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  1. Not sure if it's been mentioned in this thread before now, but I recently went through this trying to find a suitable pair of wireless headphones for my Vanquish. I found one pair of (neckband-earbud style) that were the least expensive "quality" ones with APTX LL capability so the latency wasn't crazy, which actually pair properly with the Vanquish, and show the BT+ (indicating the Low Latency is working). The least expensive over the ear ones that matched the same capabilities were significantly more expensive (like double the price). The pair I ended up with were the Sennheis
  2. Hey @phrunt I just read the welcome post, since you're back now, I thought I'd ping you again on this thread, as your user appears to be all shiny and new 🙂 No rush of course, but if/when you get a chance to read what's been said so far, I'd value your suggestions/input. Thanks! And Welcome Back!
  3. Sorry everyone for the delay in responding, had a busy few days. I'll do a big multi-quote and respond to everyone individually below: Thanks! Yeah I don't think the day/time was perfect, in reading a bit more about beach reading, I realized it's been calm lately so the wave action is mostly depositing sand, so the targets are all probably quite deep. That explains the number of light chirpy targets that were only "partially there" and the ones that were solid all being at max depth on the indicator (and the one I dug for ages to find and couldn't find) Definitely eager to encoura
  4. Hey Simon, thanks, no worries not in a huge rush, but will definitely appreciate anything you have to suggest when you're back 🙂 Thanks FloridaSon for the suggestions and encouragement, good to hear I'm essentially on the "Learning Path" lol. Yeah I'm aware it wouldn't be "easy" on first day out, and would have to learn. If the machine did ALL the work, it wouldn't be any fun (no skill required). 🙂 Yeah I did wonder about EMI, while I have a ton of technology in the house, I've gone to lengths to reduce EMI as it interferes with my Ham Radio activities significantly, so around hom
  5. Hey everyone, so I received my shiny new Vanquish 540 at Christmas, and only had a couple chances to get out and do anything with it. But I got out a couple times, and tried some things, this post is a mix of a bit of a log of my first activities/attempts, and what I experienced, what I think I learned, etc... As well as an ask for any tips/advice/help anyone has to add for my next couple outings (things to try, things to improve, etc) First time out I went around my yard/lawn/gardens, and just got familiar with the machine, played with settings, got used to the tones, etc... I
  6. Ultimately I think Lithium Batteries in a device are nothing to be concerned about, they are a good power source, with good properties... They just need to be handled "correctly" (usually in the case of a "built-in" battery, this means handled by the manufacturer of the device correctly, with some exceptions outlined below). So I think nothing to worry about with detectors using lithium batteries, I even think it's a good idea 🙂 Now to dive into the details of why I say that: As I think has already been mentioned the major reasons a Lithium based battery becomes dangerous are:
  7. Thanks Pimento, Yeah always interesting to understand the beginnings of the colloquialisms we use. I figured the general meaning, but didn't realize it was British origin. Unfortunately when I was younger it probably had a more appropriate meaning (when I was fit, etc, used to play sports, and do a lot of Olympic type lifting, etc...). These days it's probably more like a "loosely piled clay shithouse" lol... (I'm way out of shape these days) 🙂 Though I am resuming my lifting currently, so hopefully I can get into better shape over the coming months lol. As for height, I had wondered if t
  8. Of course, I won't make any final choices until I've got my hands on it. But it's always good to canvas the community and see what others think too. If I were to make a set of upgrade parts, is good to know what there is general demand for. Then when I get my hands on it, any/all of those items that I feel are useful to me as well, I can then design and make available to others. 🙂 And yeah, I have had words like "Sasquach" or "Giant" used to refer to me in the past lol... Based on geneology there is a fair bit of Viking blood in me... (I'm roughly 2M tall, and "built like a brick shithous
  9. Interesting... So my idea of having a way to pull the battery pack back to the elbow (attached under the armrest for example) may actually be helpful... Will have to wait until I've been out swinging it and play around with the balance etc... A re-designed control box which is at least "water resistant" for quick drops in the surf etc (not going to go diving with it lol). And a built-in smaller rechargable battery pack that holds up about as well as the AA cells, swap to carbon fiber tubes, and then add an optional elbow mounted holder for an additional USB battery pack that can power/charge t
  10. Can't comment to this specific parts durability, but I can say from many years of experience with 3D Printing that like any other manufacturing technique parts can be both well made, or poorly made. 3D Printing has specific design considerations that are often not taken into consideration due to the hype, and ease of access of the technology these days. As a result I agree it is common you find weak or brittle parts. The first consideration, is the printer itself. FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling, sometimes also called FFF or Fused Filament Fabrication) is the most common as it's chea
  11. Yeah that's a good point, most BMS/Balancing boards will handle this already, just need to get one with adjustable overcharge voltage threshold, and set it as low as possible. Also yeah the "Graphene" and LiHV etc cells, are basically just cells with a chemstry or construction which significantly reduces the internal resistances, allowing higher voltage, and higher capacities (the ways in which this is achieved varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and the marketing terms used are usually just "fluff"). But either way the benefit to them is real, though not sure if they are useful in
  12. There are a number of ways to either "step-up" or "step-down" voltage, and regulate it. The common inexpensive modules available are switch mode regulators (in either step-up or step-down configurations). So yeah you either have a single lithium ion or lithium polymer cell at 3.7V and step it up, or you put a pair of them to make 7.4V and step it down. Switch mode regulators are usually (if designed well) pretty efficient, about 90% approx. meaning 10% of energy used is burned off in the regulator components themselves, or as waste heat. The main problem with switch mode regulators
