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  1. I know that Todd Marshall at Centreville Electronics Northwest is still doing warranty repairs for whites detectors. With the receipt the warranty transfers if you do sell, a big plus. Here's the website link. https://centrevilleelectronicsnw.com/ $450 is an amazing price. I been watching TDI's on ebay and they have regularly now been going for over $1000, even in pretty beat up shape. I think they are collector's items now!\ Wish I needed one, I'd jump on this but hoping an Equinox is next for me.
  2. Norm, I was very saddened to read about your ALS diagnosis, and Jason’s note about his struggles with MS. I have enjoyed reading many of your posts here and on other detecting sites, and I am sorry that I may never get to meet either of you in person. My heart is lightened some because I believe that for both of you, while your diseases may in the end take you, I don’t believe that they will defeat you. I think that Harold Kushner framed it well, I can’t remember which book or the exact quote, but essentially that no man at the end looks back in regret and wishes he spent more time at wor
  3. Out here, following the many California wildfires, I have been completely amazed buy the photos of rivulets of molten aluminum flowing away from the melted rims and engines of burned cars. Slagged aluminum usually has an oxidized surface but in those pictures it is bright and shiny. Had to be very hot fires!
  4. You didn't mention how heavy it is. If it feels relatively light for its size I would guess aluminum campfire slag. That would also fit with the somewhat botryoidal texture. -bill
  5. Looking for a used Equinox 800. Thinking it's time for an upgrade and thought I would check here first. It has been awhile since I had used my Sovereign XS-2 Pro and when I pulled it out I found that the cable sheaths on my 10" and 12" tornado coils had cracked and exposed the internal wires. Took it to a park and the coils still work but for how long? Also had forgotten what a poorly balanced heavy beast it is (I'm getting old). Still a great detector, upgraded with the 180 meter, so any suggestions on how to fix/replace the cables would also be appreciated. Thanks Bill
  6. Tom, If you really miss that Vision/V3i, Centreville Electronics has a reconditioned one on their "used" website: "Vision Upgraded to V3i - Batteries, Headset, Manual, 1 Year Warr. - $800" Has the Vision sticker!! https://www.centrevilleelectronics.net/used.htm Can't say that there are ones I've regretted selling, buying is another story
  7. Here is Reg explaining how changing the ground balance can enhance the identification of coins https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/whitesgoldmaster/my-tdi-or-sl-chart-again-t865.html and I believe that this is Reg demonstrating the process
  8. Steve has an article here on using the TDI for coins, I think based on Reg's work. There is also a video on Youtube by I think Reg also showing this. I will look for the video and Reg's writeup and add to this.
  9. If you're looking to unload the parts I might be interested. Thanks Bill
  10. I'm assuming Beach Hunter ID model. About 10 years old I'd guess. Here's link to reviews referring to issues with coil float. For $100 would probably be a good deal. http://metaldetectorreviews.net/detectors/12-1-beachhunterid.html
  11. After a rather long hiatus (knee replacement) I finally was getting out to do a little detecting this weekend and found that my pinpointer had decided to go on a walkabout. Over the past few months I’ve directed several forum members to opportunities to purchase a TRX and now I needed to find one for me. Not an easy task. There is a used one on Ebay right now with bid already over $200 with five days yet to go….. OK, to the point of this post. Searching around I did stumble across a site selling TRX’s for $55 ea for a lot of 10 pieces, with about $150 for shipping (~$70 ea). Normally I wo
  12. Here's another USGS pub on the northern gravels Gold-bearing gravel of the ancestral Yuba River, Sierra Nevada, California https://pubs.er.usgs.gov/publication/pp772
  13. This is a GIS based map of the "hydraulic mine pits of california" - has many unnamed small occurrences: Some you probably never knew was there. https://www.sciencebase.gov/catalog/item/571976c2e4b071321fe22947 You can use different base maps. When I left the USGS in 1995 I was at the time working with Warren Yeend on expanding the Tertiary Gravel study beyond Nevada County. One of the big unanswered questions is the primary source of the gold in the Tertiary Gravels? There have been proposals that there was a similar suture system to the current Mother Lode to the east that has
