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  1. Next time I'm out there I'll ask around about section 19 and stick to dans claims. I know they have outing events on 19 all the time. Even sponsored events right at burn. But just doing what everyone else does doesn't make it right. If I figure anything out I'll post.
  2. My understanding of the area is this. Odd sections are owned by the railroad. Even sections are BLM/public. However I hear some of the blm land sold and so did the railroad land Big mining company "XX_mining etc " buys up claims and sells/leases them on ebay or other sites. Rinse and repeat. Basically. If it's marked stay off unless you have permission. I suggest learning to prospect before getting a claim. No point in owing a claim if you can't get the gold. Or use the LR2000 find out who owns section 19&17 lease the land and run everyone off! Then detect for a year to find a few nuggets lol. Years ago I heard a story about a guy that bought a claim at rye patch. Spent a bunch of money on equipment, etc. pushed large areas with his tractor. Didn't find very much. He convinced himself that "everyone" took all his gold. He left broke. But b4 he did he threw thousands of BBs all over his diggings.
  3. It's very easy to get access to a majority of the claims at rye patch. I would start with buying a pizza. It's a good place to meet new people and learn about prospecting. If you come across anyone that actually spent time near your claims buy then a beer and pick their brain. Almost everyone is friendly and loves to tell stories. Good of luck and find a fatty!
  4. Spreading misinformation helps no one. Being a land owner in NV I am well aware of the trespassing laws. I posted the actual law. Long story short, if it's not posted by a few different means . It's not trespassing. NRS 207.200 Unlawful trespass upon land; warning against trespassing. 1. Unless a greater penalty is provided pursuant to NRS 200.603, any person who, under circumstances not amounting to a burglary: (a) Goes upon the land or into any building of another with intent to vex or annoy the owner or occupant thereof, or to commit any unlawful act; or (b) Willfully goes or remains upon any land or in any building after having been warned by the owner or occupant thereof not to trespass, is guilty of a misdemeanor. The meaning of this subsection is not limited by subsections 2 and 4. 2. A sufficient warning against trespassing, within the meaning of this section, is given by any of the following methods: (a) If the land is used for agricultural purposes or for herding or grazing livestock, by painting with fluorescent orange paint: (1) Not less than 50 square inches of the exterior portion of a structure or natural object or the top 12 inches of the exterior portion of a post, whether made of wood, metal or other material, at: (c) Fencing the area; or (d) By the owner or occupant of the land or building making an oral or written demand to any guest to vacate the land or building. 3. It is prima facie evidence of trespass for any person to be found on private or public property which is posted or fenced as provided in subsection 2 without lawful business with the owner or occupant of the property. 4. An entryman on land under the laws of the United States is an owner within the meaning of this section.
  5. I was just helping out a fellow prospector. Sometimes a test nugget makes all the difference.
  6. Tresspassers on their land? In Nevada which is a open range state if you don't want people on your land you put a fence up or post no trespassing signs. The lack of signs and fences speaks volumes. Owning a claim I'd different from leasing claim or owning the land. For example. If you claim a BLM section you own the mineral rights but the land is public. Citizens can use that land like any other public land. They just can't take the minerals you claimed.
  7. Are you one of the guys from dans I gave a nugget too?
  8. Citizens running plates is a crime. Law enforcement is a different story. Law enforcement wouldn't just give a citizens phone numbers of other citizens based on pictures. But we all know this. Clearly mark the claims. People will stay off.
  9. Everyone I detect with always respects people's claims. If I'm not mistaken are you the guy I with his brother I met at dans place. I think I gave you a little nugget?
  10. Wouldn't take a camera but you illegally run people's plates? That's funny.
  11. If the claims are clearly and properly marked I doubt many people will chance jumping on to a claim especially one like section 18. Section 19 has plenty of detectable gold and it's not claimed. Also Dan kindly offers his GOOD claims to anyone for 20 bucks a day. A simple google search shows that " running plates" is illegal. So if your running plates I wouldn't advertise that. None of the land is marked no trespassing. Owning a claim is different from owing the land. Also so if I see a game camera laying around on on unmarked land it's going in my backpack. Best solution is to clearly mark your claims. I doubt many people are interested claim jumping the sections you have. Make friends with the local people. You catch more flys with honey.
  12. I will be at the outing representing the WolfPack! It's gonna be a blast!
  13. I was genuinely disappointed that the distortion turned into a target. Glad "Captian save a hole" was there to help out. A little mojo from LuckyLundy goes a long way.
  14. We tried a few different coils under powerlines. Hands-down the best is the stock DD coil. It was far superior to other brands by a long shot. Simply run cancel with the sensitivity as High as you can handle it, and you'll be amazed with how sensitive it is.
  15. Make it so while holding the "trigger" while running in auto tracking makes the machine run in fixed tracking. This would allow for better pinpointing on tiny targets and quick diagnosis of extremely faint targets.
  16. I encourage people to run a noisy machine, they leave more gold for me! Don't forget there's no gold at rye patch and everyone should run max sensitivity on their gpz7000 for best results. ?
  17. I thought it was you Paul . Luck guy! Australia sounds awesome hope I get to go one day. Find lots of gold! rudy
  18. One thing minelab always get right is its customer service. I sent in every detector I owned besides my 3000 and they always repaired it promptly. Glad they helped Paul out. I'm sure it's been discussed but isn't the airline responsible?
  19. It's just a 1 inch adapter with schedule 20 pvc. Any longer the cord would be too tight. It's a little tricky fishing the cord through but it's not bad.
  20. There's hardly any flex. I get a extra 6 inches. Gives me a nice wide swing and it keeps that coil away from all the metal on me. I never understood why minelab made the length so short. But I used the extra long lower shaft from doc on all my gpxs so maybe I'm just use to it.
  21. I'm gonna give away the best secret. If it beeps dig it! Also no threshold and a very high sensitivity helps.
  22. Thanks Rick for the awesome story. We had a ton of fun. Whenever anyone tells you "there's no more gold at rye patch" remember ricks story. Three guys detected a total of one day and got almost a ounce. Plenty of gold left. I can wait to get back. I'll be fighting the heat 4th of July weekend. Hope I find another fatty!
  23. This is exactly how I feel. When I dig hot rocks or those patches of old burnt roots at rye patch I know my detector is running HOT. Thats how I like it. Settings General Normal Fixed tracking Low smoothing Gain 11-15 depending on noise. I dont find the tiny tiny shallow stuff like high yield does. But i find those deep deep 1 grammars no problem.
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