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  1. Thanks PimentoUK, for the information, I think your right about the regulator, it might be limiting the charge input. I tried two other cell phone chargers hoping that would be the fix, but not so, at the time I don't see very much information and spec. on the battery pack. I will give the dealer a call where I purchased it from and see what kind of warranty it has. Hopefully some one that has a RNB 6000 battery pack can do a voltage check at fully charged and see what the voltage is. I will check with the dealer and manufacturer to see what the warranty is and out put volts.
  2. Hello, everyone, I am new to posting, so if I mess up, I apologize. I have a vanquish 540 and been using it for about 4 months, then I purchased the RNB 6000 battery pack in Feb 9 2021 for the 540 everything was working just fine until yesterday ( Sunday 03/14/21 ) while in the field hunting I hear a beep and the machine is off, I turn it back on and and it shuts back down in about 10 seconds, every time I turned the detector back on the run time would get shorter and shorter until it would not stay on. I checked the voltage on the battery pack and it was only 2 volts, but when the det
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