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  1. Best wishes on the sale of your book. Due to other commitments I will not be able to make the show.
  2. Geotech: I've been away from the forum for a while and just dropped in on this very interesting conversation. I have a question about conductivity and apologize in advanced if I missed the answer elsewhere. When you talk about conductivity of metals, do you refer to electrical conductivity or magnetic conductivity as in magnetic susceptibility? Thanks
  3. El Nino77: congratulations on the anticipated arrival of the Garrett Goldmaster 24k. I look forward to your review.
  4. Thanks for the idea and info. It is always nice to have a few extra "tricks in the bag" for this hobby. 👍
  5. Steve H. Just wanted to say thanks for fixing the ad issue. I like the way you have run the site.👍
  6. Welcome to the forum; glad you chose to join us. 🙂
  7. Welcome aboard. Glad you chose to join us.
  8. Welcome to the forum. Sorry to learn about your father. Congratulations on your finds, and best wishes for your future detecting.
  9. Thanks for the additional info and link. I will pursue this when I have time. 🙂
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