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  1. I don't think it's cell phone related. I think it's electrical. I guess I could try that, but like I said I think is caused by electric lines or equipment.
  2. I posted this on another forum other than Detector Prospector also. I feel Detector Prospector tends to be a bit more technical oriented than the other forum so I posted it here also. I am 100% all in on the Equinox. I like it so much I have 2 800's. My biggest gripe is how susceptible it is to EMI. Some of my best spots have EMI so bad I have to turn the Nox down to like 15 or below. I used to run a Nokta Impact in 14kHz as my main detector before I got the Nox and it had EMI issues also, but I don't remember it being quite as bad. I think the Nox is a much hotter detector than the Impac
  3. This question came up on another forum and you would think these days detectors like the Minelab Equinox would not have any fluke units where one was better or worse than the next. Back in the day I'm pretty sure this was not true with analog detectors where electronic parts were probably procured at the cheapest price the manufacturer could procure them, and substitute parts with differing tolerances were probably used. I have read where people will have a vintage guitar amp recapped with new in spec capacitors and the amp loses the great tone it had before. Actually that's why certain guitar
  4. I use F2-0 always. Using F2-0 lets you sniff out masked deep silver better. The higher the Iron Bias the more good targets I'm going to miss.
  5. I use both wired and bluetooth. I have never used the WM08. I use stock bluetooth headphones most of the time for the untethered experience. I have a pair of wired headphones that are much better quality than the stock Minelab bluetooth headphones. I use the wired headphones when I get real serious about iffy targets and hearing deep targets.
  6. Hey not that this means anything, but not long ago a dealer was selling his CTX demo unit. I thought about buying, then I got to thinking why sell your demo unit? I started looking around and at the big seller's and they have practically no Etrac's or CTX's in stock. Might have been a bunch sold at Christmas and no new restock shipments yet, but maybe they won't be restocked.
  7. Does EMI not enter from the coil itself? Seems like with the 6" coil on it's less affected. I tried EMI shielding tape on the head unit and got no EMI relief.
  8. I think the Equinox 800 is a incredible detector, but being a gear nerd I'm hoping Minelab releases a new high end coin machine soon. I personally think the Etrac and CTX are probably still the top notch machines for strictly searching for and identifying silver coins. They are both getting long in the tooth, and are both kind of clunky in their form factor. My guess is their sales have decreased dramatically since the Equinox was released.
  9. All I know is the beauty of the Nox is the ability to switch modes to find the one that works the best. Plus the ability to tweak each mode to see if they can be improved further. I have used Park2 as my main mode for a long time, and for example the park with the clay soil it seems to be best for me. Had I not experimented with Park1 at the site with the sandy soil I'm positive I would have missed some finds. I found silver with Park2 there, but once I switched to Park1 I found more and deeper targets.
  10. I wanted to try Park1 today with a higher Iron Bias setting at this park I find really deep dimes in. This is not the site the Walker came from where I have been finding most of my silver lately. That site is pure sand. This park is heavy clay. So in Park1 with iron bias low constant falsing on deep nails. Turn up the iron bias and no diggable deep signals I could find. Now this will have to be explored further at a later date when I have more time. Anyway being short on time I went back to Park2 re-GB'ed, iron bias F2-1, recovery 6. It seemed like immediately I started hitting a few deep Whea
  11. Thanks I will up the iron bias number in F2 and see what happens. I still can't figure out why in the Park I was talking about Park2 works better or appears to work better than Park1 on the deep silver dimes. Today my only silver was this Walking Liberty half dollar. Park1, F2-1, Sens. 22, Recovery 5. GB 12. Very impressive depth.
  12. I know two guys that have an Equinox other than myself. One guy is very easy on his detectors. He uses them a lot, but they all look brand new and he detects a lot. He is not rough on detectors. He broke ears on the stock coil fairly quickly. I'm not sure of the circumstances. I never had an issue with the stock coil ears breaking and I bet mine has more hours of use than most do. Weather starting out the morning freezing to temps in the 90's. Actually probably 100's if you count sitting in the back of a truck. The other Nox owner I know has all three size coils and has yet to break a coil ear
  13. Both guys find a lot of silver normally. One guy is a stock program guy. The other tweaks his machines a lot. He runs his Etrac hot. Both used stock as well as larger than stock coils on this site. They swung over many of my targets and a few of the silver. They either could not hear them or when they could it was not a tone or numbers to lead them to dig. They both are for the most part tone hunters. When they tried to dig most of the time they were digging iron nails. I found so many Wheat cents I quit digging them unless I was getting numbers bordering into the silver range. They on the oth
  14. One site was new. It has very sandy soil and most all silver found was probably lost in the early 1940's-50's. These coins have sank super deep. The first time I hunted it I was in Park2 until the very end of the hunt. I was finding deep coins, but I switched to Park1 and it lit up big time. The other site is a hammered park I have been finding deep Mercs for awhile, but since I lowered Recovery to 4 I have gotten 3 of the deepest Mercury dimes I have ever dug out of heavy clay soil. I run Park2 there because I get a lot of iron falsing in Park1. Park2 does not false on iron nearly as bad. Pic
  15. In the last week I have found 12 silver coins at some incredible depths with the Equinox 800. Dimes, quarters, and wheat cents at up to 12". Both Park1 and Park2 have been used depending on the soil. I think Park1 may be a little deeper than Park2. Regardless of which Park program I use I run Iron Bias in F2-0-1, Multi 5 tones, Recovery 4, Sensitivity 22-24 if EMI is low, but even at 20 I have achieved some incredible depths. I've had buddies swing over these with Etrac's and CTX's with large coils and they can't touch some of these deep coins. One buddy used his Etrac, Deus, and Anfibio and w
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