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  1. There are belt mounted options that could be attached to your control box cover through the belt loops with some electrical ties.
  2. Sonoran gopher snake. good guy. Glad you saved him, hope he gives you luck.
  3. Nice looking gold. Good amount of gold for the size of the hole. Did you detect it or use a sluice?
  4. Wow, Have found silver close to trash, but not that close.
  5. Hi Mike, wish you were still in Prescott. Moved here 2 years ago and love it.
  6. My old stomping grounds Santa Rita Flats Mazourka canyon.
  7. Have had some of my best luck in the Dale district where the iron stone is. also have some nuggets surrounded with iron stone. I look at hot rocks as a indicator. There is a area north of Barstow that has a tumbled looking iron stone on the surface and about 2 feet down is a grey granite bedrock it is only about 15ac. and under claim. I have seen a coffee table full off large nuggets that have come off of this claim. I have searched for another with similar geology in the area but can not find anything like it. It is like a island amongst the large Joshua trees.
  8. Thanks guys, appreciate the answers.
  9. Putting some more USB ports in my toy hauler. Is it okay to use quick charge USB ports to charge my NOX 800 detector and headphone jack? Thanks, Bob is it all right
  10. I think most newer detectors are at their peak or close to peak depth. Most everything they add each year to a new model, to me are just bells and whistles. Having confidence in your detector and your skills are most important. I am sticking with my good old 5000 and the Evo coils until my shoulder goes bad. The lighter 6000 is great but my 5000 runs smooth and quiet. I like the multitude of adjustments I can do for depth and sensitivity for any ground conditions. So for now i am sticking with it.
  11. Thanks Steve, very well written article on using the iron check on the Axiom.
  12. Great job of field testing the machines. Both machines seem quite comparable to each other. Wonder how well the discrimination works on the axiom.
  13. Minelab does not like competition. Wonder what patent they infringed upon and if they will go after other detector manufactures like Garret with the Axiom.
  14. 2 new minerals, great find in a meteorite. I find it interesting that the scientists made the minerals synthetically before they found them in the Somalia meteorite. Like to know the story of how the meteorite was found.
  15. Wow, really like the owl drug store bottle.
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