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  1. Hey don't y'all think it's odd you can't find a new Etrac to buy at the bigger detector sites. Same can be said for the Safari and X-terra. Equinox and Vanquish are not sold out and those are the Minelabs biggest sellers. CTX is sold out at some places. It's not proof by any stretch, but makes you wonder if those sold out detectors are being phased out. Maybe I'm just wanting to believe a new release will be sooner than later.
  2. I purchased my 800 in early Nov. 2018. I have a gazillion hours on it. Never had a coil ear break and hope I don't. I have 2 800's now plus a Coiltek 10x5 I am leaving on one one of them for now. So I have 2 11" coils in case I do ever break an ear. Weird some people break ears on multiple coils and some folks never break any!
  3. I hope it's not another year before they put out a new flagship detector. I had been keeping tabs on the stock inventory on the big sites that sell detectors. The Etrac is out of stock every place I look. CTX sold out in several places. Could be COVID parts shortage related or the increased sales have just depleted stock. I was hopeful it was due to a phase out of those detectors due to a introduction of a new top of the line detector.
  4. I worry about it's depth too. It's a nice coil though. I hunted with it behind the stock 11" coil and it did well. I found several things going back behind the 11". A silver ring and an IHP that I really can't fathom how I could have missed. Not only that, but my buddy swinging his Etrac also missed them. They were solid signals with 10x5. Not iffys at all. Had I just walked away from with the 11" or not heard them at all? I definitely like it better than the Minelab 6" coil by a lot.
  5. Mine seems to work fine. No issues so far. I'm satisfied with mine thus far. I found a nice selection of old coins, relics, and a silver ring this past weekend with mine.
  6. How much depth loss with the Coiltek 10x5? Does it handle EMI any better?
  7. I just got an email from Serious Detecting saying they were in stock. I ordered one. We will see if it was worth it or not. I kind of have my doubts.
  8. You've had 3 pod replacements in how many years? I had one within the first couple of months after getting mine 2.5 years ago. Since then no issues and I have put very serious use on mine. I did trade for another 800 lately as mainly a backup because I got rid of all my other detectors. Were your issues water related or something? That seems like a lot if they just died. With all the use I have put on my original unit the battery seems to have held up well. I don't let it get very low before a recharge.
  9. I like their products, and I had an Impact as my first detector when I decided to get into detecting seriously. It's a good detector, but when I got the Equinox 800 in 2018 the Impact went straight to backup detector status. I ended up selling not to long ago after getting a second Equinox 800. I even got rid of my Etrac because overall I found the Equinox to be superior. At this point the only company that I am super interested about any new releases from is Minelab. Sure I would take a serious look at what Nokta/Makro has to offer, but at this point it would have to be proven to outperform what I am presently swinging.
  10. I don't think it's cell phone related. I think it's electrical. I guess I could try that, but like I said I think is caused by electric lines or equipment.
  11. I posted this on another forum other than Detector Prospector also. I feel Detector Prospector tends to be a bit more technical oriented than the other forum so I posted it here also. I am 100% all in on the Equinox. I like it so much I have 2 800's. My biggest gripe is how susceptible it is to EMI. Some of my best spots have EMI so bad I have to turn the Nox down to like 15 or below. I used to run a Nokta Impact in 14kHz as my main detector before I got the Nox and it had EMI issues also, but I don't remember it being quite as bad. I think the Nox is a much hotter detector than the Impact is. It's sure a lot deeper than the Impact. I don't have the problem everywhere so I know it's not a detector problem. Running a smaller coil helps some, but not a lot. So I've had an Etrac and never once did I have any audible EMI issues. Is it Multi-IQ that is susceptible or what? Do power companies check for EMI issues like bad connections or transformers that may be the culprit? Most of my issues have been in the older parts of towns where the power infrastructure tends to be much older. How many other people with the Equinox notice EMI is worse on it more than other detectors they use?
  12. This question came up on another forum and you would think these days detectors like the Minelab Equinox would not have any fluke units where one was better or worse than the next. Back in the day I'm pretty sure this was not true with analog detectors where electronic parts were probably procured at the cheapest price the manufacturer could procure them, and substitute parts with differing tolerances were probably used. I have read where people will have a vintage guitar amp recapped with new in spec capacitors and the amp loses the great tone it had before. Actually that's why certain guitar amps back in the day of the same model might have a few that sounded unbelievable compared to the rest. I would think old school analog detectors would suffer from in or out of tolerance stacking much more than today's units.
  13. I use F2-0 always. Using F2-0 lets you sniff out masked deep silver better. The higher the Iron Bias the more good targets I'm going to miss.
  14. I use both wired and bluetooth. I have never used the WM08. I use stock bluetooth headphones most of the time for the untethered experience. I have a pair of wired headphones that are much better quality than the stock Minelab bluetooth headphones. I use the wired headphones when I get real serious about iffy targets and hearing deep targets.
  15. Hey not that this means anything, but not long ago a dealer was selling his CTX demo unit. I thought about buying, then I got to thinking why sell your demo unit? I started looking around and at the big seller's and they have practically no Etrac's or CTX's in stock. Might have been a bunch sold at Christmas and no new restock shipments yet, but maybe they won't be restocked.
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