  14. https://www.centrevilleelectronics.net/parts.htm frequently has the battery holders in stock (currently "Temp" out of stock), and https://centrevilleelectronicsnw.com/shop (northwest) has them in his store for $19.95. What they say about a fool and his money! There does appear to be a run or hoarding of Whites though. Before Christmas there were many of the TDI-SL both new and used on E-Bay, CraigsList - now nothing for quite awhile. On one of the Australian boards there has been discussion about how difficult it is now to find any used Whites detectors over there. Maybe they're beco
  15. Thanks Karelian. No worries. I actually bit the bullet and sent it in for repair. Hoping that it can be fixed as the few minutes I got to play with it were quite fun. I first took it to a local park to try Reg's coin settings and the first three targets were dimes at 6-8 inches. WooHoo! Then it was pulltabs, nails, assorted junk, all sounding exactly like the dimes. Took it home and tested in the yard to find the GB issues. Really appreciated the light weight and balance. Appreciated all of your posts about the SL - hoping to try your battery setup. Great posts on coil comparisons! B
  16. I recall that there were several people here who were looking for the TRX pinpointer and not finding them in stock anywhere. I was just looking at the Centreville Electronics website and they have them listed in stock for $199 with 2 year warranty. I was able to add one to my cart so it appears real. https://www.centrevilleelectronics.net/newunits.htm Cheers
  17. I recall that recently there were several posts here from people looking for the TRX but not finding any. I was just looking at the Centreville Electronics website and they list them in stock for $199 with 2 year warranty - https://www.centrevilleelectronics.net/newunits.htm Cheers
  18. Gary does make great stuff! That's probably my most frequently non-returned loaner item. Buy them 2 at a time because they're frequently sold out (OK, I admit I have been known to lose them myself). I also really like the Huntley Spoon he makes. Check his online store: Honans Mining Supply
  19. Hi Karelian; Did you end up trying adjusting the pot to see if it helped? I just bought a used TSI SL (ebay - less than year old - included receipt) that sounds like it has very similar problem. Won't ground balance. All tones high with GB off, all tones low with GB on with no variation with change in GB setting. Interestingly with GB off a US quarter does not register, but with GB on does. With GB on, putting the conductivity switch to low coins, nails, pull tabs, all are quiet. Switching to high all produce a low tone (including now the quarter). Same with several coils. I welcome
  20. I've been away from detecting for a long time so I'm not really up to speed on the different technologies the various companies own. I'm more familiar with the biotech/hitech world where companies are bought solely for their intellectual property. Did White's have patents that Garrett would want/need to move their products forward? Steve, you bring up the 24K. I see a lot of discussion/praise for the GM1000. Do you think Garrett would bring it back to compete in that space? Is it superior enough to the AT Gold that they would want to repackage under their own name? I'm pretty happy w
  21. Just checking in on how these are working for you? Just saw a sale for very similar 4 pack at 2300mAh for $15. If they can maintain 1.5v output sounds like a great way to go. Should be a lot better and a lot cheaper than running AA's in the long run. Curious, what sort of time do the TDI SL users get using alkaline AA batteries before the voltage drops significantly? If these don't drop off too quickly should give 4-5 hours (duracell AA are rated at 1050mAh at 0.5A load) https://www.18650batterystore.com/products/epoch-aa-usb-4pack
  22. Earlier people were looking for a TRX pinpointer. Centerville Electronics has a refurbished one on their used page for $95 with a 6 month warranty. Already have one or I would have jumped on it. Cheers
  23. Thank you all for your feedback. After my V-SAT and MXT being completely overwhelmed by the quantity of black sand and hot rocks at the site I was working in the foothills earlier this summer I've been looking for a PI detector. I recently got a line on a little used TDI Pro with the standard coil and am looking to see what to add to the arsenal. Jeff, from your comment I guess I missed a great deal, and reading some of phrunt's early posts it sounds like the Joey gave him some great results. Well damn, now to decide where to spend my limited (self) Christmas budget. Thank you all. Wishin
  24. Just checked and, Yep, sold out. Snooze ya lose! Hope you all now tell me it wasn't that good . Open to other coil purchase suggestions as well. On a side note, I have a line on a Razorback 'Piglet' coil, 5x3. Any feedback on that coil would also be appreciated. Cheers
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