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  1. Video fatigue has already set in for me. I have not seen much in any video so far that I thought was super useful. Just enough to peak interest, and ready to get one in my hands. I do think seeing multiple targets and the way they smear and show round targets based on shape is pretty neat. I've pre-ordered for several reasons. #1 Fresh warranty and improved build quality. #2 Stoked about 100 numerical I.D. and the 2D screen. #3 Hoping this improved EMI handling is actually true, and better than the noise cancel on the Equinox.
  2. All I am saying is mentioning the word leaking when associated with the Manticore just because the Equinox had leak problems is a stretch. Obviously Minelab has addressed the coil ear breakage with a newly designed coil. A little common sense would tell you they more than likely addressed the leak problems associated with the Equinox. It's actually given a rating of IP68. Minelab states it's good to 16ft. this time. Lets look at the Manticore. Visually it's similar to the Equinox, but everything is different. Not one part structurally is the same as the Equinox. The guy I believe his name is Mark has said in one of the first videos I saw about the Manticore something to the effect this is not an Equinox. I have nothing against Gigmaster at all. I've watched some of his videos. It's still barely a free country the last I checked and he can post as many videos and speculate all he wants about any machine he wants. I may be lumping him in with folks who make money off posting videos and desire hits. He has made a lot of videos. Not all about metal detecting, but a lot of videos period. Again I have nothing against him.
  3. Gigmaster has 29K subscribers and a little over 2,000 plus videos in 7 years. To say he does not want hits is ridiculous. He has a lot of uploads. As a comparison. The Hoover Boys 113K subscribers 532 videos in 7 years. I find 4 machines that have cracked around the charging port to be really strange. 4 machines that have leaked owned by the same user most likely has something to do with the user doing something that causes it. You would think the replacement units would have been spread out over time so it wouldn't be a bad batch of plastic. One crack extends all the way to the wired headphone connection port in his photo. I can't imagine plastic cracking on it's own without being overly stressed in some way. What he is doing to stress that area I have no idea. I have kept my 2018 Nox 800 in a hot or freezing vehicle for days on end. I have charged that unit constantly putting on and removing the charging cord probably well above the number of times the average user would. I looked at mine last evening taking a photo and enlarged it not seeing the faintest issue around the charge port. In fact Gigmaster is only guy I have heard complain about the problem. I Googeled "Minelab Equinox charging port cracks" and only get stuff related to what he posted. He also made videos about the Nox leaking around where the handle attached to the rod and battery compartment, and how to enhance the waterproofing around that potential water ingress point. I still think it's a stretch to assume or worry about the Manticore having leaking problems before it's in the hands of users just because it charges the same way as the Equinox. I still think he sits around thinking about topics he can use to up his YouTube content.
  4. You can tell the head of the unit is not exactly the same as the Equinox. Seeing the issues the Equinox had it would have been in Minelab's best interest to solve all issues before releasing the Manticore. For a device to get a rating does it not have to be tested by an outside company? I think the "will it leak video" was uncalled for. Gigmaster is a content maker regardless of how good or helpful his videos are. My issue is this one was made to garner hits. He couldn't make a speculation video about will the coil ears break. I like most people would expect the leak issue was also solved.
  5. Guys this may not be what you want to hear, but I think detecting technology wise the Manticore is Minelab's new Flagship detector. I could be wrong, but I don't see them coming out with a new expert range hobby detector anytime in the near future after this one. I just really doubt there is going to be another $2,500-$3000 dollar hobby detector. My guess is the CTX is no longer being manufactured. The units they have in a warehouse somewhere is probably all they have other than spare parts. For those crying over no new CTX or waiting for a new CTX I bet your hearts are going to continue to be broken. The Manticore has been in testers hands for awhile. Maybe some longer than others. There was some guy on Youtube who was talking about a (Beast) of a detector to be released soon. This was June 2021. Most of the list of features match the Manticore's. I would be really surprised if we see another expert level hobby detector from Minelab for awhile. I think any talk of a new $2000.00+ flagship detector in the next two years would be nothing but wishful thinking.
