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About Me

Hi All!
My name is Alexander, I live in Kiev, Ukraine (in Eastern Europe).

Shortly about myself.

Highly qualified design engineer with experience in research, development, design and organization of small-scale and serial production of electronic and electromechanical products. Development and production of power electronics (direct and alternating current up to 1000 Volt), control systems (sensors of physical quantities - vibration, pressure, force, gas & etc.). Controls and various manufacturing processes, CNC programming and work.
Higher (university) education in the field of electrical engineering, mechanics and programming of microcontrollers.
Expert Skills in C programming for Atmel (over 20 years), Texas Instruments (MCP430) (over 2 years) microprocessors. Experience in controlling design and various manufacturing processes (over 20 years).
Expert Skills in Integral in the design, development, testing of vibration, pressure, force, gas, voltage and current sensors. Create analog, digital, D / A, A / D, and mixed-signal circuit designs as well as electrical specifications for new system designs. Actively involved in full life design cycle, from requirement definition through design, prototyping, proof of concept, testing, and interface implementation; outline and develop validation test plans.
Theoretical and scientific developments in the field of lead batteries. Interface with internal customers and external production / mechanical engineering teams.
Expert level in Electrochemical processes, chemical current sources.
Expert level in the processes of distillation and separation of substances of organic chemistry using thermal and vacuum methods.

Expert skills - Microsoft Windows operating system, (Microsoft Word, Excel), Android OS, C programming for microcontrollers.
Advanced user - AutoCAD, Autodesk ArtCAM.

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