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  1. Ended up going with the Vanquish. Figure I can always upgrade later, might as well start with the minimum so I can appreciate it when I spend the big $$ someday on a Nox, PI, etc. 🙂 Dealer seemed to think it would suit my purposes just fine, highly recommended it over the Simplex for our beaches since the Vanquish is multi-frequency. Will get to try it out this upcoming weekend 🤙
  2. Hey folks! I got into recreational prospecting a few years back and love it. One day YouTube decided to show me some metal detecting videos and now I love the idea of jewelry hunting on the beach. Planning to buy a Vanquish or Simplex and get into the game on some NorCal beaches. That leads me to a dumb question - when the ocean washes over a gold ring on the sand, given that it is so much denser than the surrounding sand why doesn't it sink so far that it's undetectable? In the Sierras I need to get down to bedrock to find decent gold. Is there a small recovery window to get gold je
  3. Thanks for the detailed response Chase! I did go out and get a decent scoop already (CKG stainless steel), but didn't get the detector yet because I keep debating between the various entry-level models. Eventually I'll probably get an Equinox 800 but first I want to get to a point where I'm being limited by the machine. Given that I haven't used one yet, that'll be a bit! Watched some more videos since I posted that and I'm leaning towards the Vanquish as I plan to do a lot of wet sand detecting. Will talk to a local metal detector dealer tomorrow who carries both Minelab + Nokta to see w
  4. As a 31 year-old newbie who wants to get into this hobby I'm debating between these two models. I'd use it exclusively for the beach looking for jewelry. Anyone know which would do a better job on northern California beaches for skipping random trash? The pros on the Simplex (over Vanquish) seem fairly clear - waterproof, looks better, cheaper, rechargeable built-in battery vs. double AA's. From the video it's not obvious to me why someone would go with the Vanquish over the Simplex though. What are the advantages? Overall I'm happy to ignore waterproofing, etc. if it means that it
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