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  1. Well I would agree with you on the 90 degree X pattern, seeing as the X you speak of above is about a 120/60 degree X 🤣
  2. Ah! It seems my lack of attention to detail brackets me into a: No sunbaker! As I did not see the gold before I disturbed it, but the specimen tells the story of presenting the opportunity to have. ...at the end of the day, it's gold! 😏
  3. I nabbed a pretty neat find the other day and I think it was sunbaker... Is it only a sunbaker if you saw it before you disturbed it or is it still a sunbaker if the rock that it's lodged in tells a sunbaker tale? Every dirt dog can tell what half of a float rock was in the ground and what half was face up. This is a rock with a nugget lodged in it that tells one of those sunbaker tales. Is it a sunbaker? -OR- Was it a sunbaker? -...OR- Is it not a sunbaker? It's wedged in there really good! I haven't tried to yank it out because it's so unique a
  4. While awaiting my plexiglass that I ordered off Amazon, I found an alternative for my idea since I was chomping at the bit to get out and mark some targets! I found an old plastic cutting board/sheet and cut it into little 1.5" x 6" strips. The one I had happened to be a bright green color and it worked fairly well. I started at the site of the last nugget I found on a previous trip and bound them up in the branches of nearby creosote bushes to line out an area to thoroughly detect. I only got two signals while I examined this area and neither of them ended up being within the area I marked of
  5. I just interpret the strong gusts that seem to point me in a new direction as mother nature giving me the pointy finger at some gold I would have otherwise walked right past and I keep on going, wondering all the while if she was actually protectively turning me away from some nuggets! 🤔😂
  6. Totally relate with you on that! Different detecting techniques=different detecting moods. I've been pretty curious lately about marking targets before I dig them in a patch clean up experiment. Thinking it will also force me to take the time to track off gps squares on the map of the area I just examined.
  7. I'm imagining this device to produce for the user something like a highly interactive VR type of GPR video in time with metal detection but almost in a way that those super fancy stabilizing binoculars work to smooth out the shake that I can imagine would be inevitable in a hand held device. By interactive, I mean that you can very comfortably, reasonably, and with much ease, be able to visually search the depths of the ground beneath the [search coil?] in the display when a target response is located. Maybe the display is passive as well! A VR headset that you put on for target recovery???
  8. I ended up blowing something in my 5k. Pep Boys got me back in business. In my experience, the GPX is real touchy when it comes to keeping up on the fluids.
  9. Can't wait to see this technology applied to treasure hunting. It must be coming up here in this century right???
  10. Excellent idea! A HUGE THANK YOU!!! I've been feeling quite hung up on what to mark targets with lately. It's all about staying in that smooth groove while detecting. I was just about prepared to buy some rolls of pink flagging and just tie a length of it around a rock on top of targets. But I like the idea of using something rigid to mark with. I'll try cutting a sheet of solid colored plexiglass into multiple 1.5-inch wide "rulers" to squeeze between rocks over targets. Loving the technique.
  11. You bet and you said it! Many thanks, and here's to the next ones! 🍺
  12. Here are a couple things I've run into detecting lately that I figured I could share here for some motivation! This first one comes from a patch where the trash is elusive and the hot rocks are warm at the worst. This one gram specimen is the first specimen I've ever found at this location. I found it detecting a small gully on a big hill sitting near the top of a cut bank about 2 feet above the surface of the bed of the gully. It was the first gold find on that particular outing and in an area near my main patch which I hadn't yet found gold, let alone detected much at all.
  13. Dang... He oughta just re-work some silver around it just like before! What's done... It did look spectacular before cleaning...
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