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  1. They look even worse since he tried to give himself gangrene. The state government banned him from taking off his boots on entry, worried about scaring the woman and children.
  2. I can see Krissys videos going viral in a couple weeks when the Outback Kraut has the Outback Yank in for a cameo!
  3. I’m making a list of all the people bagging out my lovely little town and your all getting coal for Christmas. Dont know why you need a detector Paul, you spent 90% of your time at the pub with me last visit 🍻
  4. Lots of different projects on the go lately mate. Gold related, we have been busy mining a high grade reef. We have about 600 ton of quartz stockpiled. I will do a video of that when we start processing. For a different challenge we also took on the job of rebuilding a satellite station. Krissy did a video of that for us, attached below.
  5. Here’s a video a friend of mine did of us digging another chunk off the ugly nugget patch.
  6. The WA side is a lot older and different to the east coast. There are hills here and basically all are associated with harder iron sections in the greenstone belts. Greenstone belts are mostly highly metamorphosed basalt. The weathering profile here in the deserts are a result of a very long time with no real water flow. The majority of weathering here is from chemical weathering and wind, but it has been happening for so long that areas have weathered down several hundred meters. When it weathers like this you end up with the majority of gold patches on the surface, flat ground directly above the source. A bit simplified but typing interferes with my afternoon beer. 🍻 refering to central goldfields, Pilbara is slightly different again.
  7. Congrats on the gold 👍. A good story, I usually only have a quick flick through so took your advice on starting at paragraph 3, ended up going back and reading the first 2. I got a 5g piece the other day at 14” in horrible black iron laterite, was using the 11” coil. It sounded like a 20g piece would sound on the 5k at similar depth, I was stunned when it was only a 5 grammer.
  8. No nets, horse bum cream (natures botanical, rosemary and cedar wood oil) Producers tell ya to take of nets and sunnies when they were here.
  9. I didn’t watch the video, but a 20 grammer at 300mm sounds like a Coke can, I have tried it. My experience similar to Vic, have found over 100 sub gram bits at 10”. I only ever use Auto+ and have never had any noise problems. Tends to prove why utube videos comparing is a waste of time, don’t think I have ever watched one which wasn’t biased in some direction, not hearing a 20g bit at 300mm is definitely involving some sort of trickery.
  10. My finger must have accidentally touched the screen near your scoop mate😉 No need to feel bad about missing them, I had too until I used a loader. I had dug a deep bit there about 7 years ago, so that was the first spot I sent Paul with his 7k 19” when he arrived here, later that day he informed me all the gold was gone from this place after finding nothing 😁😂 Ended up getting about another 30oz from that 100 yard square. Always have great confidence in Minelabs new tech, especially when fine tuned on my ground 🙂
  11. That’s downhill, there was a couple 1oz bits and a 2oz bit uphill aswell 😁
  12. Bit rough calling the big fella a tool, but it’s ok he has strict instructions not to leave my ground. 🙂
  13. Still no sign of America’s most infamous nurse!? Here’s another pic of him looking for the beer fridge while I’m digging a nice piece out. We measure nuggets by how long they take to dig out over here, this was a 3 beeree bit JP detected.
  14. I’ve been surprised by the amount of bits left behind by previous detectors, averaging about 1.5g per hour on flogged out ground. Here’s a pic of her new clothes, although I’m a little jealous now that I’ve seen Docs fashion show. May have to get his clothes for my next one 😉
  15. You know what these hard core adventure types are like mate, he could be anywhere! I have plenty more pics to keep us entertained till his return.
  16. Now now Chuck, you should be able to tell that the pic is a US sized body, Paul is twice the size of me!
  17. Can’t be too much of a fault/problem/error or whatever it’s being called because I can’t get mine to do it 🤨. I have found the 6000 loads quieter then the sdc/5k/zed have been running it on Auto+ with speaker (because I keep forgetting the headphones) on the worst areas I can find, found gold on all. Hopefully they suspend sales and spend 12 months trying to figure out this ‘problem’ 😁
  18. Seem to be varying results on the link posted James. The Nic Mac bloke reckons it was no deeeper on his test patch and had less depth then the 14” on a 1/2 ouncer. Seems to be pinging a good amount of prickly bits in tricky ground, turning the 7000 into a 6000 🤔😉
  19. Same, never use a bungee. Only time I can remember clipping it on in the last few years was with the NF 25” DD.
  20. Them thousand dinks can lead you to the source with a lot more then 4 Oz 😉😁 13oz out of the little leader from that the 1200 patch mentioned earlier led me too.
  21. Several patches close to town here that I got over 1000 nuggets off. Got 1200 off one patch when the sdc first came out. Paid its self off in two weeks on a patch the 5000 couldn’t get anymore. Trick is to get to em all first ! 🤔 I haven’t detected in 2 months to make sure I’m fresh for a month long assault!
  22. A very handy tool for prospecting. Arsenic is the main indicator element in our area. To save money on assays I zap every soil sample then only send the ones away with elevated As. They are a great toy to play with, my mate and I end up zapping everything in sight. Would never eat fish again if you seen some of the hits we got on them! Another interesting one, Caterpillar wanted $8k for some head bolts, being tight arses we got the $600 after market ones. Once we zapped both the composition of them was identical!
  23. Glad you shrunk the picture so we can’t see it properly, those feet would scare small kids.
  24. Campers stranded on one my tenements for Anzac Day. No fire but a light with a nice setup.
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