on!!! It seems to run stable but there is too much emi inside the house to tell... This was a fun project and I'm sure it will lead to more tinkering. What do you think? Should I submerge it in the bathtub before going in the ocean? Thanks again!
  6. She says it's because the shaft is a couple mm too small around... The last time mine flooded I noticed bubbles coming up from the control pod. Is the bottom supposed to fill with water?
  7. It's the Treasure talk podcast with Debbie simkoski from minelab. She mentions that they have had problems with people using the detect ed shafts. Primarily overtightening of the screws.
  8. Thanks for responding Chase. Please check out this podcast @ 7:40 https://youtu.be/QKAe_TGBeeI
  9. How many of you use a detected ed shaft? 2 of my control pods have drowned since using this shaft.
  10. Not pretty but it should work. Now I gotta connect it to the board. What length should I make the cable?
  11. Hey obn, Does this twist out? The cable came today 😁 Edit: never mind, leaving it in.
  12. Great job on treasure talk the other night!
  13. Thanks, I've not gotten far, been busy at work and lazy when I get home. Just took the knobs off and the o-rings look pretty good. I'll lube them up.. They all look like the one in the picture. Do you think I should replace them anyways? I just ordered the coil and headphone cable, they should be here on friday.
  14. This may be a stupid question but is it possible to just cut the wires half way up, slip on a shrink tube, splice the wires back and slide the shrink tube up the wire instead of replacing the whole cable? I'd like to do as little as possible to get it ready for the water, but I'm worried that I may overlook something like a seal that causes the machine to flood. Edit: I just found your top o-ring inspection video. Going to do that now!
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