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  1. Hey Dale Thanks for that, it is interesting, yes I think there is a lot of learning to be done particularly for those of us who don't get out as much as would like, takes time to tune in again Cheers Lee
  2. Ahh will it be time for a hipstick mate they damn well help us mere mortals LOL cheers Lee
  3. Mate the bit in bold, What detector etc was your mate using?? cheers Lee
  4. Hey Dale Nice pick up mate, coil paid for whoo hoo!!!!!! Do you mind making comment on the type of ground eg; hot mild?? Settings???? of course not after your "Secrets" Damn hot out ATM cheers Lee
  5. Hi Dean Mate there is zero "Lag" that I can notice with eye to ear observation, I tried normal swinging & pin pointing, very happy with the outcome!!!!!!!! cheers Lee
  6. Hi All Ever since I purchased my SDC I have been wanting to make it a wireless unit as I enjoy the freedom of no cables on my SD2200d by using a "Little Ripper" system. So with numerous questions on forums & checking out anything along these lines, I finally found some info online, so armed with a bit of info I went down to "Jaycar" & hey presto they had what I needed. I purchased 1x "Bluetooth Transmitter (which can receive also) & 1x "Bluetooth receiver, an adapter plug & adapter lead. I connected it up yesterday when I got home & gave it a test run & it works great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Very Happy" ATM I use under-chin ear-buds but my next mission is to set up a booster with dual speakers. Here is a few pics of the parts I bought, the larger item is the Transmitter, they are USB chargeable with 8 to 6 hrs run time. cheers Lee
  7. Hey Norvic Where about's are you in NQ I am in Townsville. cheers Lee
  8. Hi All This is my Rig, IMHO Toyota made a big mistake moving away from the rugged build of these 90's model Hi-Lux's, these things are tough as!!!! mine has 590000 k's on it 1990 model which I have had since 1994. cheers Lee
  9. Hi Dave I can't see myself ever using the Minelab harness as it is not versatile enough for me, example it has no real storage for other equipment! In regards to the set-up described by UTBN I think the bungee around the top of the handle would provide greater support & lateral stability as it sort of hangs the detector, but also this makes the section of bungee below the handle redundant & therefore bringing the fulcrum point closer to the operator which increases the weight on the hand/ arm. I am considering a combination of the 2 systems, with 2 bungees to better balance the unit, as long as it does not make it more awkward. cheers Lee
  10. Hi All I use a bungy & hip-stick with, SDC, SD2200 & recently GPZ for me it does not matter what size coil I use I will use these 2 items to enable me to better control the swing & prevent any strain!!!! IMHO the "Hip-Stick" is the number one accessory for gold prospectors, if you have not used one then "Seriously" give it a try!!!!!!!!! I am sure you will be surprised how effective it is. The new style harness from Minelab with J strut & chest cross piece in my opinion is just not practical, as when I tried it I simulated a dig & the cross piece jammed into my biceps. cheers Lee
  11. Hi All Thanks for the welcoming party. I purchased an SDC2300 in late November as a part of the special deal, a mate took the GPX, I have done two 8 day trips with it & have found 78 grams total on those 2 trips so I really happy with this unit. I may start a thread on the story from the first trip. cheers Lee
  12. Hi Peter, From what you have experienced, would you say that this detector requires a slow, medium or fast swing speed?? I know that depends on if you are chasing a patch or working one, but more so how the swing speed effects the target response etc?? cheers Lee
  13. Hi JP Thanks for the information, just a question on this, when you change between the 3 settings, high yield to Deep, does it maintain this average or does it need to average again?? From your description, "the auto GB electronics require the coil to be moved across the ground to get good averaging data" do you recommend sampling a larger area or just in one spot standing still? cheers Lee
  14. Hi All Just joined here, I have been a regular on the Aussie forums for some years now & occasionally post on Arizona Outback & Nuggethunting. I use an SD2200d & an SDC2300 in North Queensland Australia. cheers Lee
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