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  1. Either a weird coincidence or they are monitoring forums because they have deleted the Etrac and updated the News section just since I posted about them not updating the websiite.
  2. I agree everyone should find what works for them individually depending on the site they are hunting. Which is why I seldom use a recovery as low as 3. Steve said, "Well, that's what recovery speed is basically" pertaining to the faster audio clipping as you raise the recovery speed. So does raising or lowering the recovery speed actually speed up and slow down the processing of targets or is it just a set parameter that cuts the length of audio response? I hate to be a hard head, but I'd like to half way understand what's going on when you raise and lower the recovery speed. If you sweep the coil over targets at a set swing speed the detector only sees them for a brief instance no matter what the recovery speed is. I haven't taken a deep dive into searching for stuff about recovery speed, but nothing I have read said it was speeding up or slowing down the actual processing speed of each hit target.
  3. First of all I personally always use a recovery of at least 4, and as high as 6 in the programs I use. So I haven't been bogged down by the comment Tom made about the Equinox and recovery speed. So is the statement Tom made true about it only being audio clipping above a recovery setting of 3? Statements have been made about bad dirt vs. mild. I didn't know recovery speed actually mattered with the type dirt you had. Can someone explain why it matters. It would seem if it truly was only audio clipping above a recovery setting of 3 then raising the recovery speed higher wouldn't matter in how the detector handles the hot vs. mild ground. Yeah now I'm confused on this.
  4. Taken from page 3 RE- Minelab Equinox owners - Question: "NASA Tom" On the EQX 800 platform...… you have Target Recovery Response speed choices of 1-8. The EQX 800 platform is at Electronic Quiescence....with a TRR of '3'. It is 'maximum-tuned' at speed '3'. Any deviation above/below '3'..... and you start to get: out-of-electronic-tune. Now...…. with this EQX platform..... you can choose a Recovery Speed of '8'..... and it works/sounds great!...… but.,.,.,.,., in reality...….. you are not achieving any enhanced/greater adjacent target separation characteristics.,.,.,.,.,.,., you are merely 'clipping' the audio length. In some applications..... it may be helpful to the human ear...… as far as human audible intelligibility; yet, enhancement of adjacent target separation is not physically possible. . . . . . . . due to the following physics principle
  5. Sorry must have forgot it was 5. Have not ran mine on 5 in Park1 for so long must have forgotten. Thought it was 4 where mine stays most of the time. Yeah I've read everything on Dankowski's forum about recovery speed. I've just never heard anyone mention turning up the recovery in Park1. Seems most turn it down. Wasn't it stated that 3 was actually the fastest it would go and every time you raise the recovery number after 3 you are just affecting the audio response?
  6. Since this deals with separation how many of you ever raise the recovery speed in Park1 up higher than the stock setting of 4? I have only lowered it in Park1 for added depth. In Park2 I have raised it where trash is super thick, and all targets are shallow, but I've never lowered below the stock setting of 6. To be honest I just hunt for coins and relics. I much prefer Park1 and Park2 as my go to programs. Whatever they did with the Equinox in those 2 programs they did right because if you never adjust anything they are still fantastic.
  7. Minelab under utilizes it's website and YouTube. They have a Youtube channel that is not overly utilized, and the Minelab website is not what I would call current. The website even still has the Etrac as a current detector being made. When was the last time you saw a new Etrac for sale? It's actually been awhile since there has been anything posted in the Treasure Talk portion. Practically zip for the Minelab News section. Both the YouTube and the website are the perfect place to stay in touch with customers. Why not at least give a heads up like "Coming this fall", "Coming in 2023." "New flagship detector on the horizon" Two brand new releases from other companies and people might hold off if they knew there was something for sure forthcoming. I could go on, but won't. Okay rant over.
  8. Nice finds! Especially that Large Cent. That's a bucket list coin I hope to dig some day. Very tough to dig one where I live.
  9. Okay gotcha. I guess that makes sense. I do have a place with shallow targets. Think tilled ground with old and modern mixed, but I'm scared the iron and modern trash would be to thick for a coil that long. I guess I'll just stick with the small coils I have for my Equinox.
  10. What is the point of this coil. Doesn't it's increased length negate how narrow it is. In other words aren't you massively increasing the probability of getting multiple targets under the coil at the same time versus one of the same width but only 7" long?
  11. When I first responded I was talking about dirt as I did not know the initial environment being talked about was the beach. I retract my statement as I have never hunted a beach. Park1 and Park2 on dry land running F2 0 on very deep edge of detection targets in my dirt I don't dig if when I circle I get any negative numbers. I also don't want to see any numbers above 36 popping up either. I'm generally fine with the numbers bouncing upper teens to about lower 30's. I've dug Merc dimes 9"-10" in Park2. People say Park2 is not as deep as Park1, and may not be, but in my opinion Park2 gives better info on whats ferrous and what is not. In Park2 in my dirt with a good ground balance will not false on iron as bad as Park1 will. You can have a iffy target in Park1 and switch to Park2 and it generally starts iron grunting. Have I ever passed up an iffy that was really a coin? Probably maybe, but once I saw a pattern on the really deep ones I quit digging certain targets that didn't meet the criteria. I did dig some at first that didn't meet the criteria and every one was iron. Honestly it's been awhile since I dug one of the really deep ones. I watched a video someone had done on in the wild really deep iffy silver, and I thought that's not very iffy to me. There is a fine line on when to dig and when to walk away on the type targets I'm describing. Like you said we all have our threshold on when to walk away and when to go for it.
  12. Diggindaboot I've been swinging the Equinox for almost 4 years. I'm not sure what your talking about when it comes to digging iron with the Equinox. I guess if you're digging lots of ferrous with the Equinox, you in fact do not know how to use it. You would in fact, be terribly mistaken. I've found it extremely easy to tell what's iron and what's not iron. If your saying you have to investigate more falsing iron with the Equinox I might be able to buy that. Even in very old thick iron situations I can avoid digging much iron. I have not used the D2, but have a buddy that has one and maybe he doesn't know it well enough yet, but I'm the one telling him what's iron and what's not iron.
  13. Congrats on the nice finds! Earlier in the year I was hunting a late 1800's or early 1900's house and despite high hopes was not finding much when I got a classic IHP signal on my Nox 18-19. Yep it was a 1900 IHP. Not two steps away I get another classic IHP beep and dig out a 1907 Barber dime! Not a worn one either. It was dropped with very little wear. I swung back over the hole checking for another coin, but got nothing. I honestly don't remember if I heard iron or not. Another time this year I passed on a Merc I thought was a penny, and my buddy dug it. It was heavily worn and rang low out of the hole too. Man that always smarts when that happens! I was kicking myself the rest of the day.
  14. I guess that video shows why for test to be fair the detectors being tested need to have at least the same size coils on them.
  15. Congrats on the gold coin! It's every detectorist dream. Yours finally came true.
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