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  1. Hello Rick, definitely lack of interest at the moment as we can't go anywhere lol! You may be surprised though, the ukgpa site had a lot of members for purely gold panning. It makes for a good weekend away and a bit of an adventure too if you turn it into a camping trip! But yes, you should definitely give it a try if you are ever offered the opportunity. It's great fun, although it's surprisingly more hard work than you may think! Hopefully someone may come across this thread and update whether the group still exists.
  2. Many thanks for reply and the welcome, maybe one of the mods could move it to that forum if it's more appropriate
  3. Hello all, I just signed up! Does anyone know what happened to the UKGPA? I was a member and I met up with a few from there on a gold panning trip about 3-4 years ago. Thought I'd like to get back into it and have another go, but I can no longer find their website and no trace of them on the internet! Think it was Dave and Julie running it, if I remember rightly? Would be great to know if they are still around? any info would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!
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