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  1. I know i need more depth than the equinox 800 VLF can reach. I know this because I live on the actual militia Training grounds that the soldiers trained on before during and after the War of 1812. The very end of the training ground is my house and property. In my yard, I've pulled out extremely deep musket balls, flat buttons, and large cents. But my yard is a problem yard because the house that was here before mine was built belonged to a captain during the War of 1812. It was demolished to make my house in the 1890's When they dug out my cellar they just piled it all up in my yard, so i got
  2. the settings I used to do The air test to hit a quarter at 22 inches is basically only good for beaches and places with fill dirt. I found a barber quarter at a baseball field that was built in the 1990's. They made the foundation of the field with old dirt. Then they put a tarp over it and dumped about a foot of baseball field dirt over it. No mineralization at all. My air test settings hit the deep stuff in those situations. I dont know anything at all about PI machines. Thats why im asking questions about what i should get. I want to be able to get a large cent that has been
  3. Im using the Equinox 800. Saving up more money now to get a PI machine. Probably going to buy a used gpx 5000.
  4. Here is what i consider the "good stuff" I find lots of modern stuff too and plenty of silver. Several Wheats, indians, barbers, etc. Its a good place to find stuff. Seated and bust is almost non existent, Thats why im trying to get a PI machine. I know its there, im just not getting to the layer this stuff sunk down too with the equinox 800.
  5. For JohnnyRox and Chase Goldman, 15 x 12 coil Field 2 Sensitivity = 25 Manually crank up the ground balance to 99 All Metal Recovery delay = 1 Iron Bias = 0 Multi Frequency Seems just as deep and is probably superior to 4khz Anyways, When you get the quarter all the way back to the 22 inch mark Start out passing it extremely slow. If it wont double beep, Slowly increase the speed you are passing your target until it does double beep. I've noticed that even with Recovery Delay set at 1, Sometimes a FASTER sweep speed is required to make the target double beep. That's jus
  6. I currently use a Equinox 800 and I consider myself to know absolutely everything about it. There really isnt anything that anyone can tell me about that machine that i havent mastered and completely already know. Its probably the most simple machine to use on the planet. I understand all the settings and I even know how to exploit the machine to get the results that i want when i want and i know how to get the maximum depth possible on the machine. I can even get a 22 inch air test on a silver quarter. Not too many people know how to do that and it is very relevant when you hunt in places wit
  7. Hello, I like the oldschool format of a Forum over a Facebook, But i do use facebook for local detecting groups. Ive been detecting for about 25 years now. I mostly just hunt coins/jewelry/relics. I live in upstate New York. My village was founded around 1807 and was a militia training ground from about 1807 to 1830 ish. My village had about 35 + participants in the War of 1812. I got full permission to detect and keep anything on ALL of my Villages property free and clear :). Lots of good stuff has come out of here. Basically all able body people that lived here during the Civil War was req
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