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  1. My 2-cents worth. For the amount of detecting I have time to do, and for the ground conditions I experience, my Whites Goldmaster 24K and also my TDI SL will be more than adequate. I hunt mostly for gold and occasionally for coins and relics. For me they are great. In addition, I have always been a fan of Whites, so I will never give them up. I have found that for the mild soils where I detect, they both serve their intended purposes very well and I am very satisfied with them.
  2. Geotech: Thanks for your thoughts and also the link.
  3. Digalicious: Thanks for the links. Much appreciated.
  4. I am interested in the history of White's Electronics. So, just for fun I have decided to start researching their history. This is just a personal interest project for me. I have found just a few newspaper articles, some patent numbers and have or have reference to a few of their brochure packets. I am interested in all of their history, from the inception, through the geiger counter phase, why they started making metal detectors, when various models were introduced, etc. to the end of the business. Does any one know of any written history on the company or does anyone have any references or links to references that they are willing to share? PM's are welcome. Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. Kac: thanks for the additional info. Maybe I missed it, but I have a question on the diodes: do you have a part number such as 1N??? Thanks.
  6. kac - thanks for sharing. do you have a link for the schematic?
  7. I bought my TDI SL just as White's was closing. Due to other time commitments I have had only limited time to learn the machine. Reading various posts here and on other forums I realize that there are a lot of techniques that I need to learn, whether for gold, relics or coins. My primary interest is gold, but I occasionally search for relics and coins. I have tried searching this forum for information on techniques and videos but no luck. When I use the search term "TDI SL" I do not find any results. I have found just a few videos on YouTube. Any guidance on search terms, links to training videos here or elsewhere, or links to text on techniques would be greatly appreciated. I realize that I may have missed the obvious, and if that is the case, I apologize in advance. Thanks for the help.
  8. This may be a silly question, but here goes: Do you still have the broken piece(s) from the edge of the meter cover? If so, with very careful work, it may be possible, using plastic model cement, to glue the pieces together and then attach them to the original meter case. Just a little food for thought. Best wishes with your repair/replacement.
  9. I agree. Steve, it seems very fair to me too. I am in full support of your proposed action.
  10. karelian - thanks for your insight and tips. As a beginning TDI SL user I appreciate your input on both procedure and technique.
  11. Steve: Thank you for your detailed explanation of this process. Greatly appreciated.
  12. I am not an Axiom owner but am curious if Garrett's Axiom suffers from the same "blind spot" issue and if so this poses a similar question as to how to fix it other than cover the same area with different settings? Thanks
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