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  1. staying true to the rules I can edit my verse. how bout; "on the first day detecting my detector gave to me [ A cartridge buried underneath a tree ] . Now sing it! gr
  2. On the first day of nugget huntin my detector gave to me a Cartridge underneath a rotten tree . GR
  3. small gold is a game of inches your small coil may only see a target at 2 inches or less. so what I suggest and what I do is to pick an area where gold was found before , rake or dig away the overburden down to the bedrock checking with the detector every six inches or so . use a crevice tool and get the tip of the coil as close to the bedrock cracks as possible . good luck
  4. My Z-link was just delivered and I am now charging it up . I will keep you all posted but of course where I live its going to rain for 5 days strait.
  5. I am hoping that it will work well with my 5000 , gold screamer. and killer bee head phones. even if it doesnt work well on that detector it is bound to work with one of my other detectors. the price is reasonable
  6. I seen they are available now on the Garrett website . I ordered one from Metaldetectors.com . Im looking forward to trying this one out and cuttin the cord.
  7. Scott please fill in your dig hole under the tracks. that must have been a big nugget
  8. Great post Chet , Ive been looking to go wireless but I'm a little on the frugal side ,so if you have some spare time and could compare the Garrett z-link to the Pro Sonic wm , I will gladly buy you breakfast at Katrina's. Greg
  9. Hi Brian, I have used both the 12x15 commander and the 17x13 evo and a 9mm slug is the equivalent of a 7.5 gram nugget. Im surprised to hear there is that much difference in depth between the two coils . maybe a good test would be to swap the coils out using the same detector to eliminate any nuances between different detectors. I'm looking forward to getting a Gpz someday. but my 5000 has been very loyal to me and she wouldn't like me cheating with another detector. greg
  10. paid in full . please send to Steve Herschbach . Merry Christmas Steve!
  11. the gold screamer uses a sony style camcorder battery , NP-F950 or 970 . these batteries are a replacement that are working great for me. they slide into the same receptacle as the original batteries that come with the gold screamer https://www.amazon.com/Wasabi-Power-DCR-VX2100-HVR-HD1000U-HXR-MC2000U/dp/B00FQ0RB92?th=1
  12. Ive been using mine for 5 years and logged about 4000 hours of use . it has worked flawlessly for me .i never disconnect it and keep all wires in the same location. some friends of mine have had a few broken wire issues but they were always disconnecting the cable from the control box . the newer screamer cover keeps the power cable in a better spot than the older one. on the side verses the bottom. also i switched to Wasabi batteries from Amazon and have been very satisfied with their performance. 2 batteries and a charger for $59 . that my two bits good luck!
  13. hi Peg, I wish you 4 bits of luck , [ that would be half that piece of eight] . see you when you get back to placer county. greg
  14. I agree thats a great idea I hadn't thought of . I also carry a second detector with me an offer to let the land owner try his hand at detecting and give them a little lesson . I believe if you give you will receive
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