  6. I've had a pre-order in since Aug. 27th. I've always said the Equinox was a better all around detector than the CTX. Just as deep in my opinion. They are saying the following about the Manticore vs. the Nox. Deeper, faster, better I.D. more segments+2d ferrous conductive screen, better build, better waterproofing. That's why I got on a pre-order list the second day after it was announced. So one question I have is the adjustable Iron Bias feature gone? I ran mine at F2-0 all the time, but I'm guessing the 2D screen takes the place of an Iron Bias adjustment? Before you could raise or lower IB if you wanted to quickly pass on the iffy targets that might have been sounding non-ferrous. I never had that trouble for the most part. Even at an IB of 0 I didn't get fooled a lot. Okay now it's called Ferrous Limit. I guess that you set it in the menu and it shows visually on the screen ever how high or low it's set.
  7. So most detector companies make different coils for their machines. So why don't they optimize programs for specific coil sizes? For instance with the Equinox would using Park1 with the 11" work just as good if you changed to the 6" changing nothing. You could go into Coil Size in settings and designate what coil your using and once done the detector would change each factory program to be optimized for the size coil you picked. I know optimized for one site might not be optimized for another, but factory settings have to be set where they are for a reason. It just seems that changing coils should require Sensitivity, Recovery, and maybe even frequency tweaks etc. to get the most out of a smaller or larger coil. It seems like a selling point to me.
  8. Two camps here. Always going to be people who just buy it on faith. Always going to be skeptical people who won't buy it right off the bat who want to see good honest reviews before they take the plunge. Again they've had 4 years to make the Equinox better from a performance and build quality standpoint. How much better is anyone's guess. You know it has more features. Minelab appears to have incorporated build improvements and things people ask for. Look at this detector as kind of the difference between an Etrac and CTX performance wise. Not a lot, but the CTX has more features. That's the way I look at it and basing my decision to go ahead and pre-order. I personally don't think the U.S. price is out of line or unreasonable. I hope that in the near future Minelab will come out with a better pinpointer. Maybe like the MI-6 which could pair with the detector.
  9. "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" I believe it says Minelab on it too. History has shown so far at least if you see that logo you get performance. The Equinox 800 has been very good to me, and if this detector has more features and upgrades that's all that matters to me.
  10. At the top of the screen there is an icon that appears to be a weight? Anybody have a clue about that?
  11. I figure I will be pre-ordering. I've been holding out for this release for awhile. Looks like the wait will soon be over.
  12. Minelab/Codan full year report FY22 is on the Codan website. I skimmed through it and they mention a couple of times new product releases for 2023. "FY23 first half sales may not reach the $138 million achieved in FY22. We do however expect improvement in the second half of FY23, as we generate sales from new product releases and realize the benefits of our business development and marketing initiatives. " Later they mention again "The business remains well positioned to drive further market share growth with new product releases in FY23...." So maybe they will announce something at Detectival. I really hope so anyway.
  13. The 18th of this month is the Codan year end report for physical 2022. It's possible more hints could be revealed in that report on any future releases. They finally removed the Etrac, Safari, and X-terra from the website recently which could be a sign of something new coming. I'm kinda wondering if the release will be a land only machine. I don't really need a waterproof machine myself. So I don't care either way. I can also see a detector strictly designed for land use having a lower MSRP versus a fully waterproof machine. Actually I think it would be smart to release a new land only machine to keep cost down, besides avoiding the headaches associated with them. I've had my hopes up for quite a while now there would be something new. Maybe this Fall they will announce something.
  14. I didn't think XP or Nokta/Makro could make a multi-frequency detector as good as the Equinox on the first go around. I have been proved wrong. I have hunted with two guys using the Deus II comparing targets. As I've mentioned before I can't tell any strengths of one over the other in my ground using the multi-frequency programs on dry ground. One of the guys also has the Legend, but I have not got to see it in action yet. He says it's very good.
  15. I wonder how much the health of the economy factors into if a company like Minelab wants to release a new product. Do they hold off if the economy is weak? No matter how good a product like a metal detector is people have to pay for the necessities first. I wonder how this plays out with the inflation at least in the U.S. the highest it's been in decades. Gas prices and food prices on a steadily rising to the point the public has to tighten their belts so to speak. All the talk or wishful thinking has been about Minelab releasing a flagship detector. Flagship models are generally a companies most expensive model. Would they release a flagship model when the economies around the world are doing so poorly?
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