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  1. I own a 600. It came with standard wire headphones. I want to update to wireless. The standard headphones fall apart(cup where wire extrudes from plastic holder). In a strong onshore wind or sea conditions, it lets in a lot of background noise. Can you suggest what headphones(wireless) can I investigate? I hear there is more to this than I expected, as I read a few stories here. All those alpha/number settings don't help me as I am a NEWBIE to detecting. Yeah, I should have gotten the 800, but no one was around to answer questions. ' 'Nuff of my railing/raiting. ANY help as to
  2. I'm a newbie and have a Minelab 600 withy wired headphones. After being almost strangled by the wire(huge windstorm) I am looking to upgrade to BLUETOOTH headphones. I am an ex commercial fisherman and all this info is mind boggling. Trying to decide what headphones would be the best( surf/sand detecting). The if on the m80 Minelab isn't good. Any help would be a blessing. Thanks in advance. I live in Central Florida. Joe B...aka...Ancient Mariner
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