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  1. Morning! Can you tell me what it is? I found this in Central Florida and the only "rocks" we have here are fossilized corals. But it was near the "landscaping rocks" pile people in FL buy and litter their property with, so it could be part of this pile and in that case brought from out of state. It is very heavy and feels solid. 2 corners are chipped and some different yellow material shows through. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Atp2fP1AWl8Bl28KWLlCxx1Bwukc?e=QXyZYX Thank you for suggestions. '
  2. Thank you everyone for trying 🙂 I don't know anything about them except they are sold online. I did not buy them yet. I wanted to, I like them, to make a necklace as a gift. But I know my friend will ask me what is it, she always wants to know :). So I thought some of you experts will know...
  3. Good Evening! Sorry if my question is a bit naïve ... I saw a lot of beads being sold as " blue Shou Shan Stone" or "snakeskin jasper" or all of that together. They all look the same like in the pictures attached. But real Shou Shan stone looks completely different (and snakeskin jasper too). So, what is it? Man-made? Thank you, Maria
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