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  1. Good day people. Little_fellow here from northeastern Ontario. I have some property here but I don't have the mineral rights on it. I don't recall why I was under the impression that anyone wanting to look for surface gold or mineral on the ground surface was entitled to do so but upon doing some research , it seems like whoever owns the mineral rights, owns everything as far as mineral rights go, here in Ontario. Can any one tell me what my options are or do I have any options? I've never done anything like this but I think this would be interesting.
  2. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Joe D. I'm glad to be part of the gang. Have a great day and hope to hear from you again.
  3. Yes, I don't own the mineral rights. I've owned this property ( 120 acres ) for about 5 or 6 years now. I built a road right through it and I have a hunting camp on it. I'm not convinced that approaching the mineral rights owner is favorable. The way they acquired the rights is by spending a certain amount of money doing the prospecting and what else to acquire the mineral rights. That being said, I believe anyone has the right on surface minerals. What I'd like to know is. Do I start with a pan or a metal detector. I do have a pan but I don't have a metal detector yet.
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm not sure what to do first. Should I just start panning or should I try with a metal detector. There is lots of mineral on my land. In the early years of 1900 this area was booming with people looking for mineral and like you said , silver is in abundance in this area . My property was prospected and possibly mined a bit. There is quite a few shallow holes here and there on it where the ground was tested. There is quite a few old silver mines on properties near mine. I don't have the mineral rights for my property but I believe I can still prospect for surface m
  5. Hi everyone, I'm an older fellow here hoping to get a few tips and tricks on how to do a bit of gold searching on my property. I'm nearing retirement and this could possibly be a descent hobby to get into.
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