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  1. I found while swinging an old stagecoach route in AZ, I found what i originally thought was a washer or rivet back. after a closer look, it appears to be a thin 17mm brass/copper coin with a round hole. no designs or images, just characters. 4 on one side, two on the other. see photos, silvery look is sun light on dust. After looking closer, its a Chinese coin. thin brass or copper with round hole in the middle. see photos. anyone out there have a clue what it actually is? thanks see photos. any help in identifying would be appreciated.
  2. while MDing on a turn of the century stage road in AZ, I found this can lid in the main road at 4 in down solidly packed in the hard soil. i figure it's a can lid but like no other I have ever seen. it is 2 3/8 in across. appears to have been cut of at the side. the top has a distinctly been pressed ring. the raised center Circle has a light colored dot in the center that appears to be lead. the underside has a large disc centered with a stub (pin) dead center. The only markings appear to be "22" on the top inside the raised ring. anyone have a clue or a lead to where I might look?
  3. great advice. I suppose trusting the machine is good but not a substitute for experience and judgement t
  4. I have been using a Garrwtr 350 but have come up something I dont understand. I get a signal and a a depth of 6 to 8 in. there times i have dug a hole 10 in deep and the machine is still telling me something is there at 6 to 8 in dead cent in a 10.in hole! I have re swung and did both pinpoint techniques with the center of the hole still where it is. if there is nothing but air at 6 to 8 in, what is the machine telling me?
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