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  1. Yikes! It is getting hot down there for you guys! Looks like some good depth for that little bit! Nice!
  2. Yeah I’m seeing a granite cobble, possibly a pegmatite. Those are some pretty coarse grains, even outside of those larger vuggy zones.
  3. Pretty neat seeing a photo of the proto! And in action making it happen!!! That is one B-E-A-utiful specimen! I bet that was sOme feeling to see what emerged after soaking it! Excellent!
  4. SD is the old Super Detector Minelab made before the 3000. SD2000,2100,2200s.
  5. Ah maaan! I am seriously wanting to put my coil over RP!!! Excellent, excellent.
  6. Probably just bits of your excavator bucket. Does it happen to be made of gold? That would probably explain why there are so many in such a small area. I’d invest in a steel bucket, much more durable. Although it could be exhilarating to continue using the golden bucket that I think you’re using, since it creates the illusion of finding nugs no matter where you dig! Just a thought... Daniel
  7. Hmmm I dunno, looks more like you stumbled upon a healthy cult of nuggets involved in some sort of exotic ritual involving a Merc dime??? Daniel
  8. Hello! The area I found these two nuggets in is actually a known and producing patch that I have been exploring and observing. I personally have found just over 10 nuggets from this deposit ranging from multi-gram to sub-gram, and I am also aware of a few other detectorists who have pulled many nuggets from the very same location. However! I am not completely convinced yet as to what type of deposit this may be... Sometimes the gold and the ground suggest it is a high and dry ancient channel that has been concentrated over time on this hilltop and in a nearby gulch. But other times
  9. Hello from the West! I go by the name Tree, given to me by some jokers making comments about a jacket I wore once! Anyways, my number one is gold prospecting; detecting, drywashing, and panning. In that order. Though I am interested in other methods of course. My number two is general rock hounding. My mantra is, “Always be prospecting.” And it is always suitable! I have been aware of my prospecting habits for 7 years now and there’s no sign of them ever going away! I am seriously, seriously grateful for these prospecting forums. Where a great variety of knowledge and idea
  10. First off, hello all! Great reads here, and a big thanks to Steve for all of the generous work put in for the lay-detectorists. I have gold fever. I’ve had it since I first dug up my own gold in 2013 and I’ve learned that it never goes away. It just gets worse as it sinks it’s claws deeper into its poor host. My summer job this year really hasn’t left me much free time for prospecting. Mostly a very brief opportunity to pan some gravel in the Feather River for flood gold. Much of the time for prospecting it has actually allowed me has been in the f
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