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  1. Hi Tom, Thanks for the information on the Phoenix buttons. Think I have about four of them. They were found on a private ranch by the San Miguel Mission in central Cal. Have to locate them and check out which ones I have. Still have stuff in boxes I have not yet unpacked after moving out of California.
  2. Hi Mark, Just drove the Camp Rock Rd over to the dinner last weekend, live in North Williamson Valley. Hunting in the Bradshaws and down to the Cleator and Black canyon area. So far Skunked but determined. Spent Lots of time in the Dale area when I lived in central Kalifornia our club the WSPA had several claims there that were productive. Hope to meet up with you in the field prospecting or will PM you about our next trip.
  3. If you purchased my old 3500 from the fella I sold it to a few years ago their is a white mark by the toggle switch that marks proper position for the switch to be in.
  4. Try Mine cache works great with google to show active and closed claims, there is a small subscription fee, and a free trail period.
  5. Have 3 coins like that from the San Antonio mission, from when the Spanish occupied it. Also a 1/2 reale very small coin that was found at a old Victorian house in Arcadia Ca. Lots of history behind those old Spanish coins
  6. Yes that was the same area, The big ones came out off the trail to the potato patch, they showed me some photos, big beautiful crystal filled geodes. If I remember right the ash layer they dug in had a lava cap over it.
  7. Back in the early 60's when I was just a kid. My friends dad was president of a rock club We went to pebble terrace to collect semi precious stones to cut and polish. Jack my friends dad came back to camp excited with a well worn fingernail size nugget he picked up on the terrace. He had it in a display case with some of his finds for many years. Always wanted to go back there and swing a detector. When my wife and I camped by the Hauser geode beds back in the 70's we meet a couple of guys from Sweden that told us about them digging out 1 to 2 foot geodes about 6 to 8 feet down. They were old and wanted to come back and see the area they had dug in years ago when they were young.,they shipped the geodes back to Sweden. We were heading out the next morning to hunt for fire agate so never got to dig out that spot. On the trial to the beds you pass a outcrop or ledge of ash on the hillside. That is were they dug them out. Never told anyone about it until now,but I will probably never make it back to the ledge, time for someone younger to check it out. Good Luck!
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