  13. Honestly not a lot of work to redesign the control box, I do that kind of thing all the time. And I think other than the button layout, the control boxes are essentially the same, so I could likely do one design to accommodate all 3 models, and leave the front interface panel as a separate piece so that it could be re-designed for the 440 and 540 ultimately in the end. That said even if you were willing to sacrifice a 340, I think shipping it to me in NZ would be completely unrealistic (expensive). But either way it's an interesting idea. Sounds like a cable extension and/or quick-co
  14. Hey, yeah I saw the RNB lithium packs, that is another idea, make a smaller version of that. Mounting the pack by the elbow was more an idea not for a "permanent" pack, but for the option to use USB power bricks... which would have a "holder" near the elbow, but would be easy to add remove. The cord would be loose (not attached) so would have no impact on breaking down the rear shaft. And a short usb cable going from the elbow up to the control box I didn't think would be intrusive during use (but again, just brainstorming) As for the control box, as I said, it's actually not "hard"
  15. Hey, yeah of course the detector would have internal regulators for the UC and other sensitive components. But that usually doesn't tell the whole story. For example in Radio gear, it's not uncommon for the paths from regulated supply to vary for the control electronics, and the transmission path which runs through a series of amplifiers, sometimes driven directly off PSU rails for example (sometimes regulated, sometimes not). So I didn't want to make any assumptions about the internal architecture of the Vanquish. For example, there would be 3 potentially important dependencies on source volt
  16. Hey Joe, thanks! I'll go read through that blog, see what valuable "nuggets" of information I can glean from it! (yes, pun intended!) 😉
  17. Hey kac, yeah I thought about the lithium rechargable AA cells, Those may be a good option too. Yeah building a pinpointer actually sounds like a fun project, may actually try that! Actually building my own detector is something I may eventually take a stab at. I think it would be neat to try and make a community based multi frequency detector capable of accepting the common models of third party coils, and using modern digital signal processing techniques similar to the Multi-IQ stuff. It of course wouldn't start out with anywhere near the sophistication of what Minelab are capable
  18. Sorry Joe, just realized I skipped this one. The name comes from a roleplaying game I played as a kid. I adopted it as a handle then, as it seemed appropriate (The glasswalkers were an ancient tribe which adopted modern technology and were outcast for it because it was contrary to the ways of nature followed by the other tribes, while they tried to find a balance between the natural world, and the technological one). At the time I was a nerd, into Science, and Tech, and Computers, etc... And had trouble fitting in. So I thought it was an appropriate moniker to choose for myself, as I also had
  19. Hey Monte, thanks for the welcome, and re-assurance I've made a good choice for the detector! And for the suggestions on pinpointers. I'll look up the BullsEye II as an option! Hey relicmeister, eBay is an option, unfortunately shipping is usually the big issue. Currently shipping to NZ is significantly more expensive than usual out of USA/Canada. Businesses that have arrangements (Amazon) are a bit more reasonable, but even their shipping costs have gone up. Right now on Amazon it's fairly normal for shipping on a $25 item to be $20. On Ebay, that same $25 item will in most cases be $
  20. This is a VERY good point, and I'm glad you made me realize it. Thanks! Also thanks for the recommendation on the book! Yeah building my own detector did come to mind as a fun project, and maybe a logical starting point is a pinpointer lol... Even if the book was the same cost as a cheapo pointer, would probably be a much better way to spend the money! 🙂 Cheers!
  21. Hey thanks! Basically I'll take this feedback to be that you don't see any real need for any "add-ons". Obviously not random add-on or mod I can do here would significantly change the performance of the machine, or address any of that type of shortfalls. I'm more looking at neat little "quality of life" changes. But if you can't think of any, that's great, perhaps the product is perfect as it is, and I'll find other ways to create little things to help with the hobby 😉 I'll address the above quoted points directly: To your first point, I wasn't aware Minelab offered an external batte
  22. Hey, thanks Tom for the advice. Looking at some of the other models you recommended: Garrett Pro-pointer II is about $180-$200 NZD shipped to get here in New Zealand Garrett Pro-pointer AT is about $260 NZD shipped to get locally here The XP Mi6 is about $310 NZD locally Just to give comparisons (relative local price) to the other known models I listed in my original post. I totally agree that getting a good/trusted device is always the right way to go. Normally I'm not one to cut corners, but under the circumstances I'm just thinking the summer activity rush in
  23. Hey Everyone, New here, and new/returning to the hobby after a long time away (let's not go into how many years... lol) Anyway, have a shiny new Minelab Vanquish 540 under the tree that my wife got me for Christmas, and eagerly itching to get out and do some hunting... But in-line with my other hobbies, and my general nature as an individual, I can't leave anything alone. I'm an Electronics Engineer, Computer Engineer, and I build/diy things like crazy. I have multiple 3D Printers at my disposal, etc... So, I'm itching to come up with some ways to improve/augment/customize the v
  24. See like I said, that right there... Invaluable 🙂 Thanks! All those tips are hugely appreciated!
  25. Hey everyone, new to the forum, so please go easy on me as I ask my first stupid question of what is likely to be many... So I'm just getting back into the hobby after many years (actually decades, but I'm choosing not to use that term out of denial!) 🙂 Back then things were a bit simpler it seemed, either that or I was young and ignorant... Anyway... I've blown all my "hobby budget" (or technically my wife did buying me a present). Getting the Minelab Vanquish 540 for Christmas to go do some beach hunting this summer... And I'd love to have a pinpointer to make things a bi
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